Although we often call a girl we like or who has been very, scrumptiously good a princess, we are not Princess: Please note the upper-case "P".

First, the term Princess also applies to Sissy and you know what we think of that

the concept of Princess today is largely a product of Disney, which, as has been said elsewhere, "sucks the air[and the brains] out of whereever it goes" and while a couple of the Disney princesses have had gorgeous names, notably Arielle and Belle. They are too new for our consideration

Beyond all of that, "Princess" often refers to a self-aborbed little twit of about 14 who spends most of her time putting on airs and being some kind of phony and you know how we feel about phony. For us, this all means Peasant and has as much grace and class as a cockroach

So, for the reasons stated: Sissy, Disney and self-aborbed phony little dweebette. We are not Princess