Now, you can tell if you are a Little Girl and should be here by just answering a few questions and seeing how many you get right.. If you get half or more then you are, more and you are a better Little Girl. Scoring is at the bottom

Read the list of things below and decide which apply to you
  1. I love the feel of my long tresses ( we do not have just "hair")
  2. I love the feel of wearing a tiara or maybe an Alice band and how it complements my tresses
  3. I love the feel of satin
  4. I love the kiss of my skirts on my thighs
  5. I love the soft sounds that our clothes make as we move
  6. I love the sound of our names: Christine, Linda, Sandra, Lynne, Michelle, Estelle, Marilyn, Glenda, Alice and Alicia, , Denise Tiara, Tara, Giselle, Tina, Kirsten, Karen, Page, Helen, Cheryl and others, and thinking "That means me"
  7. I love sitting on a nice lady's lap and having her caress my tresses, cheek or gently rubbing me knees and sweetly calling me by my name and telling me how cute or adorable I am, or having her dress me
  8. I love the quick feather-light little kisses that we are famous for as when we seal a pact
  9. I love my dollies and the little person that each of them is, talking to, hugging and kissing them lightly
  10. I love looking at dresses and tiaras and dreaming of what it would be like to wear the one I am looking at
  11. When I move quickly or run, I kove being a whirl and flutter of golden hair and skirts and a glitter of tiara
  12. I love the smell of rose, lilac and baby powder and lotion
  13. I love tea parties where we get together and talk about our dollies and things
  14. I love being Little instead of a Baby because I am aware of all these feelings and the things that give them to me and that this is what it means to be Little Girl
  15. My little body feels things much more strongly than others, especiall smooth materials
  16. Short skirts, dresses and babydolls are humliating and embarrassing
  17. I hate the feeling of baby panty material on my body, it is like a dry sliminess and makes me feel too much so that it is unpleasant and distracting.
  18. The part of my body where diapers go feels things very strongly. I cannot stnad anyone putting anything between my legs
  19. Anything thick between my legs, espically with baby rubber panty material, or baby rubber panty material with nothing under it, where diapers go, makes me feel like I am being raped
The statements below are either true or false. read each and select either T or F and you will be taken to a page that tells you if you are right or wrong and if the statment is false, how come. To get the most right answers, it is as important to be able to think like a little girl as it is to know the answer since thinking like a little girl will lead you to figure out what you may not know as fact from the context and perspecitive of a person who is involved with the items
  1. A hight-waist dress is called "Empire" waist? T F
  2. A "Babydoll" is a very high waisted short little dress that gets its name from being easily lifted for changing diapers? T F
  3. A tiara is the same as a crown? T F
  4. The two major parts of a dress are called "skirt" and "bodice" T F
  5. Most persons call all waterproof panties that go over diapers "rubber panties" just as we do? T F
  6. The Sugar Plum Fairy is from Swan Lake? T F
  7. You should let your dolly sleep right next to you? T F
  8. Short skirts are a necessary part of a being a Little Girl because they make you look cute and make you learn to keep your skirts down so your panties do not show? T F
  9. "Crinoline" is just another name for a petticoat? T F
  10. Chastizement is a most important part of a Little Girl's life? T F
SCORING: For the first part. a right answer is a "yes". For your Little Girl IQ, you are told if you are right or wrong. Here is the key based on the number of right answers. The total number of items is deliberately uneven