You will not find here any Pampers, Luvs or Huggies, nor will you find the places to dispose of them. We do not want them nor allow them here. Cloth diapers and rubber panties are beter than the throw-away ones like Pampers, Huggies and Luvs. CLOTH DIAPERS and RUBBER PANTIES are BETTER because:

  1. You do not save that much time or work with throw-away diapers becuase you are supposed to rinse them very well before you throw them away which most users do not. I have no idea of how that works with "super absorbant polymers", probably not at all, meaning you are throwing human waste, which is severely infectious or toxic into landfills of unknown capability and letting them hang around your house for long periods of time
  2. You use them many times over paying for only cleaning and upkeep, so you save MONEY. I have been told as much by home economics social workers (the only worthwhile kind since they actually do useful work; and I have dealt with many social workers so I know what I am talking about) whose job it is to know things like that
  3. Unless they are special-purpose diapers, to fit special circumstnaces, you can use diapers for other things, even after Baby outgrows them so they do multiple duty
  4. You do not throw them away after using once so they are not WASTEFUL and save dump space for mre appropriate uses.
  5. You do not have to worry about "where they have been". You care for and clean then yourself so you control the conditions in which they are kept. In fact. you are to wash them before even using them
  6. Cloth diapers are stable in design and you can even make your own like we do. Over time, throw away diapers become different from what they were when they were first made. There are many complaints from users that the company changed something about their favorite diaper that they liked
  7. Cloth diapers are clothes like dresses, skirts or rubber panties. Throw-aways are supplies; "consumables" like baby lotion or powder
  8. Cloth diapers are less likely to fail
    1. Throw-aways have their own waterproof covering. With cloth diepars, you use a separate covering so one rubber pantiy is used with more than one diaper and is sturdier than the built-in and less apt to fail or "blow out"
    2. Good cloth diapers PIN in place so they are more secure than tapes which fail far too often
    3. Throw-aways have been known to fall apart inside over the course of a night as the absorbent part comes free of the shell
  9. You do not have to fight with a number of fasteners; sometimes 3 on a side, for a total of 6, but usually at least 4, that need to be put exactly in the right spots. one or two pins does it all
  10. You do not have to worry about exact fit and what if a size fits the waist but not the logs. Cloth dipaers come in enough kinds and sizes so that 3 or 4 sizes will do from birth to about 9. This is an excellent leak stopper
  11. Cloth diapers help fight diaper rash better
    1. The "wicking" action carries wet away from Baby.
    2. They allow air to circulate unless you make them to tight
  12. You fold them to meet the specific needs so they work better
  13. We prefer to use those of our own design because they require only one pin because we change so mmany times in a day that we can use dedicated diapers and using only one pin saves time and work. You can use triangular-folded diapers
  14. Cloth diapers are more confy
  15. Disposable diapers are not disposed of: They are merely stored in a different place after use where they or their contents will linger on and fester for decades or centuries. Since they become ubiquitous, I have heard many more "boil water" due to coloform bacteria alerts in my area
  1. Like the cloth diapers they go with:
    1. you re-use them so you save MONEY.
    2. You do not throw them away after using them once so they are not WASTEFUL.
    3. You need not worry about "where they have been" once you buy them. You care for and clean then yourself so you control the conditions in which they are kept. In fact. you are to wash them before even using them
  2. The material is not woven so it is waterproof throughout so there is no fear of coatings wearing off or separating from the fabric in some way.
  3. Even the makers of Pampers, Luvs and Huggies recommend that you put rubber panties over them. Also the throw-aways that have a cloth-like covering "weep" and get wet on the outside: Eww; yuck!
  4. Because they are separate from the diaper they are held up on their own and do not droop with the diaper: Good rubber panties are designed to accommodate diaper droop.
  5. Being separate from the diaper and a bit longer and full-cut, they help fight leaking
  6. By using more than one rubber panty at a time, you make it less likely that wetness will get out. some experts say to use 4 with an infant 3 with a toddler and 2 otherwise, If one of thsoe is a snap-on, it can be easily chantged with the diaper to start with both being clean. With heavy wetters of any age, we use 3 all the time.
  7. Because they have no fly in front, they are panties and they are made of a very smooth and therefore feminine material, rubber panties give a Little Girl a head start at being a Little Girl
  8. Since the material is soft and smooth, the panties feel soooo scrumptious to Mommy which offsets some of the unpleasantness of changing
  9. Since they are not disposed of:
    • They are not stored for decades in dumps
    • They can be kept after Baby is out of diapers for your next baby, given to someone starting a new family or given to your little girl to put on her dolly if they will fit
    • Put overor under Little Girl's panties if she is prone to small accidents put on your Little Girl by themselves as part of chastizement
  1. All-in-one's are more work to care for since the waterproof part is attached to the diaper part, drying is a headache. Diapers can be put in a hot dryer but most waterproof panties cannot so if they are attached then you need to dry them in a way that is best for the waterproof part
  2. All-in-one's never fit exactly right so they often leak. Pin-on diapers can be adjusted for a more exact, proper fit
  3. Pocket diapers have many of the same problems as all-in-one's because, like all-in-one's, they are made from two very un-alike materials a cloth inner and a waterproof shell
  4. With both all-in-one's and pocket diapers, if either the shell or diaper tears, the whole thing is no good
  5. Contour or shaped diapers do not go as long between changes since they have less material than classic diapers. Also they fit too snugly and use many layers of material. This presses wet material against the body and promotes diaper rash
  6. Unlike wraps, you cannot fasten properly sized rubber panties too tightly and they are fuller which lets air cirulate and fights diaper rash.
  7. Wraps are only good for inactive babies
  8. Rubber panties with a cloth lining have the same problems as all-in-one's and pocket diapers when it comes to both drying and tearing. This is true of all shell-and-liner panties such as rhumba and fancy panties, the rubber linings of which are usually paper thin, as well as all-in-one's, pocket diapers and lined rubber panties. Once outgrown, the more expensive shell-and-liner panties are useless: I said "the more expensive..."
  9. Some of the newer materials have not stood the test of time. PUL has been known to come apart over the last 30 years and along with PEVA, which feels chintzy and like trash bags, are just plain late to the dance and along with polyurethane are more expensive for no really good reason save scare tactics and political correctness
Why try to re-invent the wheel?

