You can MOVE IN here and be a part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and we will help.

WE would love to have you move in, whether you are a Little Girl, Mommy, Mistress Stempmother or whatever

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the 5MB of space that many sites provide. However, for a small fee, about 5 USD,, you can get 1 GB of space and 10 GB of bandwidth. Which means that everything is yours and made to your liking with as much of your material as you can fit it, as long is it conforms to the rules of SandraLyn Sites and RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME Conde of Ethics and Code of Conduct

If you do not know how to make a site. then you will want our FairyWand which has just about everythinging you need.

As part of moving in, you will be part of LittleGirlLand, which has amongs other things, Access to the major ABDL Network and enables you to join and carry out all the social networking activities. This also has your profile page kit LEARN MORE

However, you must be willing to abide by our customs and codes, at which time you will be given a grpahic link for your site to RUFFELS & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME for your visitors to use

As part of moving in, depending on whether you are a Little Girl, in which case you live at Alise House on the third floor, Moomy/Mistress/Governess/Nurse, etc, SEE THIS. Your link will be to part of your living area. To see how that works, look TO YOUR LIVING AREA To begin navigating, take the stairway at the left that leads to the screen where your room is and is the first step in getting around RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. By this time, you should have the Fast-Nav link. This link is for you to have for yourself so that you need not go through the whold process. Your Profile Page will be immediately inside your door. To see an example, go into the Rubber Little Girls' Nurseries and Christine's door. Also my office door at the MAIN RUBBER NURSERY If you are a teacher then you will have two links, one to the class you teach at the Lady D'Arielle school and one to where you live in the Diana House

We have a set of freeware porgrams to help you with setting up your 'room" and do things like web albums for pictures, blog and the like. It is called FairyWand

Find me at

Very Truly Yours

Rubber Nurse Bridget Alicia La Rochelle