Thses wonderful ladies have been our friends for just ever. They have been around for several thousands of years. If you see one she is very tall and looks like an oversized little girl except that her head in normal in proportion to her body

This is the story the Fairies tell of how they came to be:

Many thousands of years ago, an evil sorceress named Malicia fell from the sky; some say she fell through the Ages, and built her palace somewhere in the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. wanting servants, she would find little girls who had not come to full bloom, were attractive to no one or just too willfull

She promised them that they could make themselves as pretty as flowers, live ten times as long as others, have great magical power and have babies among themselves so they would not need strangers. Being unwise, stupid or corrupt, these girls, usually about 7 to 9 years old and living in a culture where girls were seen as a burden, followed her as she knew they would and took them to herslf. Along with the things she promised, she gave them a language like her own and changed them in some way, using cats, to better suit them to her needs like being able to see well in the dark. That is why a Fairy's pupils look like jewels and they are as quick and agile as they are.

But in so doing, she filled them with her own evil and they delighted in wreaking havoc on those peoples that they could reach with their magic. However, one day. Maicia vanished leaving her creations to fend for themselves. They adapted but still wroght misery and destruction in which they delighted. ,p> Then two of these; named Liselle and Luciara thought "it is wrong to take joy in the misery of others who are less than we are" so they found others of their kind of like mind. These persons, for they had no name for themselves, banded togeter and rebelled against the order of things. Where they were once 30,000, a very sizeable community 8,000 years ago, when the war was over, they were six hundred strong. Also lost was Liselle's beloved Luciara.

To the other peoples around them Liselle said "We are now aware of the damage we did to you, As a means of travel, not only do we fly, but we also ride the interstices of Dimension and Extension. We have found a world like an unminted gold coin, to which we shall move. Then when the memory of the misery we have done wanes, we shall return in peace". They then left, taking with them, their livestock, seeds and the items from the palace of Malicia and the City with them and obliterating the Palace and City.

These are the people we call "Fairies". Themselves they call "Flora di Estelle" and their world they named "Monda di Aurea". They are not little creatures with wings but very tall ladis, with the shortest of them being as tall as a grown lady and some of them over a head taller. Their eyes are all the colors of the rainbow with the exception of any trace of purple or violet. Their hair is very metallic blonde, very metallic silver, very metallic copper, pearlescent ivory or pearlescent snow white. they once had other colors of eyes and hair but something happened to them thousands of years ago and that does not happen. Any Fairy with even the slightes trace of violet in her eyes is said to have a curse and she is banished to a place far away called the Taris Islands and dark-haired Fairies have not been around for over twelve hundred years. This banishment of a violet-eyed Fairy is a sad thing for it is done when she first gets her eye color at age 4 and because violet and pink are the Fairies' two favorite colors.

The Fairies love pictures of stars, as their night vision makes them very able in the dark, hearts, for obvious reasons, scollop shells, these remind them of the seas near their original home and pictures of ladies in lovely dresses and tiaras. Most of all the Fairies love tiaras, which was the name of their fourth and most beloved queen who invented them over 7,000 years ago. To honor her, they wear tiaras always; even to bed

They are not delicate either nor weak, They can kill a strong person with their bodily strength. Nor are they maudlin or sappy, they are capable of great cruelty as well as love. If brought to anger, a Fairy prefers to attack physically rather than with her magic. I have been liftec up quite easily and laid down and done with as Fairy wished quite easily and made to feel absolutely helpless with my skirts lifed and having a diape and rubber pantiesr put on me.