All too many of the ABDL sites wander into the topic of fetishes and have facilities for other fetishes. These include BDSM, spanking and scat aka "Poop"; under such names a "Squishy stinky & Proud". Even the good ones like Daily Diaper. We are not like that, In the first place, scat is disgusting, with diesease and mental health ramifications. Secondly, this type of discussion is self-conscious and the topic is not permitted here. Beyond that it veers into psychobabble which we do not want here as, being self-conscious, it colors and interferes with, the enjoyment of this place.

Some of us have advanced training in psychology so we know what is going on and also the "straight dope". The issue of psychobabble in the AB world, for me, first surfaced in the early 1990's when DPF, then the gold standard in AB/DL affairs and the model which I use, did a review of a book called Different Lovings which they used as a way of showing that there was some kind of deep psychological meaning to all of this. This was not new but quite in line with the "psychologizing" of the culture under mostly "pop" psych, meaning lowo-grade, poorly-done psychology.This had been going on since the 1960's and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. This became such a cottage industry that it led to the mid-1970's Psychobabble. Commenting on the official re-organization of Psychology in 1978, I said that it was on the way from being a scientific endeavor and becoming a racket. Sure enough, the proliferation of counselling "services" and pseudo-scientific therapies bore me out.

Well it has gotten into the ABDL social network, in the case of Daily Diapers, over the objections of Christine who knows her stuff having a 1978 MA in the subject

To begin with, psychology is much more than Mental Health. There is learning, intelligence, how persons relate to the world, industrial & workplace ergonomics and other things. In fact, most psychology is about normal people. If we talk about the psychology here, then it is not working

Psychobabble is taking utter bilge and stating it in often legitimate psychological terms: If you put lipstick and a tiara on a skunk, you still have a skunk. The only difference is that it has lipstick and a tiara. However, it stillsmellslike a skunk. This can refer to concepts used out of context or twisted interpretations of legitmate ideas [SEE]

By "psychobabble" I mane; from Daily Diapers: SPANKING AS THERAPY and "DEPRESSION" FORUM In the first instance. Christine went into the falsehoods and dangers of this, discussiong the theraputic process. In the second case, when it was put up for discussion Christine went at length into Depression as was taught in Abnormal Psychology

In both cases, she said that:

  1. It takes the matter outside the therapist's office and the therapeutic process, where it needs to be kept, and confuses the issue and can be dangerous or misused
  2. It adds a "sicko" aspect to the ABDL scene. The whole culture is suffused with that which is wreaking havoc on it

    The reasons you will not find such discussions here is that, as stated, it takes it out of context and setting, this can lead to tragic resutls, Too Much Information/Off-Topic that contributes nothing to the topic, and, like discussions of fetishes, it makes the matter self-conscious, distracting and is demeaning

    Therefore there will be no discussions of such matters in anything SandraLyn

    That is not to say that we do not use psychology: We do in the look, feel and style. Everyting here, from the text/background colors; white on pink, the drawn images and choice of what they look like, were chosen or designed to reflect, promote and reinforce the little and feminine; albeit on Human Growth Hormone to make it readily apparent. the layouts were chosen for their functions. Those that are vertically oriented mean that this is "series"; in some kind of top-down or bottom-up order and those that are horizontally arranged means they are "parallel" and do not act in sequence to each other. Pages were tested for things like readability before being put up. So psychological variables were taken into consideration

    Testifying to the on-tergetted'ness of our approach is the overall good ratings and responses that we have gotten from the interested and knowledgeable and the few complaints: seven; in over a decade, of which about three were legitimate. The last four were from 1. the owner of a social network who claimed that we were not "professional" enough while hereself using a free, third-rate (which is still good, but not up to the standards of a dedicated social network and certainly hypocritical for one who bashes others for not being up to professional standards when the site being bashed is a personal, one-person operation. 2. a troublemaker or joker trying to claim that we are a pedophile place. 3. A 22 year old girl complaining that we are too old school. If she had bothered with even the slightest bit of due dilligence. she would have known that this was of no interest to her and not bothered both herself and us, and 4. a 22 year old who bashed us for readability and who is listed at Daily Diapers as a "Boy" with the attendant cridibility (and you wonder why we think 22 year olds are mostly shallow empty-heads). On the other hand, we were once asked where we were as if RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME was a physical place

    So, yes we do get into psychology, but only in the design and setup, not in the discussions. As I said; if we have to talk about it then it is not working