Aurore is a close confidante of Diana D'Arielle who has a knack for bringing to auction the hard to find items that your Little Girl desparately needs to be the kind of Little girl she desparately needs to be. Even if she hates every second of it.

RUBBER BABYGIRL PANTIES to make Little Girl wear over, UNDER or WITHOUT a diaper.
CRINOLINES Better tan petticoats since they are lighter and airy and therefore. less "smothery" and they fill out a dress or skirt as well or better
DOLLS Those cute oh-so-short little dresses that put the "little" in Litte Girl.
RUBBER BED SHEETS-That most hated of bedlinens, just for your Little Girl
DOLLIES of all kindes
BRIDE From toe to tiara
TEASETS For teaparties
RUBBER FAIRYLET CAPES-As worn by Fairylets
RUBBER APRONS for MOMMY, MISTRESS or RUBBER NURSE to use when Little Girl sits on your lap
RUBBER BABYGIR BIBS to use on your Little Girl
TIARAS For that extra special feminine touch or Fairylet attire
BALLET items