You often hear words like TV, TG, sissy, Little Girl and AB. Let's look at these in terms of what we are and are not

Beyond all of that, we are not fond of the terms "alternate", which sounds somehow unnatural or odd, "fetish" which sounds too mondo bizarro and self-consciously "kinky", and "lifestyle" which sounds too much like "religion". We do not use those terms in the body of this place. We just think if ourselves as persons who have certain, unique ways of doing things

TV-Transvestite: A person who dresses in clothes of the opposite sex. Mostly Male to Female and usually referring to underclothes and mostly for "jollies".

CD-Crossderesser: A person who dresses as the opposite sex in a more complete manner including outerwear.

TS-Transexual: A person who identifies with the opposite sex in a more throroughgoing way with some supporting pkhysiological data.

GENDER: The purely psychological component of sex-based behavior. It petains to the sociological subject of sex roles. It falls on a scake of masculine-feminine. Since the advent of "womens'lib" it has been viewed as stereotypical when in fact is is presented as pure and idealized forms. In some psychological systems, personality traits that are normal to both sexes are labelled as musculine or feminine in accordance with which sex they are stronger and evelauated in such tersts as the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, which measure such traits in relation to others by rank-ordering them according to the preferences of paired activities expressed by the test-taker.

TG-Trnasgender: A person whose identification with the opposite sex is psychological (learned and adopted with no physiological basis). A variant is the Androgyne, Bigender or 2G. This latter, unlike the true TG is about equally satisfied with having nearly equal amounts of both genders and does not feel "trapped in the wrong body" . The 2G is almost a spit personality with enough of each gender to create a "whole person". Not managed properly, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Manage properly, it can be an asset: Being understanding of the "opposite" gender. one can respond in a psychologically productive manner to persons of the opposite sex. The best management of the androgyne is to have two things understood during childhood, 1. it is all right to act in the manner of the other gender and be such under spcific conditions 2. that one's primary gender is based on physical sex and the needs of that must be met first.

SISSY: Not a true type becuase the term was usually assigned to a boy whe was "backward", a "fairyhopper" (pronounced in this area as "ferryhopper") or did not indulge in the more boyish things or found them distasteful. He was identified as a litle girl, not for the characteristics that he had, but for those that he lacked. In fact, it seems the case that the girls liked him less and tormented him more verbally vicously than the boys did. Many adult Little Girls just accept that term because that iw what they know since that was the term used "back in the day" but they have an active feminine persona and therefore do not fit the pattern. "sissy" is mostly part of the "FemDom" world that seems to have gotten away from it and acquired a "life" of its own. The way this group has come to overshadow and become confused with Little Girl in the AB/DL world over the past dozen years is appalling

AB-Adult Baby: The umbrella group for those acting at a much younger age; from infancy to about 14. Much of the identificaion of AB concerns diapers, waterproof pants, bottles, pacifiers and wetting/messing at an age where such things are long gone (4 or older). Generally, the categories are
Infant: Up to age 2
Toddler: 2 to 4
Pre-schooler: 4 to 6
Grade Schooler: 1st to 8th grade
LG-Little Girl: Any of the above but either a TG, 2G or biolgical female.
VLG-Very Little Girl: A Little Girl aged 4 to 6; What makes this important is that she sometimes has some "baby" thins that most pre-schoolers do not ordinarily have: she cries more and more easily, and is prone to wetting accidents more and often is kept in diapers and rubber panties all the time even at age 5 (which is why diapers and rubber panties are girlish), She is also cuter and more lovable. She also has "chastity" concerns- things like her panties showing and is punished differently from the usual pre-schooler. Some of this extends beyond the 4-6 age range, but at that age range are part of her learing what it means to be a Little Girl. RLG-Real Little Gil: An underage biological girl, particularly aged 3 to 13. NOT ALLOWED HERE
Sissy: An inexact term used to describe and accepted by Little Girls as a result of the general use of the term in the description above, but in fact, not really true becuase the LG has a distinct to very pronounced feminine turn of personality rather than being just a case of anemic masculinity

FemDom-Female Domination: The state of affairs where there are males whose lives are run by women. There is no gender shift in that the men retain their gender. Has some association with Sado-Masochism and Sissy

DL-Diaper Lover: A person who enjoys wearing or wearing and using diapers but not as a Baby or Child.

