Is it brag to say that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is as good as it gets? Well, since we do not have the kind of pictures that you usually see elsewhere; made to give you hot panties, and do not intend to, then RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME must earn its keep in some other way. Since our motto is doing is living, then we must provide thingsto do, make or comunicate. Well, does it? We report, You decide

  1. Get useful tools four building, displaying and living on the web that even an almost newbie can use. Also get a package of our pictures to use
  2. Join a Club that acts like a nearly full sized social network that guides and enables you to:
    • Post photos and artwork
    • Post videos
    • publsih a blog
    • join or form email groups for specific interests in addition to the main group
    • write and publish articles
    • Meet ans share with others like yourself
    And you can help make it grow and do more
  3. Join topic-specific mailing lists already in existence or suggest others.
  4. Have your ABLG blog listed and published here as part of LITTLE RUBBER BABYDOLLS
  5. Buy real things from "diaper to dress and toe to tiara" at our amply supplied shopping plaza
  6. Learn how to make real items
  7. make a RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME scrapbook
  8. Make and send notepapers for special notes to your friends
  9. post to a guestbook
  10. Get and make screensavers
  11. Get and make wallpaper
  12. get and make different kinds of writing paper, Get pretty fonts
  13. Send Greetings cards from CASSANDRA'S at the Shopping Plaza, Many to choose from, including our own and one that lets you choose your own images.
  14. get and make sets of stickers
  15. Get a calculator
  16. learn various games and skills and even a foreign language
  17. Read about things like rubber chastizement
  18. have an email addy here
  19. Get the skills to do things, including building your own pages and sites
  20. Become part of the creative porcess
    • Publish stories and articles about things pertaining to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME
    • Add bookmark collections
    • Add wallpaper collections
    • add screensavers
    • slidesows
    • Add stationery
    and other graphic and wirtten or perfromance arts; but you must join the club to do this. Another good reason to...
  21. "Move in": make your own "room" and have it linked so that it is part of RUFFELES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME with others like you
  22. Bring in things that are good enough to be a part of here and get special recongnition.
  23. Whatever else we can find and put in here and add to what is already here.
However, to be allowed to participate, you must show that you are willing to be a regular part of the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME family. This is so that we can know who is one of us and who is just visiting. This is done by joining the Club which you will see the door to in some of the places here.

The MAYBE list

This is just part of waht makes us: