I was PM-ing with someone and they told me they saw one of our rubber diapers elsewhere. They then gave me a link to the German site Sissy-Haus (Sissy House). Much to my surprise, I found some material and images from RUFFLES & ROBBONS GIRLS' HOME

Look at THIS and its ENGLISH TRANSLATION The image is an earlier version of THIS, which I remember making. The newer version works better. Need more? Compare THIS and its ENGLSIH TRANSLATION to THIS; although this one, they have a right to since it was and still is one of our take-aways, but it shows that they were here. Further investigation revealed a spacer gif that had Talk City in its address which showed that it had come from the first incarnation of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. I could also recognize enough of the text and many of the ideas, with one of our activites given its own section under the name that we use for it, albeit a little mangled by being translated into German then back to English by the Google Translator such as inconsistent use of the pronoun between "she", "them" and "it" and "tiara" replaced by "crown", to know the source. so the verdict is in on this one

We are grownups, not crybabies: Rather than complain, I will brag. I guess if you are going to copy from someone, you copy from the best. Otherwise, why bother? If it was a Little Girl site, I would tell them they could keep the material, and to update the Rubber Diaper image and join RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. Unfortunately it is a Sissy Site. Still, I suppose having one's material copied is an even more sincere form of flattery than imitation. At least they do identify it as Little Girl