If you put your hand down Christine's or Monica Rachel's Rubber panties and diaper, or any one of the girls who are in some kind of babydoll or very short dress or skirt, you will feel the same material that her panties are made of under her diaper. This is unique to the D'Arielle way of life and was started by the Fairies may thousands of years ago. The material is made from the flowers or sap of the "Rainflower" tree and used to makes the panites, sheets and other things. They have taught it's use to us. When your little girl's rubber panty elastics are worn out. you need not discard them and they can have a new use

As you see it is laid on top of the diaper at preperation. That means it is worn under the cloth diaper and felt on that special, oh-so-feely area of the body all the time, which keeps that "chastity area" En Fleurette or "half-chastized". It is cut in such a way that the wet runs into the cloth diaper down the cnter between the legs. This means that the little person has to be standing or sitting up to wet. or it will get all over her

It has several purposes

  1. CHASTIZEMENT: Worn under the cloth diaper, the material stops the person from feeling the cloth and she feels it instead. The panty, or as we say, chastity, area feels things more strongly then most of the other parts of the body. This makes her very aware that something is being done to her. The feelings are strong enough to be distracting and when the material is rubbed on the "flower", which this undegarment covers, it creates feelings that are so strong that they "eat her up" and can cause some wetting.This is the heart and soul of our special "rubber chastizement". The very smoothness of the material that make it so well-felt also makes it very feminine so it chastizes in a girlish way. Rubber chastizement is our very feminine alternative to spanking, which we feel is too coarse for a proper girl. The same is also true for the nipple, tumm and parts of the leg. In fact it is called "rubber" because you put it on a bad little girl and rub her as Rubber Fairy once told me
  2. TRAINING: This does three imprtaint things;
    1. helps the undecided girl to bladder-train more readily and is a cure for laziness
    2. makes someone who is somewhat nighttime wet have to get out of bed and stand up to wet so that her wetting habit does not spread to daytime
    3. helps with chastity training because the person learns to want to keep her skirts down and her legs closed and she is told at age 13 that if she is trollopy, she will get the same feelings that she did when she was 4 when we start using this on her
  3. HELPS KEEP THE PERSON DRIER LONGER: What happens is that the wetness goes into the crotch of the diaper. It then soas through that area and comes against the outside rubber panty. having nowhere to go, it spreads along the outside of the diape so the cloth diaper wets from the outsie in and the rubber diaper presents a waterproof barrier between the wet cloth and the body so she can go longer between changes

    In use the person's chastity area is thoroughly lotioned. the rubber diaper is well-powdered so it does not stick to the body, but rubs frely. AT NO TIME IS BABY OIL USED AS THAT WRECKS THE MATERIAL!! Also you want the material to be felt, not a slick film of oil so you want the area dry. It goes best with our diaper which is pinned only at the center of the top which means that there is plenty of room for air to circulate and this does not cause problems except on the hottest of summer days. Also the diaper does not have a thicker center "soaker" which lets the wet soak through the material away from the body faster. This is made up for by the diaper being thcker all over. This uniform thickness enables the diaper to hold more and a girl properly diapered can go for 8-1/2 to 12+ hours between changes and 6 to 8 hours without the rubber diaper

    Instructions for making this and the original rectangular rubber diaper are in the PROJECTS. It is used by simply powdering it well, fastening it in place and then diapering as usual. The little one has to be well subdued for this not to be a wrestling match and she also has to have sphincter control, but the advantages in changing time and having the little person ready to chastize make it worth it.