There are things that will not be even allowed here: Furry aka babyfur and space alien

Furry, by including animal archtypes into the ABDL scene brings in zoolotry and borders on bestiality. Just some of the images that are used, like diapered animal cubs, and cross species imagery are so bizarre that they seem to veer into mental ilness and are at the very least, creepy. Just the visuals I have seen give me the creeps. The idea of space alien babies is so speculative that we have no idea of what such would be like. They may make good speculative fiction, but have no place here. These are new ideas within the last decade. They incorporate non-human archtypes that make no sense. My Grandparents could at least understand Tom Corbett by virtue of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and them by virtue of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, even if they did not believe in the matter.

The idea of animal archtypes as symbolic of human characteristics does not even enter the psyche until about age 8 or 9.

Before anyone gives me any chatter about Fairies. there are two things here.

Introducing the two things I mentioned here takes the whole thing from fantasy to bizarre, Now, we are no longer talking about humans but creatures. Given the effect that diapers have due to the part of the body they cover, this is bringing the non-human and animal into a situation that touches on the semi-erotic. This borders and maybe is, bestiality.Nein Danke!

Regarding fantasy, I am a disciple of J.R.R. Tolkien, who had some pretty hard and fast ideas of the matter. As such, I find these two things to be phoney and Agenda-driven rather than anything related to human experience and you know what I think of that.

In case you are wondering, the same goes for zombies and vampires. I mean really: "I von to bite your binky"!?!?

If you are unwillintg or unable to be a person here rather than some kind of creature out of Coast to Coast, then do not bother being here.

The inclusion of these kinds of things will just turn ALG into an undecipherable mess, and like Sissy, another new thing, not even recognized by DPF on its coded form, there is no room for it here.