What is new, what is being planned and what would we like you to hear about? You need to know what is happening at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRS' HOME. Consider this a kind of ongoing blog (did they not make a movie about that once: The Blog? Please Stepmommy, do not lift my skirt, take my panties off and make me wear rubber panties with nothing under them. I will be a good girl and not tell that joke again: I promise. Stepmommy...)


We have officially adobpted the HUG YOUR DOLLY DAY" custom as part of the D'Arielle way of life and streamiline the process of using it in the DOLLY ROOM

29. Copied the picture frames and Tiara Lines/item separators from LITTLE cHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE to Here (Graphic Arts and the Tiara Club room)

NOTE: Over the course of the first half of 2014, Christine's "About Me", which has gradually changed into the "Daily Diapers Annex of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME" and named LITTLE CHRISTINE'S DOLLHOUSE, has acquired features not found in the main "campus" like some arts and crafts and "access to THOUSANDS of LG-related images". If you have not been there DO VISIT IT SOON

22. We have begoun the process of 'weaving". This is a part of Virtual Reality where we take relevant threads in the fourm and put the links to them in the areas where that topic is discussed, like Dolly, Tiaras and the Fairies

23. it appears that Comco panties have gone away for keeps. We have deleted their reviews from our Product Reviews abd added Adult Cloth Diaper's LeakMaster Deluxe heavyweight panites in their place. Also, I have found that many things I have said that were true when Windows XP was current are no longer true. this meant that certain applications, like Gallery Wizard, Adudio Shell and GIFAnimator are totally or partial incompatible and do not work. As a result, I have had to update other pages in the Reviews section

19. The new, slimmer, better FariyWand is ready. slimmed down from 135 to 96 MB with updated Windows 7 compatible web album maker and aniGif maker and access to thousands of top-quality freeware in over 20 categories. it features over a dozen setups with which a near-newbie can set up a website with a first class link page and advanced-looking features that will make your friends say "I did not know you were even close to that good" See more

NOTE: It appears that Comco has stopped selling rubber panties

19. updating and streamlining FairyWand to be compatible with post-XP Operating System as well as XP. Also some deletes, Like DVDVideosoft since it started putting crapware with no option to refuse, and new things, like a drawing/photo editor and image-mapping programs

JUNE '13
7. Added RUBBER SHEETS (Babykins & A. C. Medical to the Product Reviews

31. Rubber Fairy Tarilyn has graciously put in Fairyland, the story of the first Lady Rubber and how it all started and why it is called "rubber"

JUNE '12
22. Deleted all "Always' Diapered" material as it appears to be gone for good and all
8. Over the past 3 months Christine has gotten "Account Suspended" notices without any explanation from Always Diapered. The situation usually goes away after 1-1/2 to 3 days. She got one in late May and the situation has not cleared up yet. I suspect that it has to do with the site itself. Shortly before that notice, the owner said they were going to do a lot of work. We will give it until the 20th of this month. if it has not cleared up, we will presume that they are gone for good and all and will remove the links to there and all material about there


15. Made ALWAYS DIAPERED part of our social framework. Go and join


25. At ALWAYS DIAPERED we have a RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME Group. MORE This will become an integral part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME When ALWAYS DIAPERED goes off probationary Status, hopefull, within a month's time. This functions almost like a Yahoo group with access to the full set of AD features as well as the group features. One good thing is that the DISCUSSION can be broken down into independent sub-discussions. Membership is by approval


A new ABDL social network is being put up called Always Diapered.It has many of the features of DIAPERBOOK, especially groups, with none of the disadvantage. It is not yet stable and could use some more link capability in discussion pages. I hope to list it in April after it has been stable (reliable uptime) for two months. Still, if you want an advance look at it GO HERE

24. Added the Babykins Kins Rubber Panty to the Product Review list


8. There is an up-and-coming social network that is in beta mode so it is a bit unstable, ALWAYS DIAPERED I would like to include it in our social framework


27. We put soemthing new in Christine's Rubber Nursery; a FAIRY PICTURE FRAME
18. Removed Petticoat Disciplinefrom the Magazine Rack because it appereas to be more Sissy/FemDom than anything else with no significant Little Girl content
16. Redid Fast Navigation page: rplaced Updates, Orientation and Reviews with one link to the Magazine Rack, which holds those and other reading material.Did the same with Looking Glass (links)
10 Added a new page to the book Fairy Bride. Put a coy of Product Reviews back in the Library. Added a template to be used with PageBreeze to FairyWand. Added Daily Diaper entry to Through the Looking Glass. Changed the Daily Diapr link in LittleGirlLand from the entry to the main page


26. Moved Product Reviews from the Library to the Magazine Rack, Put up Comco and A C Medical rubber panty reviews. upgraded A C Medical Sanitary Slip review. All have plenty of pictures. Starting work on updating other reviews.
10. Revamping the Profile kits to be more accurate, expansive and up to date with respect to functions: Completed
8 Put a specially designed CAPCHA in the ID/passord pages in LittleGirlLand and the access page to Fast Navigation. Rather than being an image of distorted letters, it presents 4 images, tells you to choose one and input the full written name of the item of which the first and last letters are given; in the case of multiple word names, of each word. Most robots cannot read the content of images nor select one or figure out the missing letters. The images are common RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME items that you should be familiar with by the time you get to any of these input pages so they are a breeze for a genuine Little Girl. Also they do not have their onw submit buttons


