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This updates from time to time when things happen, like when PageBreeze became dirty and when I added links to foss hub and ninite because they offer so many apps, including some that are already here, and do not bundle with garbageware

LIVING IS DOING: FairyWand lets you do what seems to be Fairy Magic: Build your own site as part of moving in and LittleGirlLand: Our Cobbled-together but private (because I keep it that way) social network. Whether you are little more than a newbie or a Mistresss of the Arts, FairyWand sets you up to actively participate and be a player; and well beyond RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, too.All the major activities; images/photos, music/audio; playing videos, blogging, even writing pages and site building are represented here

UPDATED TO WINDOWS 7, slimmed down from 135 MB to 98, and DVD Videosoft has been elimintated because it adds questionable software with no option to refuse. Also be aware that we have a private forum at Daily Diapers

Using what is here, you can maximize the use you get out of the webspace you get here. You can have all at once

And it is all yours, so you control it all. Try that with 5-12 megs of space as part of another's website like Sissy Kiss. All you have to do is follow our CODE OF CONDUCT to LIVE AT RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. You are not just "stepping up your 'gamr'", you are entering another dimension and going 360, 24/7 or whatever you want to call it.

FairyWand is a WAGPack. WAGPack stands for Website, Audio Graphics Package: This package began life as set of setups for my favorite media/editing software and "just Growed". If you have any doubts about them, read the reviews of those that have them. The item name is the link

If you want to build a website, using what you have here, you can go from scratch to the final upload. even if you are a newbie at it

Where was this when I built RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME? Even if you do not wish to build, you can probably still use a photo editor, audio file manager player, video editor, audio file converter and other thingss. Especially at the price I am charging: $0.00 down, $0.00/month and 0% APR: Such a deal!

These came to me as freeware for strictly non-commercial use and I destribute them with that specific understanding. If you wish to use these for commercial applications, contact the companies for either a commercial liscense or Professional versions, which are geared to commercial purposes. The only code I did was the Slideshow; adaptation for a music track and labelling of actionable parts ("[ ...]")

BE AWARE: MANY OF THESE SOFTWARE PACKAGES GET UPDATED AND IMPROVED, So check for updates. the supplied version of MediaMonkey is better than the current issue. IrfanView is up to 436. While CNET does good reviews. Their downloads often add software that borders on malware. Update through the program interface instead

This package consists of setups and templates for

Image handling is probably the biggest part of a website because there is so much that it covers. Drawing, photos, editiing, doing thing with the images, like animation, mapping; so that different parts of the image link to different things, image links and effects. So that we know what we are talking about, let's start with a GRAPHICS GLOSSARY

FairyWand gives you four of the best with the most complete set of image tools this side of purchased applications: Paint.NET, IrfanView, unFreez and Splitz. The best thing about having different programs, rather than an all-in-one, like GIMP (which I can't get to work right) is that the thing is not so big it's unwieldy. Starting with the most limited:

  • SPLITSZ: The most limited of them performs the function of the HTML map, which, if you are using one image to link to many places, can be tedious and unless you are seasoned in its use, quite daunting. SPLITZ carves up the image into even pieces, enables you to code each piece as an image link then reassembles it into a seamless image like you started with
  • unFreez. creates animated gifs (aniGif) metafiles from gif images that you drag and drop into the box in the order you want them to show. You then select the "frame rate" or how long you want each image to appear, in hundreths of a second, loop it if you want them to keep doing it then just make it. NOTE: if you have images of different sizes, it is a good idea to paste each frafe onto a background that is the same size so that you do not have pieces of larger images showing behind smaller ones. AniGif's can be used as cheap sliedeshows Here is where it gets tricky: Paint.NET and IrfanView are the 800 lb gorillas of the freeware image world. Paint.NEt is an amped up version of Microsoft Paint: WAY amped up so you know it has quite a bit of drawing capability. IrfanVies is more of an image editor with a primitive drawing application (that still has some unusual features but overall not as good as Paint.NET for that). On the other hand IrfanView comes with more editing featrues and especially built in effects features right out of the box. Irfanview has an "effects brower" that lets you choose from over two dezen effects, adjust them and uses side-by-side before and after and the "consoles" are clean and easy to use. The color correct has, all on one console: Brightness, inependeent cut/boost Red, Green and Blue sliders, contrast, Gamma (midtones), saturation and a rather strange and sophisticated white balance

    Both of these programs are quite dynamic. That is, you can add plugin filters that increase the range of effects functionality. Paint.NET maintains at the website, a library of them and IrfanView is compatible with several B8F filters. One of these is ICI (Deutsh) Filters Unlimited. A purchased plugin set that starts with over 300 filters and enables the user to download more from the Web and code new ones. On the other hand, Paint.NET has several PDF manuals, so there is no shortage of versatility here. If you are thinking in terms of "strengths and weaknesses", neither of these is a weak sister: In fact, each is at or near the top of its respective freeware class. It is just that each concentrates its strengths in different ares, Paint.NET is a better drawing tool by lots and irfanVeiw is a much better editor with more potential that Paint.NET. I have unFreez Paint.NET and IrfanView in my Status Bar Quick Lanuch tray ready to go

    I use most of these things myself and I am not a sorceress or even close. everything is pretty intuitive. When you see things like aniGifs and slideshows and try to figure out how they're done, it seems scarier than it is. When I found out how easy this was, I was amazed. If you can use wizards and toolbars, you've got these things knocked.

    Here is a neat trick that you can do with aniGif's. you can have a backgournd that changes color while the main image also changes. The way to do this is first create gif's of the colores you want and use them for the layers in an aniGif metafile which we will call here "colors.gif". Then create the main aniGif that will be the focus of attention. then write the page but make this change in the BODY tag: Instead of "bgcolor=" you use "background="colors..gif". this can be a small image since the browser will tile it and all of them will change in the same way at the same time. This is good because small gif metafiles are more efficient. Then put the main image how you want it.
    NOTE: This kind of power does not come in a small package. This is a large file 140 MB and may take awhile to dowload



    You have 12 MB of spece. If you try to put everything here, it will probably not fit. Use it efficiently and there will be plenty of room. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME was originally on 12 MB:
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