Throw-away diapers are more complicated in structure, oftne using four parts(fluff, absorbent material, shell; often itself in two parts, and tapes), any of which can fail or come free of the othes. Cloth diapers and rubber panties have only two components the diaer and the panty. If you use them properly they work both separately and togetether just about all the time. Using cloth diapers and rubber panties lets you use the level of protection you need: You can use one, two or even three diapers if need be, and it is three of the same kind of diaper and good rubber panties will accommodate whatever you are doing so that you need not have special diapers for different purposes. At most you will need only 2 kinds, Light and Heavy

Little Girls kept in cloth diapers and rubber panties tend to be much more little girl in their manner; more obedient, quieter, better behaved and somehow cuter. It must be that thick wadding between their legs and that soft, smooth oh-so-feminine meterial under their skirts.

Mommies who switch from Pampers, Luvs and Huggies to cloth and rubber never go back to disposable diapers again. They like peace of mind that comes with being in control of what they are using. They like the feel of the material and pay more attention to diapering their little ones and like how their Little Girls become just ever so little girl and so well behaved. And many a mommy has learend that this is also true with their 6-year old Little Boy, too, more obedient, quieter, less proud and more Little Girl: Which is what you want, right? :GIGGLE: and how many 6-year old Little Boys did not just fall to pieces if mommy said "I am goung to put you in a diaper, a little dress and PINK rubber panties, just like your sister's [or maybe even your sister's, if she was say, 8 or 9], if you...[fill it in from here]" :DOUBLE GIGGLE:

Even real mommies and grownups who need to wear diapers who try cloth diapers and rubber panties stay with them.