It is an absolute and permanant rule at anything SandraLyn that any and all material with real children at the focus is banned. This means written, video or images. We go out of our way to avoid having any such. Only fictional references are permitted. and any images of children are 1) idealized painting and 2) not in any way conducive to sexual activitie or suggestion: All skirts, dresses or babydolls are down and at least halfway to the knee nor are any suggestive poses used or tolerated. The only photos allowed are adults and also properly dressed by infantilist standards (no exposed "chastity areas" or female breasts; aka "naughty"). Now on to another pet peeve: Minors.


In short, minors are unwelcome at any SandraLyn places or activities. We do not support, condone or approve, in fact, we oppose and disapprove, seek to discourage and prohibit where we can, any minors' presense here. If you are reading this, then the chances are that you MINOR child has gotten into an inappropriate website. This is in spite of the fact that he was WARNED AWAY at the gate. Now, If the Little Girl has your permission, then we will have to live with that but do not like it one bit. I am not comfortable with minors coming here because this is an intereactive site and she may come into contact with adults of unknown intent so the result is your responsibility and choice, but I suppose it is better then having her sneak around here. Even so, if it comes to us, we will put a stop to it the first chance we get. If you wish to put a stop to it. you have our explicit and total support. I have known some perfectly normal little boys who have functioned part-time in an environement like the one portrayed here, BUT, it was under a strict set of rules by which it was "OK", mostly of privacy. only with willing friends and knowledgeable, cooperative mothers. and having their gender priorites in order to avoid sissification. If such is the case with you as parents then fine. But you will have a tough row to hoe. There are many misconceptions out there and you may feel a bit frustrated and "behind the 8 Ball", and will need to devise the rules since there is no "Transgendered little boy Tehchical Manual".

We live in a free society. You probably like it that way as do we. In any society there are many choices. One of those relates to parents and children. Either the parent controls the non-public behavior of the child or the government does it. If you want to give the control of the non-public behavior of your child over to the government,,, there is a Fairy proverb that goes "When you let the cat in, does she leave her tail outside?". If you are liberal, it means John Ashcroft putting fig leaves on the "naughty bits" of classical statues. If you are conservative, it means "mandatory sex education" and abortion without parental notice or consent and if you are libertarian, it means "mandatory", period. And you know pretty soon that the government will see to YOUR private behavior as well. So as you can see, it is a better deal if the parent controls the private behavior of the child and gets to keep control of his or her own private behavior.

That is what we support

Now what to do? I suggest 4 things:
1. Check with your operating system, browser and Internet Service Provider for Parental Controls. We have no objection to you blocking this site; in fact, unless you are interested in the material here (I think someone better watch hsi step or he is apt to come home from work and find a cute little babydoll laid out on the bed made of a very feminine material :giggle:), we encourage it.
2. CONTACT ME and I will see if I cannot find a way to block the IP address
3. Procure one of the following CYBER-PATROL or NET NANNY.
4. There is an old proverb that goes "Be careful what you wish for: You may get it". Or, as the Fairies put it; "To cheat a fool, give her that for which she asks". Well, how about this: have your little bundle of joy live the life of the Little Girl he so wishes to be. how about a 3-day "Third Birthday for Little Tina" Dressed in those adorable little dresses (I heted them when I was little), being made to wear thick baby-style diapers and pink, translucent waterproof BABY GIRL panties over them AND having to wet them AND be changed at the worst possible time? and don't forget baby food and having to kiss Mommy and Daddy good night. On the final day, you invite the kid's friends over for the birthday party, all the teenage friends, girls and jocks will see the person they never knew being changed, bottle-fed and in a pink little dress which if your little one is not careful of how she moves, guess what else will show. AND you can always tell your little one that "Little Girls don't...". Who knows, YOU may start to like this but I DO know who will hate every minute of it. You ever try to play hoops in a dress that is half-way to the knees and keep your rubber panties from showing? Or run a quarteback sneak wearing a bright, sparkley tiara that you could not sneak by a blind person? Or bottom of th 7th, Two on, two out the count is 2:2 and the pitcher is in a tutu: This is too, too much. All of a sudden "TEEEEE-na: Time to change that wet, smelly diaper of yours. NOW! And If I have to go out there and get you. I will lay you down right on this rubber sheet and change you right there in front of just everybody. And they will all see me pulling down your adorable, pink babygirl rubber panties!" and guess who is standing there with a big diaper bag and a shiny, pink rubber-covered changing pad. You know, the perfect AAARRRRGGHH!!!! moment. :GIGGLE:

Now, go do the right thing and...


Discipline Nurse Bridget Alicia La Rochelle: