I hate to be a nag; but... What started all of this was that I got a note saying "im dave and im in diapers 24/7" I felt like saying "Well hot tiaras: What do you want me to do? Flounce my skirts at you or what?" All too often I get a note that is something like this "I Want to Be Your Baby". The body is usually a couple of lines to the effect of wearing diapers 24/7 likes baby food pacifiers and bottles and that is it. This is not good. When you are going to contact a person, make believe that you are her and ask what would I like, There are certain things that should be a matter of course

If you want to be attractive or make a point, then the goal ought to be being understood, this comes from clear, accurate and appropriate communication style, this means language and structure.

  1. Know the person you are contacting I can tell you right now poop, S/M, spanking, desposable diapers and little boys are not part of my plan and are not part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME at all. I once was told by a generic male baby that I was cute and as part of the answer, I said "...Housemistress Sandra Lynelle thinks so, too."
  2. It should be all about making your point and yourself understood. Avoid the two-and-through mode. As a Proprietress of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. I often get an inquirey (often garbled) about a feature that is to the affect of "How do you ...[the particular feature]?" and that is all of it. Well, I need to know what problem you have and if you followed directions. There are over 30 activities and I do not want to waterboaard anyone to get an idea of what she means. I once had a Baby Boy ask about using the rubber diaper five different times in one afternoon or how to modify it. Well the fact that it was a Boy should have told me all I needed, but I wanted to be nice. It turned out that he was trying to use it with a disposabile diaper. And you tell me Little Boys are not stupid and disposable diapers do not suck the brains out of you: Case closed!
  3. Tell the person how you found her. There are planty of nasty things in Alternative Lifestyle-Land and the best way to spook a person is to play mystery girl.
  4. Generic Is Junk! Forget the "I want to be your Baby" act. That is soooo generic it is meaningless. Also, do the same with the "Baby in need of friend" routine. Nobody in her right mind wants to hear from the Lonely Hearts Club (read "losers") or be part of someone's psychtherapy (read "looney toons").
  5. What Is In A Name?!Another "generic is junk" note: Avoid things like "Mistress P", "Mommy G" or "Lady Z". We have lovely names that evolved over hundreds and thousands of years to show how gorgeous, cute, pretty or flowery we are. when you use a name, you mean a person. Which is better "Mistress R' or 'Mistress Rachel" (even if it is an alias). Besides, the intial instaed of a name sounds just sooooo Porno and who wants porn? it is gross, icky and unladylike so who can like that except little boys and daddies? In line with that; I have a name. A name makes you a person. I am perfectly happy to see "Dear Bridget Alicia", Dear Nurse Briget" or "Dear Lady Bridget Alicia" or something like that. Using a name shows that you think of the person you are writing as a person.
  6. Instead of the usual claptrap, which distinguishes you from nobody, list your AB/LG interests. Persons are attracted to persons not labels. That you are a Little Girl or lady here is a given. Now let us expand on that. What is there about you that I ought to care about, find interesting or be attracted to?
  7. Avoid baby talk. Nobody in her right mind wants to struggle with trying to read a post that goes something like "Hewwo, I is widdle baby and hab on diaper all the time...Pweeze be my fwiend". When I see in the Subject line "Goo-goo Gha-gha" it is gone-gone. That is just sooooo Agenda (read "phoney"). In line with that, also do NOT use contact names like "frannie_frilly", "tina_tiara" or "rochelle_rubberpanties". That, too, is so Agenda-driven (read again "phoney") that nobody will buy the act. if you have already done something like that in an email service, delete it and change it or make a new one. How many girls or ladies do you know named "Sandra Skirts" or "Druscilla Dressie"? It is about credibility
  8. Make It Readable: no 1 wants 2 have 2 figure out Plz b my Mommy if u dont no how to use the shift key and minimal punc2ation, im not gonna give myself a headache 2 cater 2 ur stupidity r u listening over at the daily diaper forum? It is about eyestrain.
  9. IM and Chat: Since many webmail sites include messaging and chat, as well as "Connect", which is like "Friends", or you can use a dedicated IM that includes conferencing like yahoo1, there is a simple rule here. It is best to have a pre-arrnaged time to do so. That way you A) are not bothersome B) The person can be prepared and give you the time you need C) you will not pop in on someone unexpectly and possibly out her. Following the rules here shows that you are 1) sane, trustworthy and reliable, 2) respect privacy 3) are stable and will not spook anyone: A must in this kind of environoment. It is about not being a froot-loop
While I am speaking from my own experiences. it should be clear that what I am saying is mostly univesal and that boiled down to the essentials: Avoid the look of Agenda or like you are trying; use names in the Dear..." and "Yours Truly.."; keep it readable; avoid being "generic" and be clear and complete. In other words: Do what you would like to be done with you and do not act like an idiot and be suprised if persons treat you like one.