Perhaps you noticed these lovely flowers when you first came here. They are called Floricia, which is one of the ways that Fairies say "flower" and is also a person's name among them.

they grow low to the ground but have large blooms. They are perennials and need next to no care. they smell differently every 3 or 4 hours and bloom all the year round.

the blooms come in every color there is. The Fairies created them to make dyes with. they wanted to have a situation where they dye for every color they can see would be the same material and therefore, act the same way when used. To use them, the Fairies just figure out how much water to use for what they want to color. to do this, they use very long, wide and shallow vats and put in the right number of blooms in that amount of hot water and let this stand overnight. They then take out the blooms which have now shrivelled into seed pods to be planted and put the material to be colored in the vat of colored water and leave them there until the water evaporates in a few days. they then "fix" the color by drying the material on lines stretched over a field of these flowers in the sun. some gas given off by the flowers mixes with the dye and makes the color permanent and unfading. This is useful with any material.

They also use this to color the skies for special days by putting the water and blooms into large balloons which they then send up so very high that they cannot be seen. Thses are then exploded with "sun bombs" that are very powerful and used to be used for war, that are put in with them and make a hot but harmless gas that works with the sunlight to make the colors that the Fairies want, cools and lingers for days at a time--along with a wonderful scent.

To show how much they like us, The Fairies gave us some of these flowere in full size