27 Reformatted this page into one long one. Added bookmarks to Fairyland, LittleGirlLand, Rubberkiss, Dolly Club and the Tiara Club

JULY '11

NOTE: The eye operation was a success as far as its end of things went. There are still a couple of other problems. At least the 800 gorilla is deatl with

We are now a new domain. sandralyn.net

July 8 Redid FAIRYLAND to its own place and expanded on it. Put in the Fairy Gift Shoppe, with a Fairy Theme , Wishmaker and "Fairy Write" that has both Fairy font and "illuminted" (fancy) letters) and the Fairy Club. Added Updates (this section) to fastnav


NOTE: I had contracted an eye disease that required surgery which was done in early April and required a stay in a skilled care facility: Read; nursing home (no Christine, not a RUBBER nursing home and just wait until I get back to RUFFLES & RIBBONS; we shall just see about you It has been two weeks since I lifted your babydoll ad gave you what you need. I am looking forward to catching up on feeling all that rubber that I missed out on -- Starting with your panties)

March 28 Lost the old sandra_lynelle.com domaine due to GoDaddy's requirement to use a card even while using PayPal


NOTE: On the wish list. a way to redo the Alise House and school to graphically resemble the internal structure of real buildings rather than using a cut-away diagram. This all hinges on wehter I can set up the stairways to be both up and down and look realistic since I cannot use an elevator

21. Upgreaded WAGPak to include the Free Studio form DVD Video Soft. I have tried a few of the programs and they wrok fine.

18. Re-arranged Alise House, moved the special Activites to the second floor and the Playroom to the ground floor from the basement. Began work on the Rubber Nursery

JUNE '10

June 21. added "Dresses" screensaver

June 9. BEING SET UP: There are 3 high performance ABDL social sites; Daily Diaper, Diaperspace and Diaper Times. They offer many different and overlapping features like blogs, galleries and the like. Now, some have better blogs and galleries, others offer better bookmarking but not very good blogs and the like. I am planning to creat LittleGirlSpace. A meta-social network that lets you take advantage of all of these and integrate the profile Page into it. This is very much in line with what I had planned to do with non-website owners.I will let you know when this is done

LittleGirlLand is the result of the above and includes the former MyProfile. The result is LittleGirlLand. A comprehensive meta social network for Little Girls, Mommies, Mistresses, and the rest.

MAY '10

NOTE: You may find that somethings do not work. This site has been down for some time while I lookedd for hosting. Durinng that time, some of the placed to which we linked have gone away, such as the venerable DPF, or changed as well as some of the things we reviewed.I am trying to fix this but this is over 70 MB and over 1100 items so do not be suprised if I have not gotten them all fixed. Also, since I am a but hurried, I did not get a chance to finish everything, like the Social Studies section of the girls' school or the picutre books

We are working on a large set of images for you to take home and use on the DIY (do-it-yourself) graphic arts items or just for you to use in general. DONE, However, I was not able to batch convert them to bitmaps, which is a more usable form, I will have to do that by onesis, so that will take time. That will replace the picute package at some time and will be marked as such

23. Converted the images in picpak.zip all to bitmap, which is the most usable form for drawing programs

20 I have in mind two publication. A "News and Views [editorials]" one called The RUBBER SHEET and a "Stories and arctiles" one called The TIARA Fiction and articles about the kinds of things that are part af the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME way of life.

18. Moved the FETBOT searchbar to the top of the Gatehouse page to get it off the index, in line with the ethical principle of Adult website design of putting controversial material benind the Index.

17 Had a case-sensitivity problem with the font pickup so I fixed it by going to the folder that I had the fonts in, zipping it and linking the get fonts page to the zip file.

15. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME -- To go! It seemas that RRGH is extruding into the real world with more competence than the cyber one. We just upgraded our Audio Graphicss package to include Website building and upload capability. So much of what we have can be applied to the real world like most of the Projects and the stickers, placemats, calculator and desktop theme. This sort of makes up for our lack of a forum and things like that. I HAVE FOUND A FOURM, IT IS IN THE "OFFICE" AT EACH MAJOR AREA. Added video page to the Rubber Nurseries

14. All the parts are in. added the Profile page kit and Christine's Profile. We have moved the playroom, with changing and chastizement areas, into the finished basement

11. Added an in-house version of the Smarty Panties cualculator in the school/math classe part

May 6. We were able to bring this in on time. However, as with any large thing, some of the parts had to be fixed due to things lke case sensitivity, and some of the parts did not make it at all and I will have to find them. It may be a month befoere we are 100%, at any rate we are now at about 95%. Consider this like breaking in a new pair of Mary Janes.