Living in a family is the best way to raise little girl. So we are as much like a family as can be. Like all families we have things that are unique to us. As with all families, we often have to get at the more intimate parts of our Little Girls' bodies both as a matter of course and for chastizement. Just about every form of physical chastizement; that is, chastizement that is felt on the body of a little one, involves lifting or gettin under her skirts. This is necessary because chastizement must involve being humiliated by being shown that the grownup can get at any part of your body she wishes and felt strongly so that you cannot get away from it. and strongly enough to be unpleasant so that you do not want any more and it makes you cry. Becuase we seek to be a very feminine place, we feel that spanking is wrong, but a girl still needs to feel any chastizement on her body, which means under her dress or skirt. For this, we use Rubber Chastizement. Because rubber chastizement is not widely done, it is not well understood since it is not an everyday thing for most people,Therefore, while we makes use of common words, we do so in a special way. Here is where you find how those werds are used to describe very intimate subjects in a ladylike way.

This includesFRENCH, SWEDISH and FAIRY DICTIONARIES for describing rubber and rubber chastizement.

NURSE: A lady who takes care of children.In the D'Arielle way of life, this is an official title and refers to the special dutuis of that Nursse. They are; Rubber Nurse, Chastity Nurse, Exercize Nurse and Discipline Nurse. A lady can be more than one kind of nurse. At RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, I am Rubber Nurse and Discipline Nurse and a pretty good Chastity Nurse. Chastity Nurse Tina Monique is a Rubber Nurse. Housemistress Sandra Lynelle is also a very good Rubber Nurse and Discipline Nurse since I taught her almost all of what I know and Rubber Fairy also tutored her. Many a little miscreant found out just what you get if you challenage her abilities. All the ladies here are better than average at the three basic kinds of D'Arielle nursing: Rubber, Discipline and Chastity since those are all vital skills for taking care of the girls here and are part of the training for teachers at our girls' schools as well: Do not be fooled by Ballet Teacher Lynette's soft voice or tendency to confort; she can have you in rubber diapers in a heartbeat -- and it gets worse from there

CHASTITY: Feeling safe that no one will lift your skirts and especially feel your underthings or right on that part of you. Also the sense of pride in not being a trollop that comes with that feeling of security and deciding who may see or feel your underthings espeiclally your panties, since they are right on the Chastity Area

CHASTITY AREA: Sometimes called the panty or diaper area because it is the place where the panties or diaper goes. It feels things very much more than other parts of the body. When I went to Rubber Nursing School, I spent one whole semester studying the areas of the body and how they feel different materials. Most "feely" parts of the body: knees, upper thighs, tummy, nipples and chastityy area feel things in different ways. Of all the materials we learned about, only rubber gives a feeling strong enough to be unpleasant. Also because it is involved in wetting and being treated as a baby and a few other things, rubber used on the chastity area gives another feeling when it is rubbed on that part of the body that can only be described as rape and also it gives feelings about being mistreated as a girl. The chastity area is traditionallyused in all forms of punishment or chastizement that involve humiliation like spanking or sometimes just having it made visible and is why we like our dresses andskirts to be "decent" and hate to wear very short skirts or babydolls, which are only halfway to the knee. Even for persons who love each other, getting used to having the chastity area touched takes time and patience. There are 3 parts that were given special names by the Fairies. Each gives different feelings when rubber both feelings and what you feel about yourself and how you feel about being a girl. So important is the chastity area that we spent the lest month of the class just on that part of the body
The three parts of the Chastity Area are:

Even when it is not being rubbed specifically, if the rubber diaper is under some moderately snug, thick diapers, it is pressing and rubbing on all of the Chastity Area and giving little bits of the wetsy feling. this is often called "pre-chastizement" or "en fleurette" and when the full chastizement comes, it makes the feelings much stronger than if one were just rubbeed right after being rubber-diapered. Also another form of humiliation is being made to kiss the Chastity Area of another who is in thick satin-covered diapers. It is added to by the fact that the other person is enjoying it. Just as the fact that a person using rubber on you is enjoying the feel of it in her hands while you are getting the horrid feelings. A big plus is that it helps teach chastity (keeping your skirts down and your legs closed) and is part of what we do with a girl from the time she is four until she turns eight, or, if she has not learned, twelve. Now all of this is quite the opposite with satin instead of rubber; especially Fairy satin which feels like woven pearl, and with a person you love and you are both wearing rubber over the satin. Sandra and I have been doing that since we were nine and it is soooooo scrumptious, Done with satin, it is called a yummy

