When you come to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, the first thing you notice are rubber panties, whether lying around or being put on somebody; often not too gently, either,and if you are under 8 years old, you. In fact, you are now wearing a rubber pinafore and Fairylet's cape and many of the things like curtains, bedspreads and tablecloths are rubber. Rubber, or as some call it, "French Satin" is very feminine, easy to care for and if it is not put on the wrong parts of the body, pleasant to the touch, like silk or satin but only more so. If it is put on the wrong parts of the body and gently but firmly rubbed on them, it is very unpleasant and makes a Little Girl wish she had not done what she did. It is tne most useful material we know of. Rubber panties are one of the most important things in any Little Girl's or lady's life, Whether you put them on someone, or your dolly or someone is putting them on you. Whether they are being put over a diaper or put on without a diaper, they are an important part of your life and if they are not, the should be. As part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and especially a member of LittleGirlLand they are now. Your first experience with rubber is rubber panties, which means that all your rubber experiences will be based on them, whether that means a rubber sheet, rubber diaper, rubber dress or babyeoll or even a raincape. Since your firs memories of rubber are usually as a baby or toddler and about rubber panties, rubber will always be a baby material and since rubber is a very smooth mateirl, it will always be girlish like satin or silk but only much more so. Often, your early rubber experiences will be almost but not quite forgotten and you really will not know how you came to feel as you do about it. With most persons here it is a love-hate relationship. We love to feel it with our hands, but we dread the notion of it being put on our bodies; especially our chastity area. I remember very well the firt time that happened to me as does Nurse Tina-Monique but Housemistress Sandra does not remember it, only that it happened and Nurse Alice-Anne was not rubber-chastized and Lisa had her first wetsy when she was 7. The two of us who remember have very strong feelings about chastity (keeping our legs closed and our skirts down) and discipline. Housemistress Sandra, who I love just burstingly, gets a bit jealous when she sees Tina and me talking for ever so long and in such detail about rubber chastity discipline

If you noticed the group picture, most of the images show them on somebody. You must also notice that , being panties they are on the chastity area: All of the chastity area including between the legs; that most special area that includes the flower that feels things the most and is the most felt about especially about being a girl. If you feel the material, you notice how strongly you feel it so rubber is felt strongly. Now imagine that feeling on your chastity area all the time and you cannot make it go away; it is unpleasantly strong and very distracting. Even dollies feel it if you put rubber on them. If you put anything on a persons chastity area, you can do with her what you wish. If someone puts anything on your chastity area, she can do with you as she wishes. That is why all Little Girl here wear full, above-the-knee skirts and the younger you are, or the more seriously you are being chastized. the more above-the-knee and easy to lift those skirts are. And if rubber panties or rubber diapers are put right on your chastity area, whoever does that can make you feel whatever she wants you to and if you put rubber panties or rubber diapers on someone's chastity area, you can make her feel whatever you want her to, in both cases these feelings are sooo very strong that at their worse times they eat you up and I or any well-trained lady can make that last a very long time. Also note that when rubber panties are put on someone, she is usually laid down, her dress is lifted, although I, like any well-trained, lady can change a diaper on a little girl while she is sitting on my lap without lifting her skirs and we do that with girls we like who need diapers and rubber panties and we do not wish to humiliate or embarrass them

If you notice the picture here, they are not on anybody. That means they are waiting to be put on somebody. If you do not mind your skirts, that "somebody" might just be you

The only things about rubber panties that you need to know are:

All of this means you are helpless like a baby and can be done with as the other person pleases and you will cry and you will wet like a helpless little baby girl

Because rubber panties are such an important part of RUFFELS & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and because I am a Rubber Nurse, every member of LittleGirlLand is also a member of Nurse Bridget's Rubber Panty Group

This is a group for discussing rubber panties however you wish, the mailing list is RubberPantyGirls and I expect you all to be very talkative about these special underthings