Special Words and Phrases

Becuase of our uniquely feminine way of life with it's special feelings and even special chastizements, therer are special words that we use that will need explanation

MIND YOUR SKIRTS: Be careful of what you do or say as you may be chastized (get your skirts lifted). From "Mind your skirts Little Girl or see how quickly they get taken up! [lifted in a humiliating way]"

DOLLY GIRL: cute little girl or said to someon much younger whom you have known since she was little. Also, not very smart

SKIRT-LIFTED: To be used or done to in in a bad way. humiliated. Totally embarassed. Done to in such a way that nothing can be salvaged or that there is no way to save face.

to- HAVE RUBBER PANTIES PUT ON (one)- BE PUT IN RUBBER PANTIES- BE MADE TO WEAR RUBBER PANTIES- -WITH NOTHING UNDER THEM: Deliberately and pointedly done to in a totally nasty, humiliating and horrid way. To be done to in the worst way possible. Nothing could be worse than how that was done and the person doing it is enjoying it. From putting rubber panties on a girl with nothing onder them and rubber her between the legs until she wets and enjoying feelint the rubber on her.

USED (AS, FOR or LIKE) A DOLLY: To be treated, usualy put in rubber and fondled, in a manner showing total disrespect and contempt and having it made known fully that the person doing this ill treatment is enjoying it especially the fact that the person having it done to her is being ill-treated and is helpless to do anything. Also PLAY DOLLY ON...

MOMMY'S PRINCESS: a favorite little girl. Also, MOMMY'S TIARA

RUBBER DIAPER: a rubber garment put under a cloth diaper, made to let wet into the diaper but preventing the girl from feeling the cloth. It gives rubber feelings on the more feely parts of the Chastity area; especially the "flower", and is used in chastizement

RIBBER DIAPER BAIT: A little girl who is misbehaving. tempting Fate.

A WET STAIN ON A RUBBER SHEET: A useless, worthless person.

RUBBER: Any person or thing that is distasteful, annoying or just unliked or despised Also RUBBER DIAPER

RUBBERS:1. Low rubber overshoes for rainy weather. 2. British waterproof panties.3. For us that means any set of rubber clothes; "What a mess Brenda left her closet in. I had to straighten out her rubbers and for being such a baby, I put some of her rubbers on her"

BABYDOLL: a trollopy person, from the Fairies. Also the short rubber dress such a perosn is made to wear by the Fairies. Putting a babydoll on a girl

Example: A RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME Girl in her rubber Babydolls

SMELLY: A little girls' term for any thing, task or person that is distasteful or unpleasant. An epithet used on a girl in rubber like "Oh here comes Smelly Monica Rachel" or "I see that Smelly Linda is here". We also use it to add to the humiliation of rubber chastizement