Mail Rules
Re-stating the mail rules just to be sure you know them before yo do anything else

A review of some of the material you read at the Gatehouse orientation. PLease make sure you know and understand them. We are not trying to be some kind of tyrants. We just do not want this place to end up looking like the typical ABDL freak show sites that have persons with creepy, dumb or unladylike names. Please have the good taste or at least the courtesy to abide by them. Also, a certain type of name is required to join LittleGirlLand that makes it easier to work with. So these rules are for reasons: Start right so you do not have to fix something later

You will need a name for things like mail addresses and user names. You will be judged by that name. If you have a name like satan_mistress or other bizarre or "dark" name. do not blame others for avoiding you. If I see a name like devil_child, you can bet that I am going to keep a wary eye on the person and my hand on the flush chain. You want to have a name that sounds like a person, not a creature; so