this note came from a Little Girl who wanted to be part of RUFFLES & ROBBONS GIRLS' HOME. It explains an understanding of the difference between LG and Sissy far better than I could

oyou are well and I hope you don't mind me emailing you.

I am a little girl, genetically male, but a little girl inside. I have always felt like a little girl but never knew why, I went through years of confusion, looking for answers. For many years I thought I was a sissy, I thought I had found an identity but it became clear as I learnt about myself that I wasn't a sissy, it became obvious that I was really a little girl. The confusion lifted the more I accepted this and I began to allow myself to be the person I was inside. Being Samantha is my truest joy, when I am able to be her (me), the world outside slips away, my dollies come out to play and I feel alive.

I stumbled across your site and the first thing that made me squeal with delight was that everyone who declares they are a little girl are treated as such, there is no sissy, no fetish. Something I have needed for so long is to be treated as a little girl, be free to express the real person I am inside. What else I love about your site is the way little girls are expected to behave. All I have ever wanted is to be a sweet, good, well behaved little girl with good manners.

As a little girl I don't know my age, I drift between 2 to 4-5 to 8-9. Sometimes I need my nappies and to be totally looked after, sometimes I feel a little older. I have lots of dresses and outfits, dollies, teddy bears, wigs, a couple of tiaras, a fairy costume and other little girl things and I treasure everything as I do the times I can be myself. I will be honest, I want to live full time as a little girl, I never want to grow up, not that I really have. To be sweet and dainty every second of every day is my idea of heaven.

I wanted to thank you for further assisting me in pursuing my dream, your site has helped me more understand I am a little girl and I need to live as a little girl.