This is something we got from the Fairies

There are times when two girls are having a disupute that they will not settle peacefully. We do not wish to be involved in every little quarrel that goes on so after we make a suggestion or two, we tell them to either agree on something or else they can settle it in rubber babydolls. This is something I learned in Fairy Rubber Nursing school and means that they will have to settle it by one giving the other a rubber wetsy. If that is the case then this is what happens

in the late afternoon, we all gather in the chastizement room that is about 15x12, the chastizement bed is pushed against one of the walls to get it out of the way, a large mat, about 8x8 is put on the floor and covered with a big rubber sheet. Because the room smells like dried wet, it is the perfect place for this since the smell makes the "wetting" idea stronger

The two girls are dressed in rubber babydolls; one is in pink and the other in white with tw rubber panties underneath the rubber babydoll panty. The two girls are laid down in opposite corners and then when I say to go, they start. The object is for one to pin the other on the mat, and wetsy her.

There are certain rules that must be followed. If a girl breaks any of the rules, she is to forfeit and the other is let to wetsy her right then and there and she gets rubber chastizement for 3 days.during which time she must wear the rubber babydoll.

The rules are:

This can take longer than one might think: about 20 or 30 minutes: The shortest one was about 10 and that is because the loser was quite new here and really did not know her way around and the girl she was having a quarrel with, Andrea Lynne, was more experienced and may have started the quarrel just to get to wetsy her. Since both girls have rubber right on their bodies and are on a rubber sheet, they move rather slowly and lethargically to kepp the amount of feeling to a minimum, the girls cannot stand and walk but must knee-walk, crab-walk or crawl on the rubber sheet that covers the mat they are on and, knowing the outcome, each is very cautious and does not want to make the first mistake which often turns out to be the last. Also, because of this, size and age do not count for as much as experience and knowledge, which makes it more fair. In one not uncommon case, 8-year-old Andrea Lynne bested 12-year-old Denise Rochelle who was also significantly bigger. The older girl had Andrea down and was kneeling over her with her legs clamping Andrea's closed just above the knee to limit the amount of movement the younger girl would have. As she was trying to put both of Andrea's hands in one of her own. Andrea got her left hand free and got it under Denise's babydoll and on her panties and got between the older girl's legs where she started rubbing. Very shortly after that, She was able to lift herself enough to start kissing Denise on the lips. In a few seconds the 12 year old was quite helpless on her back, screaming and wriggling frantically with her babydoll dress up and babydoll panties down around her lower thighs and Andrea Lynne's hand clearly visible between her legs; in front of everybody, too. As you can see, it is something to avoid participating in if you can and usually only happens about 4 or 5 times a year.It is for that reason that we chose this as the final way to settle disputes