There are plenty of ABDL/LG websites. Most are just passive, with the owners picutres and stories or pictures and stories contributed by friends of teh owner. A few feature specific items like diapers both in and out of the Adult Baby context and feature a social network. These networks are almost a Facebook/MySpace for the fans that are very good, having things for the members who join like blogging, photo and video facilities. They tend to be for the ABDL general population. Now, these are good and we support one in particular; Daily Diaper aka DD However they are for the GP so you might find yourself in with some self-soilers, "furries" or other mondo bizarro or el creepo types who run on at lenght about wanting to be put in the Mental ward or describe some of the bodily functions in hideous, gruesome or gross detail. I find two things lacking: Fiirst they lump Little Girls in with "Sissies" for which there is no clear definition by their own admission. Secondly they are explicitly fetish-conscious. By the way, you drop one F-bomb, or any profanity, vulgarity or obscenity here and just see what happens. part of the act around here is to be girl classy

We are different. First we are "Pink and Blonde"; exclusively Little Girl and we do not reference "fetish" at all though we include several in an integrated package: You are taken at your word here unless you violate the code of conduct and act like other than a little girl here. As such, this is a niche place but there are many of those.

Our main feature is that we are also very participatory: In short, you can live the life of the little girl that is inside you just crying to get out and live. Since you have those other sites that do many things, we need to earn our keep in the Ageplay world by being unique in some way. We do it by taking the world of a certain time and place that is classic Little Girl and putting it on steoids: We are the BALCO to your Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens of the Ageplay world and here is the asterisk to prove it *. We do this by being a place to do things and to belong at. You will find many things to do here. Those are only part of the story. Paticipation, while it includes using the facilities also means interactivity. As such we have 5 levels of participation:

  1. Visit: Look, read and that is pretty much all
  2. Use of the facilities: Take some wallpaper, take and make some of the items like bookmarks or take some of the functional items like the Smarty Panties calculator or FairyWand tool kit
  3. Join one or more of the specific clubs like TiaraGirls, DollyGirls or RubberKiss
  4. Join our Social framework called LittleGirlLand. Because we do not have the $US300+ startup and $US50/mo continuing costs to throw around and are not donation, subscriber or ad supported, we do it differently. It is more work for you and me but we all have more privacy, secruity, choice and control of what we do
  5. Move in: create a website of your own as a "room" that is linked to us. or create a subdomain on one of your sites that is isolated from the rest that you can use. This site or subdomain must follow the rules that we set forth and must be a "Sandralyn site". In fact, if you do create a site, you might want to subdomain the "room" as http://sandralyn.yoursite.(com, net, us). You can be a Mommy, Nurse, Mistress, living in Veronica Court. you could be a Teacher with a Special Class at the Lady D'Arielle Girls' Schoo. and a room in Diana House or a Little Girl and live on the third floor with us in the Alise House. GO FOR THE GOLD!
Participation at a higher level automatically includes the lower. If you join LittleGirlLand, you are part of the other clubs if you want to be or can start your own group. If you move in then you are part of LittleGirlLand with all its activities and subdivisions. Next, because we have to actively take part in maintaining our participation, like finding places to actually host things like images, vidoes and blogs, we provide you with the tools like profile page template kits and separatetely, a site builder that runs from WYSIWYG to HTML, page templates, photo gallery builders, image editing, music cration and other things in one giant package called FairyWand, Resources and some construction support to get you going

Right now, for all you know, there is a thriving community of Little Girls here that you know nothing about. On the other hand, you may be the first.