Why is corporeal chastizement necessary and better; if it indeed is?
Well, it makes the Little Girl feel things that are umpleasant. When I was 12, I still feared a visit from the Rubber Fairy much more than not being allowed to stay over with Sandra for the weekend or not being allowed to have her over at my house for the weekend if that is what was scheduled. and my Mommy knew it. What is involved here is something called physical humiliation. I was being MADE to feel these things and also wet. The feelings were so intense and unpleasant that I, and anyone who gets rubber chastized, feels not only the unpleasant feelings and the humiliation of wetting and being "made a baby of" or "used for a dolly" but also there is the feeling of having been raped which is no small thing in itself.

And it does not have to be something horrible-feeling, either, it can bs something absolutely yummy. One night, when I had just turned 10, I was over at Sandra's and was going to sleep over. Sandra was already in her special undies. a thick satin covered diaper, satin panties and clear rubber panties but was still wearing her daytime dress. I was looking forward to what would soon be happening: Sandra's mother would dress me in the same underthings as Sandra, then we would both be put in our special babydolls that were satin inside and with a clear rubber overlay to encourage us to fondle each other and off to bed. Sandra's aunt Claudine had come over at around 7:30 and it was not quite 9 O'Clock. Aunt Claudine asked Sandra if she knew where the "fairy [a large bisque statue of a fairy]" was ans Snadra said "No". Sandra's mother went in Sandra's room and came out with the item and put it on the coffee table. Immediately after the the two of them grabbed Sandra and started tickling her until she was helpless. Then Aunt Claudine lifted Sandra's dress, scolded and lectured her about stealing and began rubbing her panties. Now if you have ever had satin rubbed on your chastity area, you know what scrumptious is. Well, Sandra started moaning and turned beet red. I knew what she was feeling and Aunt Claustine did it slowly, too, so it would take longer. When the especially good part came Aunt Claudine started kissing Sandra, who was now whimpering and sobbing, on the lips. Now this was not a wetsy, it was a yummy and Sandra and I did that all the time with each other and loved it. The difference is that Sandra was being made to get those feelings in front of eveyone, with her skirt lifted, and she did not want them but was helpless to avoid getting the feelings. I was just sooo embarrassed for her and that I had to be watching this that I wanted to just crawl away and die. After this was over, and Sandra lay there whimpering, I was told to go home (I lived next door) for which I was grateful and quick to do. Sandra did not speak to m e for almost a week, when I tried to kiss her a few times, she pulled away or pushed me away, and it was over a month before we could have a sleepover. In this case, what did it to Sandra was being made to have strong albeit yummy, feelings on her chastity area in front of everyone, especially her little sister, done against her wishes. This is still physical humiliation even though the feelings were scrumptious.

Let us compare these kinds of chatiszement and see which is better,

Both wetsy and spanking are done on the chastity area.
anything done to the chastity area carries with it a kind of humiliation that this most personal and private part of the body can be made to have feelings despite and especially against Little Girl's wishes

Both involve lifting the skirt and removing panties
How would you feel if someone lifted your skirt and pulled down or took off your panites?

Both are made worse when done in front of other persons.
How did or would you feel if you were being skirt-lifted and chastized in front of others? and it is worse if they are persons you especially like or hate beucause they are getting something out of it. When a girl I liked was being chastized in front of me, I felt ill at ease like I should not be there and when someone I hated was being chastized, I could not wait to tell the others in my class. But also there was an unsaid reminder that this could happen to me. When I was chastized in front of someone I liked it was made worse by the embarrassment and if it was someone I hated, I just knoew she was enjoying it. You could never really grasp how I would have just curled up and died if I were wetsied in front of my ballet or geography teacher, both of whom I adored. I can not think of anthing worse than having someone you like and want to feel like a big girl in front of, feeling sorry for you as you cry your little heart out. Or my spelling teacher, whom I hated and just knew that would tell all the other girls in class about what she saw: "Bridget, show the class how to spell 'rubber panties' and 'rubber diaper' like the ones I saw being put on you". And that miserable Lynnie Fontaine..."You should see how Bridget's mommy punishes her..." and the other girls would be there just eating it up.

