Another tree that the Fairies have given us is the Rainflower Tree. This was one of their earliest creations.

In shaping Fairyland to meet their needs, the Fairies wanted a plant from which to spin fibers for thread to make clothes. They love the very smooth materials like satin and things. One day they noticed the milkweed tufts and noting how smooth the fibers are though it would be wonderful if they could grow these plants and spin this fiber into thread. So they changed the building blocks of this plant so that it would be much larger, yielding pods that instead of fitting in the hand, were as long as an arm and give fibers of the same length which they then could spin into threads to make satin and clothes. They made this plant so plentiful that this became the main source of thread for the things they wear right on the body and which feel soooo scrumptious.

Then they thought it would be nice to make a tree that would have clothes material already in sheets so they needed a very large tree, they created a tree that was 20 or 25 times as tall as one of them. This tree gave two things. Sap could be taken and let dry into sheets of stretchy material and the flowers were large sheets of material that merely needed to be taken from the tree and then unflolded. The tree has a thick sturdy trunk so that may persons can work in it at a time.

The makers of this tree found that, since the material was not woven, there was no weave and once put on the body, it would get sticky, However, they did like the feel of it to the hand and decided to try wearing it with a layer of powder but this only gave a feeling that was described as a "dry sliminess" and was unbearable, However, being all of one piece with no weave, it is waterproof so it is good for rainwear and baby things, They also found that being made to wear this material was a wonderful chastizement and by rubbing it on the body in certain places. a person could be made to wet and get horribly strong and distracting feelings So they named the material "rubber: Becuase you put it on a bad gril and rub her"

The flowers of this tree bloom during or shortly after a rain and that is when the Fairies harvest them. Becuase of this, it is called a Rainflower Tree. These are anywhere from 120 to 200 feet tall. our garden could never support such a big tree so the Fairies made one for us that is less than 40 feet tall which we have named Melestra, after the lady who made the first one. Everything about it is just like the ones in Fairyland except much small and we use the flowers to make doll chastizement clothes and baby rubber things.