Andrea and Lisa; Two of Christines most scrumptious dollies


There are very few things that are more, or even as much Little Girl as Dolly. So it is natural for RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME to have a doll club. This is a spot for the special Little Girls who come here to discuss their unique perspectives on our special little friends. This is important since, due to the special nature of our Little Girls they would either not fit, not be welcome or be uncomfortable in a "real" doll club for any number of reasons

There are soooo many kinds of dolls. There are the collectible dolls. The fashion dolls that we collect outfits and accessories for. The baby dolls that we practice our skills with and the little girl dolls that are almost as big as we are that act as our friends. Who does not take one or more of her dollies to bed with her when she is 6, 7 or 8 years old. There is also the bride doll that every girl has or should have in a prominent place in her room, with her gorgeous gown and, if you live at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, a lovely tiara. This wonderful doll is the promise of a future; finding one to love and live happily ever after. Just like Sandra and me

We owe a lot to our dollies: So why not celebrate their place in our lives and make friends with others whose lives are also touched by these special little persons by joining a club just for us?

You get all the same things as a DollyGirl that you get in the other RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME clubs. So join today. Our mailing list is DollyGirls


As with all of our clubs, you get a number of premiums

First, our LOGO


Next, an adorable DOLLY: She giggles and says clever things

To show that you are a loyal DollyGirl. you get a MEMBER'S CARD to print on card stock and fill out, and SITICKERS to print out on stickyback paper, cut out, peel and stick to just everywyere you go

STATIONERY: NOTEPAPER and FULL-SIZE PAPER that you can print out, copy and use


PLACE SETTINGS to print out and copy: a PLACEMAT and PLACE CARD You just write your name on the lines and fold like a tent and put next to your placemet. MORE


ALL DOLLED UP the club publication for articles, stories, news images, etc

And, since this is a club, Let me know that you want to join and you will be put on the Mail List DollyGirls with the other members