Now, how are they different?

Spanking leave marks, Rubber does not

Spanking can be done for only so long, You can put your Little Girl in Rubber in one way or another as long as you wish. Let us say you want Little Girls in rubber for two days with some wetsies. As long as she is in rubber, she is getting some kind of feelings and she is more ready to get the really nasty feelings. With spanking, you have to start all over again. also, you can make each chastizement last as long as you wish. try spanking a Little Girl for more than 10 minutes. Now try making the wetsy part of a rubber chastizement that lasts for a half hour. and you enjoy it for the full duration, whether it is 1 minute or 1 hour. In fact I usually make it take long just so I can feel rubber even more. Of course, the fact that it makes the Little Girl more miserable, for longer and the wetsy at the end is far worse does not hurt matters much. Now does it?

Spanking always shows, rubber can be used invisibly, put under clothes that are not rubber and not show as well as being felt while it is not showing

Spanking is "episodic", if your Little Girl needs to be chastized several times in a day, with spanking you need to do the whole thing that many times and then it is over for the time being. With rubber, she is always ready to chastize and is being partially chastized even when you are not fondling or wetsying her. Mommies who switch to rubber report having to attend to their Little Gilrs behavior problems far less often because there are far fewer of them both because of the calming effect rubber has and becuase the Litte Girl knows that it is far less bothersome for Mommy to just lift her skrit and rub than to lift her skirt, pull down her panties (or not) and paddle her, or pull down her rubber panties, undo her diaper all of which she is less likely to do at any givien time and will tolerate more misbehavior before she acts on it. Rubber thus makes it true that Mommy will chastize with far less provocation and, she may even be looking for an excuse to feel Little Girl up. Little Girl learns all of this very quickly and is less likely to call Mommy's, Mistress', stepmother's and especially Rubber Nurse's (who is always looking for a reason to feel rubber) bluff. If I am in "a mood" I will look for a girl that I can put rubber on and wetsy just because I feel like it.

You need not tell the Little Girl she is being chastized, You can put rubber under her clothes and say "Now, I know you do not like this but I wnat to keep the inside of your clothes clean and rubber stops things from your little body from getting into the clothes", so you have the perfect reason to put rubber where she will feel it and she has no excuse to say "No". Stepmothers love this approach because they can make their Little Girl miserable: And for no good reason other than she will enjoy it, while doing the equivalent of saying "Who, me?"

Rubber is a feminine form of chastizement, because rubber is a femininie material. Spanking is more boyisn .

Rubber is also "Baby" because it involves wetting and baby things like rubber panties, diapers, rubber sheets and rubber nipples.

Rubber is more chastity related than spanking. Though both are done on the chastity area, rubber is used on the whole chatity area AND on the "flower" which is the most little girl part of the body

Becuase of thses three things and becuase it is used on the Little Girl's "flower" which is the part of her where she has the most feelings and the most feelings about her Little Girlness, Rubber is a purely Little Girl treatment so it chastizes the Little Girl as a Little Girl. In other words, if you are in rubber then you are a Little Girl and if you are a Little Girl then you ought to be in rubber. With one goes the other.

Spanking is bothersome by being both unchaste and more work than needed. If you keep your Little Girl thickly diapered, which you need to for humiliation and so you need change her much less often which saves work and ickiness, then to spank her so that she will feel it, you must pull down the rubber panties and undo and maybe remove the diapers which will uslally be wet if you are treating her properly so your hands will smell, too. With rubber all you need to do is just massage her between the legs

