Thi Single-Pin Diaper is a Perfict Mommy's Little Helper

Until you have changed about 20 diapers in one day, you have no idea of how time cosumihng it can be and how valuable even small time-savers, like having to use only one pin are. Until you have had to diaper Four or five girls between 4 and 9 or have a little girl who will always be in diapers from the time she is 4 and need to either buy new ones or change the way you fold them, you have no idea of how wonderful a one-size-fits-all can be.

Before the pre-fold took over, and among those who do not like it such as we, there were listed many different ways to fold a diaper. A diaper was really just a kind of towel or napkin put on a baby or other person who cannot control her bodily functions, to abosorb what she does. The pre-fold makes everything uniform. This is not good. As a baby gets older, you may wish to fold things differently, you may need a bigger diaper or you may wish to be able to do things quicker, such as using only one pin. Also, pre-folds fit far to closely and do not allow any air. Aside from that, most little girls are in dipaers at one time or other until almost 8 years old for long trips and things like that. Here is another instance: Little girls between 5 and 9 do not roam, but stay at one of their parents' house or nearby. Now, if you have 4 or 5 girls at your house from let us say 1 PM to 4:30 and half or most of them are under 7-1/2, they will be using the ladies' room every 3/4 of an hour each, so 3 of them will use the bathroom 10 or 12 times. That is quite a bit of water and it ties up the bathroom. Many ladies prefer to put the younger girls in dipaers and rubber panties until they show that they can refrain from using the bathroom for an hour and a half. Washing 3 or even 4 big diapers and rubber panties uses less water and is less bother, even when you add in cleaning the girls up when they leave. Also the fondling and hugging that is part of being diapered, the wonderful smeel of baby powder are nice and diapered girls are of a quieter disposition and more pleasant to be around. You have no idea of how yummy a thick diaper feels between a girl's legs. I would wager that most mommies enjoy feeling the rubber panties, too, and look forward to every chance of that and the girls find rubber panties quite embarrassing, one does not wish to be thought a baby and the thick diaper between her legs, even though it feels scrumptious, makes it harder for a girl to cross them or keep them closed as tightly as she would like, so they are less show-offy. The rule is that you go when you get there and unless you have to do #2, you go before you leave or, preferably, not at all thereafter. Going twice is not unreasonable but 3 or more times is when there are 4 or 5 girls and three of them are doing that. Pre-fold, or any baby diaper for that matter, just do not fit girls over 4-1/2 well. You want a large diaper that holds quite a bit.

This does not even include girls who cannot hold it at all of any age or are in rubber chastizement. For us, this is doubly true, we have, aside from babies, Seven 4 to 7-1/2 year olds, 4 wetters and two girls in rubber who are wetters every day. The two rubber girls live here, one of the wetters lives here three of the 4 to 7-1/2 year olds live here. We also have two 12-16 year oslds who wet. One of them, Michelle, lives here.. We have only 5 bathrooms and a total of 30 people here in the afternoon. For us, a diaper that holds quite a bit of wet, fits many different sizes and is easy to use, is not an option: It is a must.

That all being true. we desinged our own and it has since become the stnadard D'Arielle childrens' diaper for ages 4 and up.



For the purposes of this writing, we are treating this as if we were making this for a grownup. It is the description of the diapers we use on 19-year-old Monica Rachel. For your little gir, just scale it to fit. We are using pre-folds for the basic material.


There are two kinds of pre-fold diaper. Heavy and light. Each makes a different kind of diaper and you want several of both kinds of diaper. Each uses four pre-fold diaper.

Attach the ends together where they meet to form a T

For the lighter diaper, you may wish to add a full width strip of diaper material down the center part.