RUBBER: The smooth, waterproof material of which baby panties are made as a generic identification. More specifically in the AB/LG contest, the material used to humiliate, discipline or chastize the persons by her being made to wear it on her body and her "chastity area" and also wear it where it shows so persons can tell she is a Rubber Little Girl.
PINK and BLONDE: Gender specific and exclsuively so, with that gender being feminine. No matter who you are, you are "her" and "she" in all languages

FRNECH-A way of life that is very feminine and ladylike. Speech is very gracious and formal. There is a strong "pecking order" with grownup ladies at the top and the littlest of Little Girls at the bottom. Growups are obeyed. Good Little Girls are loved and cherished, Bad Little Girls are humiliated and chastized as a way of life. Becuase this is a ladylike way of life, spanking is forbidden; instead Little Girls are Humuliated (made to feel like they are worthless and insignificat), Chastized (treated in a way that makes their little bodies feel strong, unpleasant things) and Disciplined (live in a constant state of affairs where they will be Humiliated or Disciplined for whatever reasons the grownups see fit). We feel that we have the right to make Little Girl feel the unpleasant things on any part of her body that we wish, including and ESPECIALLY her chastity area. This is becuase that part of her body is where Little Girl feels things most, has the most of the "Little Girl" feeling about herself, where she wets and the part of her body where Little Girl struggles the most to keep from being touched without her permission. So that is the best place to chastize her. Becuase part of the ladylike way of life includes clothes and materials of which clothes and beddings are made. Because of the unpleasant feelings that rubber can be used to make Little Girls feel, rubber is a definitive part of the French way of life.


MOMMY: A lady who enjoys taking care of her little girl and giving her all kinds of nice things

MISTRESS: A lady who enjoys making her Little Girl do as she tells her

GOVERNESS, NANNY or NURSE: a lady who takes care of a Little Girl but not as a family member.

BABYMINDER: A girl aged 13 to 19 who takes care of a Little Gril

STEPMOTHER: A lady who has a Little Girl whome she enjoys disciplining, chastizing or doing other things to make unhappy. She loves to hear the little one cry and says that she does this so that the Little Girl keeps her place

RUBBER NURSE, RUBBER MISTRESS: a lady who enjoys feeling rubber and uses it on the Little Girl every chance she gets and will often make up excuses.

HOUSMISTRESS, HOUSEMOTHER, HEADMISTRESS: A lady who runs a girls' hime like ours


We are a Pink and Blonde Retro French Little Girl place with some Rubber/AB aspects; punsuhment and chastizement, mostly in the form of diapers and the fact that some of us are "little" and some of us are "grownups". We are not really TV, TS, DL. We are not sissy and, in an area that is dominatied by sissy, proud of not being sissy. We are distincly feminine although all are welcome to come, To be welcome to stay, you must be willing to be thought of as a girl. This means that you should have a girl's name here and that you accept the manner of dress as a girl and that this is a totally and exclusively feminine setting. For example, our identification of Fairy is a distincly feminine people and all are girls, not the twisted meaning that has come over the last 6+ decades. As far as sexual orientation goes here, we have no barriers save those that are inherent in the Rubber Little Girl waly of life. I suspect that homosexual males will do least well here as wil; those who favor disposable diapers and DL since we stress cloth and rubber diapers with "rubber" panties and in a "little" setting. How CD's will fare here is unclear since they are more into the feminine clothes than a feminine way of life and much of the CD literature seems to be about boys being turned into girls; here we identify as girls and ladies who were always that way. For that reason also, FEMDOMS and SISSIES (at least as portrayed by what I have seen) probably will not find anything of interest here Heterosexual TG/2G and Lesbians (I hate that word, is is so unfeminine) who are not butch will do best here. All are welcome to join and stay if they behave as properly ladylike.