By "ghetto-bunny" I mean a person who lives or functions pretty much isolated from the rest of the world and is surrounded and interacts mostly with those like himself in terms of major interests and proclivities. Living like a rabbit in a hole among other rabbits. Also called 'living in a bubble" or, based on the psychological effect; "living in an echo chamber"

To understand this. you need to know the history of the term "ghetto": Here is the short version. During the Rannaissance, the Jews in Italy wanted to withdraw into a single place where they could define and create a culture that reflected them. To do this, they chose the city of Ghetto. Since then, a "ghetto" was a place with a high concentration of a certin type of perople, usually this meant of the same ethnic type and often pertained to Jews, In particular the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Later on any area where there was a high concentration of a certain ethnicity, race, class or any type of people came to be called a "ghetto" hence we have "the ghetto" in the US when there are actually several such, based on class and often minority status.

If you look at what I have complained about in the previous works, you find that it relates to the AB Agenda or something like it. For me, the "ghetto" is some groups of persons who are isolated from the real world and whose "culture" has gotten bizarre because of being fed back into itself.

In this case I mean a "ghetto" that is an admixture of AB and internet and is the Internet AB ghetto. It even touches Daily Diaper. The Internet ghetto is that it includes "gamers" and "furries". The AB ghetto is as follows. Christine commented on why they got whacked by PayPal for being "porno" and said that they had a scat (fecal fetish) forum and one of the mods or admins came in and said that they did not. one of the regulars said "I think what is being talked about is the Stinky Squishy and Proud forum" Which glorifies self-soiling, which even if it is called "poop" it is still scat. Another quality is the predominence of Agenda rather than what was factual in the form of a person born before 1965 who actually likes the throw-away diapers whcih did not come into prominance before 1969 well after such persons were most likely out of diapers or at least the poster was.

What happens is that as they become fed back into themselves, the ghetto-bunnies get more and more powerful and you see such things as a person who posted that he had a hole in his pants and his diaper was showing and he wasn wondering if he ought have been embarrassed. Christine explained it and some other mini-mind said that he did not understand a word of what Christine meant. Some years ago, a letter appeared in DPF's newsletter describing the permanent burnt orange fecal stain on plastic panties as the "Orange Badge of Courage" meaning that self-soiling was an AB virtue since it showed you were a "real" baby or "little". Implied by the tone and content of the letter was that if you did not soil yourself, you wer not the real deal

Another denizen of the ghetto is the Sissy. DPF did not even recognize it and in fact, it has no real definition, yet it is now a part of just every diaper forum and it does not seem to register that it gives real-world people the creeps and the same forums that have sissy sections do not have separate sections for Little Girls or Little Boys, which DPF did recognize. Even the real-life sissies did not want to be known as such. In fact, the Sissy does not correspond to anything in real life; that is, there is no "there" there. Yet, there is about 10 times more "sissy" discussion than Little Girl. Even at Daily Dipaers most dress discussion is carried out under Sissy and any hard-core Little Girl topics, such as dolls, or the use of digital frames get almost nothing for replies

It seems that part of the ghetto is to stick it's upraised middle finger at the rest of the world. Other gehtto-bunny things are the Identiy or "Pride" movements. They usually are built around things which the proponents of such "Pride" say they have no control over. If that is the case then why should this enve count in any issue in which pride is a legitimate factor. Also, the source of the "pride" is usually some Politically Correct group, what would happend if you had a "White Pride" parade, a "straight Pride" parade or and "American Pride" parade? the usual left-leaning suspects: media, (non)intelligentsia, politicians and some other assorted social derelicts would raise a stink like a universe of soild diapers. And if you look at these "Pride" events, what you find is most of the participants flaunting the kinds of characteristiics that they complain are stuck to them in the form of "stereotypes" like a middle finger raised at one's betters. So if you see a real-worlder who has seen one of these events come away saying "now I know why I hate ...", well what do you expect? The ghetto-bunny aspect of this is that these individuals do not even get that they are flaunting the very characteristics that they compain are stereotypes. Well If you listen to Barney Frank, can you blaime persons for saying "Those damn queers are a bunch of Mary-Anns"?. Now, if you listened to David Brudnoy, you would not get that impression. Oh, and by the way Mary-Ann is insulted,

One reason that we are NOT part of the "gay, lesbian and transgender" clack is this, Most transgendered are heterosexual and have more in common with the majority, non-homosexuals than with the homosexuals. They must value the feminine if they want to make it part of themselves whereas the gay male strives to be totally ungirlish and so does the lesbian. So at the root, there is less common psychological ground than with the "straight" world. So that is a marriage based only on "what can I get out of it?".

