Every part of RUFFELS & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME has a Diapering/changing room because we understand the importance of diapers and rubber panties in a Little Girl's life

Welcome to our diapering/changing room.

First you lift her little dress, take down her rubber panties and take that wet, smelly diaper off her and get her cleaned up

Here is a good opportunity to learn to use RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME diapers, The are very easy to use and will keep you dry

Look at that nice soft scrumptious diaper

This is two diapers, You want to be able to hold a lot of wet and you want her to really feeli that thickness between her legs.

If you are not chastizing her, put a satin liner unde her diaperl. It will also help keep her dry longer sicne her body warmth will dry it out very fast. Now you need not use baby oil. She will love how itk feels like woven pearl

Up we go. What a big dolly-girl she is. Pretty soon she will not need rubber panties. Then wont Mommy be proud of her

Start with baby lotion

Now the baby powder to make her smell yummy and be dry, the satin will slide along her chastity area and give her wonderful feelings, just like the grownup satin panties you wear

Pull the cross bars of the front T up between her little legs and spread them around her hips, lifting her up to put them behind her.

Bring the center part of the rear diaper between her legs and each side around herr hips as usual with one diaper. With a single pin fasten this all in the center front at or near the top of her waist.

Because we are a bit paranoid about wetting, every little girl still in diapers gets our Swedish Dipaer. We rcommmend it to you as well

This is the Swedish diaper, it is made of rubber and goes over her cloth diaper.

Nowl just slide it under her...

Pull the front between herr little legs then bring the front up over the cloth diaper and smooth the sides over the hipss to be sure to get good coverage
Bring the rear around and fasten the velcro fasteners so that the diaper will fit loosely but stay in place over the cloth diaper

The Swedish Rubber Diaper over your cloth diaper

Now put her rubber panties back up

If she has been especially nice, you can put some big girl cloth panties over her rubber ones so that no one knows she still wears rubber panties. That is what we do with especially nice girls who sitll need diapers

Now take her off the changing table, put her dress down, ans smooth out that yummy skirt and go back to where you were