It is a good bet that if your Little Girl is over 4 years old and still needs diapers and rubber panties. she will need them for quite a while. The T-diaper is designed as a "one-size-fits-many" and will fit her for 3 or 4 years. For the first one or two years, there will be quite a bit of overlap. Later on, that will change so that by the time she turns 9, the diapers will just about fit. Even if she does not need them, you will want a goodly number for chastizement purposes. Nothing cures a case of being proud in an 8 or 9 year old girl than being unable to close her legs above the knees in a short dress or better yet, a bablydoll. The same is true for a 14 or 15 year old who is starting to dress in a trollopy way. We have deomostrated the disadvantages of the rubber diaper, cloth diaper and rubber panties under an easily l ifted short skirt to a few of the bolder girls here from time to time. Also most of the girls here feel that the shorter the skirt the more of a baby you are since privileges and respect are in proportion to the length of the skirt.
  1. Lay the diaper out as in the above picture. the body of the T will be the part that goes between the legs and the crossbar will go across the hips.
  2. Lay Babygirl on the diaper and prepare her in the usual way. lotion and powder and, if she is a rubbber girl, the rubber diaper.
  3. Bring the diaper between her legs and the left and right ends around her hips so that the diaper fits snugly and will stay in place. You will find that there will be much overlap of the side pieces. This is all right. This diaper was made for several years of use and there will be less overage as Babygirl grows. This should be good for 5 or 6 years. As we use ours, a diaper may go on a 4 year old one day and a 7 year old the next. You have a large size range.
  4. Fasten the whole thing together with one pin at the center waist being sure the pin goes through all three layers to hold the diaper in plce.
  5. Put the rubber panties on over this, making certain that the diaper is completely covered.


There is an idea making the rounds that, to be able to go a longer time between changes, you put additional material along the center of the diaper between the legs. This is usually in the form of a piece of material that is folded multiple times to create multiple layers and is called a "soaker".

We all want to be able to go longer times between changes. A rubber girl wets more frequently than other wettters. She also wets more, too. Being in rubber seems to take "excess" water from her body and convert it to wet, leaving only what the person needs. When a rubber girl cries, it is usually tearless. Monica Rachel and Christine Daryleanne have to get up to wet about 3 times a night since we have yet to find a way to make a rubber diaper panty that lets one wet while laying down. In the case of rubber chastizement, this is a plus since it just adds more annoyance to the girl's life and makes her more aware of her deficiencies. At any rate, for time between needing a change, longer is better' especially at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME where we may have to chage as many as 15 or 20 a day. and most persons think the best way to do this is by a dipaer insert called a "diaper doubler".

Before the pre-folded diaper, when mommies folded their own. adding material layers was done by simply laying out two or three diapers and folding them as one. There was a good reason for this

Before rubber panties were made. diapers were made of thick material that was very absorbant, such as swaddling and all of that. Now things are different. Rubber panties put a waterproof barrier between the diaper and the outside world. This makes possible using many thin layers of materials like gauze or bird'seye. This lets the wetness pass to the inside of the rubber panty, where, since it can go no further, it spreads along the outermost layer of the cloth. This gets the wetness and irritating things away from baby very quickly. A diaper gets wet from the outsie to the inside. Further, the rubber diaper puts a waterproof layer between Babygirl and the diaper escept where it is designed to let the wet into the cloth diaper between the legs. Often when I put my hand between the cloth diaper and rubber one, the inside of the cloth diaper is quite damp but the outside of the rubber diaper is dry. I know that the rubber girl needs to be changed when the outside of the rubber diaper is wet. By placing a waterproof layer of material between Babygirl and the diaper that is being made wet from the outside in, rubber diapers keep wetness away from her longer, so you can have longer periods of time between diaper changes. The reason that we do not make all the girls who could, wear rubber diapers under the cloth ones is that it is so unpleasant and distracting that it is reserved for punishment and chastizement and the mommies of our visitors and those we take care of would not stand for it.

The other way that wetness moves along the diaper is by travelling along the threds of the weave. When a diaper is put on somebody, parts are folded and parts are flat. The flat parts, in front, back and along the sides spread the wetness out and make the cloth less wet per square inch.. A diaper doubler is folded and made thick. Two diapers use the same amount of material but make it flat. If you see this in real life, the diaper doubler is pretty well soaked while the diaper is still mostly dry. It is that soaked bundle of material that is pressed up between Baby's legs, holding wet up against her body. Two diapers worn as diapers spread the wet away from Baby and hold just as much as the diaper and diaper doubler. Baby wets, the wet goes through both dieapers to the rubber panty then spreads out along the area of the diaper that is against the rubber panty, travels along the weave then as more wet is added, it travels along the weave of the inner diaper. Now since this is a warm place from Baby's body heat, much of the wetness evaporates, with a diaper doubler, the wetness is trapped in many layers of mateial with nowhere to go so it just stays wet. So, instead of one layer and another piece of material just bunched up and staying wet, two layers that are pretty much spread out and flat take more wet away from baby. Therefore we prefer to use doubled diapers instead of diaper doublers.