(to be) CHASTE or HAVE CHASTITY: To be dressed in such a way that your panties do not show or to be properly trained in keeping your skirts down or carrying yurself in such a way that your underthings have no chance of showing. Being in control of who sees or touches your underthngs

CHASTITY TRAINING: How a girl learns to have chastity or be chaste

CHASTITY LENGHT: of a skirt; long enough to completely cover the panties. Generally starting at halfway to the knee

CHASTITY NURSE: a lady who sees to it that Little Girls learn to have chastity; keeping their skirts down and their legsw closed, usually by usinhg rubber as part of special lessons or as chastizement for failing to keep one's skirts down or one's legs closed

CHASTITY SLIP: A long full circle slip, from just under the nipples to a bit past the knee that is used with girls over 4 who are still in diapers if they must be changed in front of persons so that whoever is there does not see the parts of changing where there is nothing on the Chastity Area. If we are changing a good little girl, no part of the changing is let to show. For rubber girls, we let persons see the rubber panties being pulled down and unsnapped and the diaper unpinned and made ready to be taken off, then we put the Chastity slip, , made of rubber, down then lifted up again after the first part of the fresh diaper is in place so that persons can see the rest of the diape being pulled between the girl's legs and pinned, often getting a good look at the rubber diaper underneath, and the rubber panties being put in place one at a time. Also, when the rubber diaper is being slid under the chastity slip to be put in place, people know what is going on and as the rubber diaper is put in place, what they hear tells them all they need to knw and they can imagine what is happening: The "sshhhss"ing, screaming, whimpering and whining, the sound of the rubber diaper being snapped or otherwise fastend in place and they can see the squirming and wrigglin around. I usually do not need a chastity slip with a good girl as I can sit her on my lap and change her in an unobtrusive way so that she need not be humiliated

CHASTITY PAD: The long, namrrow pad that is part of bedding. it is put between two girls who are sleeping in the same bad to keep them from having their Chastity Areas touching or so they will not see and think about each othere's Chastity Area. It is covered with rubber so that the girl's will not want it agains their bodies. For married persons, it is covered in satin

CHASTITY PROUD: What a girl is said to be if she refuses to let those who should be allowed to lift her skirts, and see and feel her underthings, usually the grownups and older girls, do so. "Not letting Husemistress, Nursie or Tara Rochelle see or feel her underthings marked Tina Marilyn as being chatity proud for which she got a week in a rubber diaper and rubber babydolls". Also SKIRT PROUD; although this latter is also referred to when a girl is let to wear longer skirts as part of a change in status and she behaves in a proud fashion. For this she is put back in the skirts approppriate to her former status under which is a rubber slip that is long enough to just peek out from under the hem and often a rubber diaper. This condition usually lasts only about a week as part of her natural elation at being recognized as one of the "big girls' and is tolerated. Any longer and it is a sign of incipient waywardness, which earns the chastizement described above

RUBBER: The smooth or stretchy and smooth material of which baby bedding and panties, rain clothes, shower curtains and the capes for Fairy little girls are made. It can be anything from very opaque to very see through. Also called BABY RUBBER, BABY MATERIAL, WETSY MATERIAL, FRENCH SATIN or named after the little girl that it is being put on like CHRISSIE or LINDA such as a Chrissie diaper or Linda panties. All these names come from Little Girls who did not want to say "rubber" becuase they felt that if they mentioned it too much, it would be put on them' and they are right. Anything distasteful, nasty or unpleasant

RUBBER LITTLE GIRL: A Little Girl who is kept so that she only feels rubber on her little body

RUBBER RUFFLES GIRL: A Rubber Little Girl all of whose clothes are rubber so that it can be seen that she is in rubber

RAINFLOWER GIRL: a Rubber Ruffles Girl. From Fairy due to the fact that rubber comes from the Rainflowr Tree, either made from the sap or the petals of the huge flowers. It is called the "Rainflower Tree because ita blooms during and shortly after it rains

RUBBER NURSE: The title for a lady who cares for rubber thigs, puts them on a Little Girl or does the cdhatizements that use rubber, such as rubbing or giving wetsies

RUBBER NAME: A name the sound of which reminds one of the feeling of rubber. Several rubber names; Christine, Linda, Bridget, Sandra, Lynne, Alicia, Tina, Michellle, Rachel Glenda and Brenda. Generally names that end in a, cia, nd(r)a, anne, enne, elle, ella or the like. Fairy names also tend to be rubber names


WETSY: the results of massaging the chastity area and especially the flower with rubber. That means a strong, unpleasant feeling that goes through the body in waves like a flower folding and unfolding its petals (which is why that part of the body is called the "flower", having the body twitch, wriggle and jump around uncontrollably and wetting. This gives the person being wetsied feels raped and sorry for herself. To wet. To make this happen to another. Anything umpleasant or nasty.

