Another thing we are not is Diaper Lover. More often than not, this "fetish" exists in tandem with infantalism (Adult Baby or "adult Kid") as "ABDL" or "AB/DL". In its purest form, there is no interest in ageplay or the trimmings thereof. Wearing the diaper in and of itself is the "story", and using it while for the others it is a detail in the story

HOWEVER: There is an overlap in that many DL's have some agepaly in them and vice versa. This is probably a reflection of the fact that they became DL's early in childhood. This is so to the point that the two are just two notches from joined at the hip although for many DL's this is an adult pastime experienced as grownups

This is not our kind of thing in its specifics. For one thing, too many of these persons "wear" in situations where they could be embarrassed needlessly and the inevitable happens and they tell the world on their forums. If it were me, I would keep my mouth shut and, beyond that, I would not be such a slave to that kind of thing that I would let myself get in that situation; these are lunatics and we do not want that here. Again, HOWEVER, if a DL will accept our way of being as part of life here, the welcome mat is at the door. Unlike Sissy and Furry, which have essential characteristics we find absolutely and totally objectionable, there is nothing innately hostile in a DL to here as long as it does not become unladylike in tone or tenor or violate any of our precepts such as being a cloth diaper/rubber panty place or being a Pink and Blonde place or being discreet; we do not need any loose cannons running around