This is our RUBBER CHASTIZEMENT ROOM. You can see by the yeollow stains on the pink rubber sheeted bed why it smells like it does and that bad Little Girls have been wetsied on it many times and there were some leaks. This is where we wetsy bad little girls and guess who is going to be laid right on that yellow stain on the pink rubber sheet to be put into a RUBBER diaper UNDER a baby diaper and since I am sure that you are a heavy wetter, THREE pairs of rubber baby panties.

I See You are Crying Alrady. That is sooo Scruptious
Before we start, I MUST put on my Rubber Nurse's Apron

I know it smells a little, that is becuase I often set Little Girls in my lap wnen I wetsy them and some wat gets on the apron and I do not clean it all that well becuase I want it to smell a bit to give you something to think about,

Take a good look at all that pink rubber. Little Girl!

becuase in a few seconds that is what you will be laying on as I lift your skirts and...well, you know the rest

Look at that nice soft scrumptious diaper

This is actuall two diapers made of yummy soft cotton. Nice and thick between your little legs

Too bad you will not feel one bit of that nice material

Becuase of this...

...a nice smooth rubber diaper, to be pulled snugly between your legs, rub on your flower and make you get feelings that you wll not like, wet and cry like a wetsy babygirl.

Now, we lay you an the rubber bed, lift your skirts out of the way... STOP THAT OR RUBBER NURSE WILL RUB YOU NOW AND LET YOU LAY ON THE WET RUBBER! and get your panties off you.

Now some nice baby lotion.

There, we put that on your chastity area

Now some baby powder

This will keep the rubber from sticking so that it will rub you and you will feel it more.

I SAID STOP THAT AND OPEN YOUR CUTE LITTLE LEGS OR I WILL...There that is much better. That feels thick between your legs, right? and with the rubber, it makes you feel like you are being used as a dolly right?...DO NOT LIE! You did not know I could be this angry, did you? Well, I will enjoy doing this to you

Pull the cross bars of the front T up between your little legs and spread them around your hips, lifting you up to put them behind you.

Bring the center part of the rear diaper between your legs and each side around yourr hips as usual with one diaper. With a single pin fasten this all in the center front at or near the top of your waist.

I understand that you will be a heavy wetter so I will put three layers of rubber on you since I will be sitting you on my lap. and I am going to put them on you one at a time so that you can see what is happening to you

We start with the Swedish diaper, it is made of rubber and goes over your diaper. See?

Now I will just slide it under you, then...

Pull the front between your little legs then bring the front up over the cloth diaper and smooth the sides over the hips s to be sure to get good coverage
Bring the rear around and fasten the velcro fasteners so that the diaper will fit loosely but stay in place over the cloth diaper

The Swedish Rubber Diaper over your thick rubber ane BABY diapers

Now, I slide the scrumptious rubber panties on you being sure to take the time to see to it that they go into place properly over your diaper.

I am taking so long because I want to make sure that they will be properly fitted. do you not just love the shshshing soudn that the rubber makes and do you know how cute your little legs are

Now the last pair of rubber panties. That color is called Baby Girl Chastizement Pink

I love sliding them along your lttile legs. Mow up with your chastity area so thae we can get the elastic under you, There. Are you nice and comfy?. I bet you feel just scrumptious.

There now; you are very well rubber panited.

I did not appreciate the way you kept moving your legs around to try and stop me from rubber pantying you. I think we need to stop you from moving them around so much and make you feel rubber on them. You can stop with the tears, all it does is make me like doing this more and you are not going to cry your way out of this. Now, about those little legs of yours THIS should give your legs something to do. I am going to introduce you to

The Leg Tickler

First I take a pair of rubber panties that are too smapp to fit over your diapers, like this one

I slide them up your little legs just to the top of your thighs

Some almost see through rubber on which I spread som thein baby powder.

which I loosely wrap your legs in so that each of your legs is completely rubber-covere. Then I fold down the rubber panties so that the waist band becomes an elastic that hold the matierial in place

Now a second pair of very too-small rubber panties

which I just slide up until the waist band can be used to hold the bottom of swaddler in place

There, that takes care of THAT! I can see your legs through the rubber. do you know how cute and inviting they look? Not only that, but when you move your legs or if I gently rub the material, you get rubber feelings. especially on your inside thighs and knees, like this...Oh da widddle baby girl does not wike dat, does she? Tee hee hee.

WE are not quite finished with you. I do not wish to hear you screaming so we shall put a nice pink pacifier with a scrumptious RUBBER nipple in your little mouth

Now, open your mouth so I can put that rubber nipple in. You dn not like that idea and will not open your mouth. Right?...All right, I shall pinch your nose closed, there now watch what happens when you breath with your mouth... There in goes the rubber nipple

just one mor thing


and if you do not stop trying to escape I will strip you, put a rubber babydoll on you and start all over again. Now lie still while I put this cape on you...There.

Now I fasten it down the front, There, that will restrict your arms, there now you can hardly move.And you look so adorably hekpless I can not wait to start fondling and feeling you.

Now you are well rubbered. In a few minutes, you will be ready to wet your rubber diaper. Oh, Sweetie; did you notice how my rubber nurses's dress and apron keeps touching your cheek wen I walk by your or bend over you? Well, it will happen quite a bit more before we are through with you. Let me see, do I want to rub just your outermost panties or put my hand in between two pair of those scrumptous babygirl panties/ Mmmmm...

Now we are REALLY going to
so get ready Little Wetsy Girl, you have a LOT of crying to do: Oh that is so cute and sweet you are already starting. How considerate! What a wonderful Mommy. Stepmother, Rubber Nurse or Mistress you have. She took the time to rubber train you sooo well. These pictures will help you GET SERIOUS about wetting your RUBBER DIAPER!