NIPPLE WETSY: Massaging or having the nipples massaged wtith rubber. So called becuase much of the same thing that happens to the flower happens with the nipple: It gets firm and very "feely"-y and the person's body jumps around by itself and the feeling on the nipple is much the same as on the flower. This can be done to each nipple independently and you can go back and forth between the nipples for just ever to make it last longer. The only things that do not happen is that there is no wet from the nipples and the person does not lose her rubber-feeling. This is a very good "warm up" for the flower massage and also makes rubber chastizement last longer and feel worse when the flower-wetsy comes. A big difference between the nipple wetsy and the flower wetsy is that while the nipple wetsy is not quite as strongly felt, it is felt only on the upper part of the body whereas the flower wetsy is felt all over the body. Also you can give nipple wetsies for just ever by alternating the nipples that you massage with the rubber every three minutes or so and you can alternate that with rubbing the tummy, thighs, hips and bottom. You can keep this up for as long as you want before you do the flower.

LITTLE WETSY: a Nipple Wetsy, It is called "Little" becuase it is not quite as strongly felt nor does the body wriggle as violently as with a flower wetsy nor is there any wetting and it is a bit less severe but since it feels so much like a wetsy and the body jumps around by itself it is called a wetsy.

BIG WETSY: the flower wetsy.

BETWEEN THE LEGS MONSTER (Little Girl talk) FRENCH PACIFIER (Frnech; becuase when it is used on a Little Girl, she becomes quiet and more obedient), SWEDISH WEDGIE (Swedish) and BABYDOLL'S CARESS (Fairy): Any thick padding or thickly padded item like a thick, many-layered diaper or bunching of material between the legs the prupose of which is to create feelings or prevent the legs from being crossed above the knees. As part of our special treatment, this is usally either covered with rubber in the case of the Discipline or Chastizement pad or is put over a rubber diaper that is made in such a way as to let the wet get into the cloth diaper. This not only gives the thick feeling between the legs and stops them from closing above the knees, but it also holds the rubber snugly agains the flonwer ensuring that this part of the body is being massaged when the Little Girl moves

FEELINGS: All the feelings that rubber has to do wit.

All of these feelings are normal and good, Having satin rubbed on your flower by someone you like is just sooo yummy. The Chastity feeling that comes with wearing a long dress is just sooo cozy and nice and there is no raped feeling and I love the tiara feelings; the caress of her band and the gentle weight. Rubber treatment changes them into unpleasant and unpleasanty strong to the point of distracting and making you unable to think of or have any other feeling: As one little girl said they "eat you up" and another said she felt like she was "being used as a dolly". An example of how rubber affects the feelings is the Chastity feeling; if persons think you have rubber panties under your dress, you just know they would like to lift your skirts and maybe feel them, then they will feel more and more and soon you will have the wetsy. With rubber, most of these feelings are best described and "creepy"

MAKE HAVE FEELINGS: fondle a person who is in rubber to give her the feelings, It is said to "make have" meaning that feelings are the proper business of the person getting the feelings and that you are giving them to her against what she wants

FEELIES, or GET FEELIES: the scrumptiously wonderful feeling that some ladies get from feeling rubber with their hands and the oh-so-special feelings that go awith thses feelings at the fact that the Little Girl is miserably sobbing or crying from this treatment. The proper lady will enjoy both giving FEELINGS and getting FEELIES. Also involved is the enjoyment of getting under or lifting her skirt, making her have feelings that she hates and having her helpless to do anything about it

SCRUPMSHIE(S)(from scrumptious): FEELIES and FEELINGS that are just soooo yummy. Fonlding rubber panties is called "getting Scurmpshies". Also fondling a satin dress is getting Scrumpshies. If the dress is on a person and she enjoys having the dress rub on her body then she is als getting a Scrumpshie. If this fondling is done with her permission then she is 'gving Scrumpshies" and you are giving her a scrumpshie. When I go to bed with Sandra Lynelle and we wear satin nightdresses with rubber over them and we are caressing, since we are each feeling the rubber overdress we are getting Scrumpshies and since we are also feeling the satin on our bodies we are also getting different kinds of scrumpshies and since we are giving each other permission to to this we are giving each other Scrumpshies.


