There are 3 images that the Fairies love, The scallop shell, the heart and the star. It is natural that they would breed flowers to represent the star.

the star is part of the night sky. Faiies have very good night vision and are perfectly at home under this sky and the many colors that the stars come in are a natrual cause of fascination for them. so they then set about creating from the pansy family of violets a flower that would resemble this heavenly body

This is the center flower of many ceremonial boquests for things such as weddings, baby showers and Name Day celebrations.

Since The Fairies do not like the idea of picking and therefore killing a flower to make the boquet. All the bouquet flowers have been bred over the hundreds of generations to grow in bouquets. This breeding also includes having the plants grow in such a way that a starflower can grow at the very center. or at the center of tha base of a scallop shell shaped bouquet and at the top "point" of a haret=shaped boquet. The whole is removed and replanted so that it will live longer

As the plants expire, the petals crystalize so that the flowers remain, having transformed into a porcelain like substance that can be mounted in other ways.

The great affection that the Fairies have for us is shown in the fact that we have a patch of starflowers in one of our gardens which we love burstingly. ,p> While most of the petal is white. the colored parts, center starburst, tip and petal border can be other colors. The one pictured here is the Queen Glynestra. They are usually named for the queen during whose reign they are created. There are some with dark petals and light colors but those are not that sturdy and need special growing conditions. There is also a starflower tree but that has not been made to have babies yet and the Fairies say that when that happens we shall have one. it is used in the midsummer celebration just as the sliver pine is used for the winter party. We also do not have that tree either.