One of the Fairy Flowers and Trees we have is the Kier Tree. "Kier" means "cherished" in the language of the Fairies.

When The Fairy People moved from our world to Fairyland, the found a world with very little life on it. One of the things they did was mix the building blocks of the living things that were there and the living things they brought with them from our, and their original, world. Doing this, they made many new things: The Rainflower tree and Kier tree are among them (the Claro fruit was already there). They wanted to use the plants, floweres and trees to make the things they needed so that such would grow naturally almost ready to use and not require much additional work. Given their magic, this could be done and they loved pretty things so they could make their things useful as well as pretty. They can grow grasses of many colors and have plants from which to make things like medicines for diseases that we never even heard of. Thy have a tree that gives huge flowers and sap, They take the flower, stretch it over a framework to whatever shape they wish. cover it with the sap and let it dry into an exceedingly hard material, then remove it from the frame and it keeps it's shape and is very durable and can be colored how they see fit. They created giant caterpillars that spin silk cacoons. The Fairies then unravel the cacoons to find the caterpillars unharmed and free to go about their business. These caterpillars, when not spinning are used to carry many riders for moderate distances with a waving motion that the Fairies find pleasant. Of course there are things like lightworms, which, whill they can be pretty when allowed to crawl through a prism or jewel and fall apart into lightworms of different colors, they are also a nuisance and a pest.

The Kier Tree is unique in that it begins with green leaves at dawn and these leaves chage to blue, violet and, at noon, pink then go back the other way until they are green at dusk. It is called the Kier tree because it is dedicated to weddings and thses are celebrated under this tree.

The story is that two betrothed Fairies, Elystra and Brynelle were to be married and were out enjoying the lovely day before their wedding. Both were in the customary pink dress and cloak that soon-to-be married Faoroes wore. They were waylaid by a band of roobers, from whom they fled. Exhausted after many hours, they came to a clearing and found a lone tree which they ascended into. To shield them from their pursuers, the legend, says the tree turned its leaves to match their dresses and the robbers did not see them in this tree.

Since then, this tree has been planted in many places in Fairyland it is under this tree that weddings take place.

We were fortunate to have been given one such by the Fairies. It is a full size tree of 20 feet tall and several Fairy weddings have taken place under our tree, which we have named Kierandra. It is a wonderful thing to see the leaves change color from green to pink and then back again.