Humiliation comes in basically three kinds: Generally speaking, Personal Humilation is more a condition than a feeling or behavior.

Sometimes a thing can be more than one kind of humukilation. For instance, we have a kind of wetsy called Fidget, This as well as some kinds of French Spanking use two kinds. With Fidget the girl is dressed and set up in such a way that she wriggles helplessly (Behavioral Humiliation) into one of the most horrible wetsies just ever (Physical Humiliation). Some kinds of French Spanking begin as usual but Nursie just keeps rubbing the girl's bottom (Physical Humiliation), which makes her wriggle about helplessly (Behavioral Humiliation) and she has a horrible wetsy (back to Physical Humiliation). There is also Personal Humiliation as she is seen with either her skirt lifted and her rubber panties showing or with Nursie's hand up her skirt and there is always the distinctive sound of her rubber panties being massaged and that Nursie is enjoying feeling them ans well as the girl's discomfort and humiliation. If I did this to get "jollies" I would put satin on the girl's chastity area so that she would enjoy this. Besides, I get plenty of those with Sandra and neither need or want them from anyone else.

And it does not have to be something horrible-feeling, either, it can bs something absolutely yummy. One night, when I had just turned 10, I was over at Sandra's and was going to sleep over. Sandra was already in her special undies. a thick satin covered diaper, satin panties and clear rubber panties but was still wearing her daytime dress. I was looking forward to what would soon be happening: Sandra's mother would dress me in the same underthings as Sandra, then we would both be put in our special babydolls that were satin inside and with a clear rubber overlay to encourage us to fondle each other and off to bed. Sandra's aunt Claudine and two younger cousins; Michelle and Suzanne had come over at around 7:30 and it was not quite quarter to nine. Also there was Stella, Sandra's little sister. Aunt Claudine asked Sandra if she knew where the "fairy [a large bisque statue of a fairy]" was and Snadra said "No". Sandra's mother went in Sandra's room and came out with the item and put it on the coffee table. Immediately after that the two grownups grabbed Sandra and started tickling and scolding and lecturing her about stealing and lying, until she was helpless. Then Aunt Claudine lifted Sandra's dress, and began rubbing her panties. Now if you have ever had satin rubbed on your chastity area, you know what scrumptious is and Auntie Claudine knew it, too. She started softly commenting on how she loved to feel the rubber over-panty and how scrumptious the satin rubbing on Sandra's chastity area must feel and how Sandra must be enjoyintg it, all of which was no doubt true and eating Sandra up because she could not control it or make it stop: This in front of Stella, the two cousins and me. Well, Sandra started moaning and turned beet red. I knew what she was feeling and Aunt Claustine did it slowly, too, so it would take longer and kept teasing Sandra about how helpless she was and in front of just everyone, epsecially "your little girlfriend". When the especially good part came Aunt Claudine started kissing Sandra, who was now whimpering and sobbing, on the lips. Now this was not a wetsy, it was a yummy and Sandra and I did that all the time with each other and loved it. The difference is that Sandra was being made to get those feelings in front of eveyone, with her skirt lifted, and she did not want them but was helpless to avoid getting the feelings. I was just sooo embarrassed for her and that I had to be watching this that I wanted to just crawl away and die. After this was over, and Sandra lay there quivering and sobbing, I was told to go home (I lived next door) for which I was grateful and quick to do. In some ways, this was worse than if it was done with rubber because it felt so good but was being done by someone other than whom you were willing to let do it as well as having everyone see that it did feel just sooooo scrumptious. Sandra did not speak to me for almost a week, when I tried to kiss her a few times, she pulled away or pushed me away, and it was over two weeks before we could have a sleepover. Then one day she came into my house and my room, sat on the bed next to me and burst into tears, blubbering about how she was so embarrassed to be near me and hating herself for that because she loved me so much. I started crying then we hugged each other and when she kissed me, I know she was well again. In this case, what did it to Sandra was being made to have strong albeit yummy, feelings on her chastity area in front of everyone, especially her little sister and me, done against her wishes. This is still physical humiliation even though the feelings were scrumptious.