As a rule we double-dipaer. You can easily go up to 8 hours between changes. The times we do single-diaper is if we are taking someone older than 5 and whose accidents are only occasional. Then we use either a heavy or light diaper. If the trip is under 3 hours, a light diaper will do otherwise a heavy diaper is in order and for over 5 hours, a havey diaper is used for anyone up to 10 years old and if she is over 8 years old she is told that she may use it but not wet more than twice but we would like it if she did not since it would show that she is a big girl.

Here is how we do it;

take two dipaers, a heavy one and a light one and lay them out as shown with the light one as the front and the between the legs part over the heavy one.

  1. Lay Little Girl on the two diapers and make her ready as usual.
  2. Pull the cross bars of the front T up between her legs and spread them around her hips, lifting her up to put them behind her
  3. Bring the center part of the rear diaper between her legs and each side around her hips as usual with one diaper. With a single pin fasten this all in the center front at or near the top of her waist.
  4. Now comes the best part. putting on the rubber patnies or pulling them up and arranging them
If you are diapering a good girl, you might want to put a satin liner under the diaper for some extra special feelings so that she gets smething good out of this. If a girl has been especially good, or is one of our Special Helpers, like Andrea Lynne, she is let to sleep with either Housemstress Sandra, me or both of us and this is what is put on her, with two pair of rubber panties over them and a scrumtious satin nightdress. She gets the yummy and I get to feel rubber panties or she can give herself the yummy by putting her hands down the front of her rubber panties between the two pair. She usually does this before we go to bed and I get to watch. Later on, usually after some sleep, I give her another yummy and we cuddle and fall asleep again. If she wishes she is allowed to wet the diaper if she feels the need. Sometimes Sandra's niece, Lisa Lynnette, who is 18 years old, becomes very sad because of something that happned about a year ago. To make her feel better, we dress her like this and take her to bed with us and cuddle and yummy her to make the sadness go away since we both love her dearly. Sometimes she is so sad that she needs a "Lisa's Special day" where she is dressed and let to be like a 3 year old girl for the whole day and is put in satin-lined diapers, to cheer her up. Just how long do you think Sandra and I can keep our hands off those rubber panties: Especially when it ends in Lisa-kisses and cuddles?

Whether put on singly or doubled up, this diaper is not shy about herself. You know you are wearing a diaper. Designed for practicality more than comfort, it does feel thick and makes her presence known. This can be reassuring or make a girl very aware that she is a baby and is treated as such. The doubled diaper especially so since she provide the thickness between the legs for that very full feeling and will stop a girl from closing or crossing her legs so it is quite easy to get between them. As part of rubber chastizement, since these are two whole diapers, they feel thick and press the rubber diaper under them more snugly against the little one's chastity area and especially between her little legs and on her flower where she feels things the most. All of this adds to the feeling of being helpess. Being thick they would not let much of the feeling that goes with being spanked get to Babygirl so spanking would be useless. That is why we have rubber diaper chastizement. In fact, they are so thick that you canot tell if the person is a boy or a girl unless you really press down very strongly.

Another nice thing about the T-diaper is that, unlike other diapers, which are cloth squares or rectangles and can be used for other things, this can only be used as a diaper so anyone seeing them knows that they are only diapers and the little girl who has them in her layette is a wetter, a baby and needs to wear rubber panties and Rubber Little Girl knows this and that it is just a matter of time befroe someone asks to see these rubber panties and that means the dress will be lifted and the person will want to feel the rubber panties as well: Tres adroable!

This last seems to violate our rule of getting as many uses out of things as we can. As I said before, diapers were just pieces of material and could be and were used for many things like washcloths/wipes, burping cloths and lap pads.That is true with babies, with whom we use ordiary diapers. In the case of girls 4 and over, This is not the case. We have so much need for diapers that we can use all the diapers we can get just as diapers and really do not benefit from having them do double or triple duty; you will not be burping 5 year old Linda and any 7 year old wetter who sits on my lap better get used to the idea of sitting on a rubber lap pad and my Rubber Nurse's rubber apron. Also, because of the way we diaper, flat or prefold diapers would be less useful as diapers.