Rubber has "other things" that go with it. Every time your Little Girl sees a short dress, she will think of rubber. when she hears crying, whe will remember how she cried when she got rubber punished. If she is thinking of doing something unchaste, just the memory of rubber diapers will chase that away from her. When she smells the perfume of someone she is to obey, she will sort of feel the rubber that was used to train her and she will not care to invite that down on hersekf so she will do as she is told. Even the sound of her own name, if she is properly trained, will cause her to sit up and take notice. Most of our Little Girls do all they can to avoid being near rubber. If one is sitting on a sofa and I put a folded-up shower curtain or rain-cape theer, she will get up and sit elsewhere and will often go out of her way to avoid even saying "rubber" without goo reason, yet, if I give Little Christine to that very same girl, she will delight in feeling all over the Little part-Fairy's rubber clothes and getting under her skirts and a girl loves to feel her dolly;s rubber panties if she thinks we are not looking. Also rubber is so all-inclusive that there is a "rubber little girl style" of dressing, the shrot sleeves, the short, full, easily lifted skirts that always threaten to let the rubber panties show, the fact that the Little Girl's outer clothes are also rubber thus indicating what is under them and the "Rubber Little Girl Way of Life", the rubber bedclothes, sitting and layingo-down pads on chairs and couches, the rubber items left lying about where they may be seen and the smell all show the Rubber Little Girl for what she is.

spanking only hurts, while rubber does not hurt, it does things to the Little Girl that go a lot deeper, it involves her Little Girl-ness. This menas her name, her clothes, being "used as a dolly" and her feelings; especially the raped feeling that comes with the wetsy. or with a Fidget, the feeling that her clothes are raping her. Rubber chastizes her feelings of pride as much as her body. So rubber is a "whole Little Girl" chastizement.

Spanking only leave you with a sore hand, For Mommy, Mistress and especially Rubber Nurse, feeling the rubber on Little Gilr is yummy in itself

Spanking is just spanking, rubber treatment can take many forms and be made a part of the fmaily's daily activities.

Rubber can be used to teach. by being given wetsies when her name is being said, when she smells certain smells, under certain conditions, Little Girl learms that these things means something and she had better pay attention to them. If used in enough ways, rubber becomes part of her feelings about herself and she becomes a Rubber Little Girl. So rubber can become a way of life, spanking cannot.

What about BONDAGE

We all know the importaince of keeping your Little Girl still while chastizing her, although we like to see a Little Girl being chastized wriggle helplessly, or just to stop her from moving around excessively or, for smoe period of time, not letting her move much at all. Most of the time this is done with straps and other kinds of restraints. We do not believe in that. Rather than tying her, we prefer to restrict her movement to a very minimum. Rubber fits into that very well. First, for the Rubber Little Girl, whose little body is caressed almost all over by the material, excessive moving is not in her plans. In fact, she has to be made to exercize and she will try to avoid moving and having the material rub on her. Beyond that, whe have two other things, If you read about the Fairylet (Little Fairy Girl) you will know that she wears a rubber cape that is very see-through, glossy or both. This cape is made to button up the front for the purpose of confining her arms when she is bad. If you go to Aurore's Auctions and Fairy Capes, you will find that you can get capes like this from time to time. Then if you go to the Projects room, you can fix these capes so that the arm holes are closed. When this is done and the front is buttoned up, Little Girl cannot move her arms much. Further on in the Projet Room, you will learn how to make the Leg Tickler, The rubber leg swaddler. This restricts Babygirl's leg movement to a minimum. Between the two.You may also use the Rubber Pnaty cuff. Take an outgrown pair of her rubber panties and slide them up her arms with each of her hands through one of the leg openings. Rubber Little Girl's movement is restricted very well so you can do what you wish with her. The advantages are that this is being done by rubber and you needn't undo and redo holding straps and belts as well as letting her move enough so that you can keep her like this for a long time without damaging her joints. One thing you may do is get a long strip, about 18 by 3 inches of rubber, put Wetsygirl's hands behind her back and tie the ends around her wrists so that she can only move her arms as far as her sides. Or you can get some rubber gloves or mitteens and attach the ens of this strip of rubber to the wrists securely and when it is time to confine Baby, put her hands behind her and put the whole assembly on her hands. Our method of limiting Little Girl's movement, as well as being less destructive and cumbersome, is also much more feminine

So if you think we use rubber out of just being less severe or some maudlin thing like that, you are wrong. When you hear that we are "spank-free" it is becuase we have somthing much better and, for Little Girl, much worse. But we still brag about being spank-free anyway :giggle: