Being here means you have questions about this being OK. You have probably come across all kinds of things about this kind of thing. Most of the questions center around sexuality and being degenerate

Is shopping OK? Yes, but what about a "shop-a-holic" who ends up in therapy or so far in debt that he has to look up to see down? Tea is a perfectly accepted drink, yet you have "tea drunks" and if you drink enough coffee, you will end up with the runs. I have heard from legitimate medical sources that, based on clinical studies, coffee could be considered a "health food". It is the same with anything: Religious fanaticism or cultism is what is normally accepted as OK gone awry so all behaviors reach a point where they cease being good or harmless and become bad. Also, if you start involving fecal material then it has a high risk of being harmful, but that is not unique to the LG/diaper groups, there are also enema fans and the like and most LG/diaper fans do not want to play in that mess and it is expressly forbidden in anything SandraLyn

This is a bit different since it touches the self or ego as it involves one's perception of genderedness. Well everyone has bits of both genders in them. It becomes bad if it impairs one's ability to function

What about sexuality and things like that? I hold to a Behavioral idea as expressed HERE with regard to fetishes and the like and do not think it is sexual. In fact, All of the discussion about those "feely" parts of the body is carried on in little girl and ladylike terms, tone and tenor. As to Pedophilia. there is a huge difference. The pedo looks at a cute little girl in her little dress and says "how can I get her out of that dress and into bed with me and...?" the ALG says "Oooo, how can I get a dress like that and be like her?" The two are 180 degrees out of phase with each other and incompatible. There are behavioral and gender components in each that are not and can not be, present in the other

As to the morality of the matter. You msut consult your conscience yourself. I think that this is incompatible with most religious morality, but then,most anything that one enjoys is. I am an Aristotelian, not Hedonistic, so I see not clash with morality here