One of the persons over at Daily Diaper is re-doing the database/review application which is sorely needed. Given the huge amount of input over the 7 or so years, it has become unwieldy large, as Christine pointed out. Now two things. DD is an ABDL diaper fetish site. They want to include in the database, current infant and childrens' diapers. As Chrstine pointed out, how long befroe someon sees this material, finds out DD is a fetish site and thinks "why are they covering baby/kid diapers? they cannot wear them and this is a fetish site [just open the "About US" link], so thy must be upt to something else". In the currently charged environment, it does not take 3 seconds for "perv" and "pedo [pedophile]" to come to mind as the answer. Christine, who is participating in the project, has called it his to the project leader's attention and is being politely brushed aside. A major characterisitic of a ghetto is that it is very isolated and so fed back on itself that its members are not fully aware of the rest of the world, from which it spends great amounts of time and psychobabble demanding "acceptance" while flaunting the very stereotypic behavior that mark them as weirdo's as part of collectivized "Pride"

There is another ghetto thing you will not find here. Most real world persons call them "rubber" pants, not "plastic" or "vinyl" despite the fact that there have not been baby panties made of any real rubber to speak of for 50+ years. The last time I heard them referenced, it was "rubber". Now, to be sure, there are not major baby panties brands made of rubber. and "plastic" is technically correct so If you are a seller and must describe them accurately then that is what you use. However doing so in ordinary conversation and calling them "plastic" will make persons think that you know more than you should about them. Doing that in ordinary non-technical or descriptive conversation is part of the ghetto; especially if you are working in the context of 1945 to 1955 (or even now). We call them "rubber panties"

Another ghetto-bunny trait is the failure to punctuate, failure to capitalize or the "r", "u" and "ur". That has no place here since it is just plain retarded, and listed in the Uncyclopedia among the top things that annoy persons. Also is beginning a message or post with "So"; which marks you as a mediabot, especially with someone who is over 26; Can you really be on the phone all the time?! If you are then you are in dire need of a life! Also the "reputation" Over at Daily Diaper you can tell Christine is not a ghetto-bunny by her high negative rep but only one warning notes saved. It is clear that this is some gaggle of 18-20something "nazis" with the mentality of a bowl of sea shells and more than one moderator has commented on just that clueless clack. This has happened to others and has been commented on. The ideas of having a mechanism for passing judgement on others in an alternative' community which constantly complains about the judgements in society at large is gross hypocrisy

There are certain discussions we are not having as part of here: Games (except for girl games), phones and the televsion programs that are the mode d'heur unless it relates to here

Now, we all have one or more "agenda"s. By "agenda", I mean a set of things we wish to do or get from being in a place or acting in a certain set of ways. It becomes ghetto-bunny when one, in order to seem hip acts in a way that is out of sorts with what is one's obvious state of affairs and what a reasonable person would think as part of her personal, authentic, agenda. For a person born before 1965 to rave on about disposble diapers, meaning to consider them more than just a convenience is obviously acting out the (under 40) Agenda and marks that person as a ghetto-bunny. I first notieced this in the middle 1980's DPF where most members were over 30 and romanticizing Pampers, Huggies and Luvs as being 'babyish". while I was just rolling my eyes. Even Tommy, who was over 42 was doing this. Now, to be sure, places do have an agenda. Our agenda is c 1950 and what is put here, and forbidden here, represents that. We hope that this matches your Adult Little Girl agenda. Age is not a deciding factor. Someone about 23 or 4 may like having class or certain apsects of something, often Victorian England but it could be here as well and decide to join. This is called "retro". If not then you are a bad fit; not a bad person, but a bad fit. If you try to fake it or convince yourself that this is your agenda when it is not, then you make this place your ghetto and become a ghetto-bunny. That is what I mean by being "Agenda-drivien" rahter than authentic. The big issue with ghetto-bunnies is that they need to get lives. so let me put it this way: SandraLyn is a ghetto-bunny free zone