As I said before, the chastity area is the most important part of the body used fot this kind of thing. All forms of physical chastizement end up there First it feels things the most. and using other parts of the body like the nipples or tummy are part of getting ready to do something to the chastity area itself: The "little wetsy" on the nipples is a promise of a big wetsy on the flower. Part of being so extra-feely is that some of these feelings may be so strong as to be unpleasant by themselves in which the person says the feelings "eat me up", are unpleasantly distracting and make her think about her chastity area or make her lose control of her body like a baby: "Take me away from myself and give me to [whoever is doing this to her]". Second, it is the most private and intimate part of the body where persons should not be allowed to feel unless one is a special person and only in private. If one is allowed to see or feel it then the girl who goes along with this is a trollop. If it is done successfully against her will, then she is helpless and either a baby or raped, even if the feelings are scrumptious. Third it is the part that makes one have the most feelings about being a girl. One's panties are on the chastity area. Wetting happens there and makes one a baby as well, which brings up the matter of rubber panties, diapers and rubber under the diaper being put righ on the chastity area and flower. Rubber gives too-strong feelings on the chastity area and many persons like to feel rubber with their hands, which leads to all kinds of fun. The "D'Arielle Diaper"; a rubber diaper under a baby diaper with rubber panties over that is just sooo right for this kind of thing since the person who is feeling the rubber panties likes that sooo much and the person wearing this is getting rubber feelings on her chastity area that are getting stronger and stronger and will end in something horrid and she will wet like a baby. Short skirts and babydolls put one in a situation where persons might see or get at your chastity area, rubber is especially good for this because it is felt most strongly of all materials and goes with being a baby. So a short rubber dress and especially a rubber babydoll, with the rubber diaper are just sooooo right for this and being made to smell like dried wet are part of rubber and wetting so I guess that it is not an accident that "chastity" and "chastizement" are very close words. In The Rubber Little Girl Treausry I explain that this happened to me when I was about 3 and even though I did not understand what being a girl was, I felt that something so nasty had been done to me that I hated that person whom I so loved before for just ever, no matter how she apologized and said it was an accident. It was a very personal feeling that I did not understand. With little boys and those who still spank, the chastity area is the part that is spanked ofthen with the underthings exposed or pulled downto just to add to it. So the chastity area is very much a part of humliation of all three kinds and usually all at once, which is why most parents and those who take care of little onces use it in the main kinds of chastizements and punishments.


As you see, Pre-chastizement can and should be a vital part of a Little Girls's world, whether it is putting the rubber on her well before the wetsy you know you will make her have or dressing her for bed right after supper knowing you will put her to bed early or even just those very short skirts that you keep her in to make her know how easily her chastity area can be gotten at. Make it part of your Little Girl's regiment.

KEPT (DRY or WET): Refers to diapering: How often the little one is changed, the thickness of her diapers and showiness of her rubber patnies, the amount of rubber that is used as a result of letting her be wet longer, how she feels and things like that.
KEPT DRY: Little Girl is changed more often and cared for more lovingly. This is not really part of chastizement
KEPT WET: Little Girl is changed far less often and treated with real disregard for her feelings: In fact, the more unhappy she is, the better. Rubber Little Girls are usually KEPT WET.
The biggest difference is that Little Babygirl is let to get a bit smelly so that it is clear that she is wet. The next is the length of her skirts/dresses. They are usually "a little short for her age", seldome longer than 2/3 to the knee and usually halfway and often she is in a babydoll. The material is either rubber or cloth with rubber under it and the rubber slip is leat to show by about an inch. she also has 3 or sometimes 4 rubber panties. The reason that is given for all these rubber panties and the visible rubber slip is that "She is a heavy wetter and I wnat her to keep her wet to herself and not get it all over everything and I do not have the time to change her as much as she should be changed so I do the best I can". However, a bad girl, still let to smell and in the baby dresses can be diapered thinly just to have an excuse to change her more, often in front of other ladies. A girl who is KEPT DRY is usually put in longer skirts and dresses so that there is less of a chance that her rubber panties will show. Finally, a girl who is KEPT WET is very quiet from being lethargic, and moves around much less since she is feeling things (rubber) very strongly and does not want to, is very aware that if she moves the wrong way her rubber panties will show and invite feelies from other girls and ladies and she is often sulking

_SKIRTING: What you do about the Little Girl's skirts to get at her rubber panties to rub or feel her panties. Because the skirt is a necessary and definitive part of being a girl and many of our chastizements are directed at the girl-feelings or to cause other feelings, we have "skirt" words: KINDS OF WETSIES: There are many of these and we go into great detail in The Rubber Little Girl Treasury. These are just a few: