You know you are a Little Girl and we know you are a Little Girl: We do not insult your femininity, girlhood or intelligence in any way

Why am I being so pointedly emphatic about this? Too many AB sites, like Daily Diapaer lump Little Girls in with Sissies. As the original Girls' Home, catering to the full range of Little Girl needs, including chastizement in a feminine manner, we resent that. In the Real world, outside the ABDL/Internet ghetto, "sissy" is the same as "nigger" and "fag". One of our number tried to introduce girl things to DD and got snubbed, getting very little response. DPF, the standard for ABDL clubs recognized "Little Girl" but not "Sissy". Too bad, DailyDi seems to be a nice person and works assiduously to keep the site topnotch: And it shows. It is too bad we cannot recommend the site without this and other reservations (for one thing, it is overrun by illiterate or self-absorbed 20nothings who have a disability that stops them from finding the shft and punctuation keys). UPDATE EDIT: DD has added a Little Girls' Playhouse but it gets very little play and the number of "Sissy" listings is still disturbing since it seems such an empty term. The problem is that many Little Girls were called "sissy" in real life and just accepted that and let themselves get lumped in with some real creepy things that have nothing to do with girlishenss. Well, for you, those days are over. Here, you will be taught and encouraged to be your proper Little Girl self in a setting where being a girl is the norm and expected of you, which if you are a Sissy and expect it to be a demeaning experience, you will be unhappily surprised. You will find that this makes all the difference in the world. Sissies have not the slightst clue about tiaras, which are a girl's pride and joy. Just try one on with a dress or skirt and see how it makes you look and feel, and what it makes you think about being a girl. Sissies have no understanding of Fairies in the feminine sense. For a sissy, this is only skin deep, more like a prop or special effect as well as a misuse and usurpation of what is not rightfully theirs. For a Little Girl, this goes right to her heart. A sissy would find this overwhelming; a Little Girl would settle right in. You do not have to be forceably pseudo-feminized when "girl" is written all over you. HOW DO I KNOW I AM A LITTLE GIRL? and not a Sissy?

If you are looking for Sissy material here, do not bother. If you are even thinking of bringing Sissy material here. Do not bother. The fact is that we regard Sissy as yucky, dirty and inferior.

First; anything that can even include "boy" is out of bounds here
Second; If you cannot be a committed, honest girl, without reservations or "but.."'s here, do not bother. There is nothing worse than phony, halfway or tepid. Halfway is half-as..., well you know. We know the difference between "feminine" and "effeminate"
Third: it is just sooooo twerpy, foppish and gay (even homosexuals resent this kind of thing). If you are going to be a girl, fine. If you are going to be a boy, fine; just do not do it here. But who wants to be a miserable little fairyhopper; neither here nor there? The difference between Little Girl and Sissy is the difference between Shirley Temple and Little Lord Fauntleroy or of listing as your name "Chris", "Chrissy" and "Christine". If you know any sissies, ask them the difference between a petticoat and a crinoline. See if they have and can change a dolly. Ask about their tiaras. There is a big difference between being feminine and being emasculated
Fourth: the Maid thing, another manifestation of Sissy, is just not part of Little Girl and has overtones of some other agenda
Fifth: The tartiness and pre-teen sluttiness that is a maifestation of Sissy make it lewd, crummy and dirty: In short; unladylike and nothing unladylike gets in the door here. If you think that we will allow something that gets into the size, adequacy or anything about one's "widdler [SPH]", "tart"iness or sluttiness, Just try it and see what you get.

If you doubt what I say; and I hope you do, then see for yourself. Go ahead, make my day. It was at three of these places that I got my education in Sissy and they are all Sissy-recommended so I am not choosing bizarre, unusal or unrecognized sissy places:

Had enough of the icky? Girls are BETTER than that! Here is a Little Girl who GETS IT: And ANOTHER

That is why I say, in "About US" that "We are not sissy and proud of not being sissy..." Come over to the pink and blonde side and make that adorable dress your birthright, not a halloween costume. We are the only place on the web that treats Little Girls like little girls without making fun of them for being Little Girls.

I have found one oddball article WHAT IS A SISSY?. Now the person says outright that this is based on fantasies. What I get out of this is an attempt to usurp "Little Girl" or "Very LIttle Girl" in the name of Sissydom. However, This does not address the references to the inadequacy of the genitalia and one of what I understand to be a defining characteristic of sissy: Being treated as a little girl is for humiliation or some motiviation other than being a Little Girl for its own sake. That is not to say that humiliation is not part of what happens to Little Girls, but that is onlyfor chastizement for special misbehaviors that relate to the kind of person you are: Disobedien (disrespectful), babyish, whiney, overactive, forward, gossipy or proud; which is really what is behind all misbehaviors. One big difference between Sissies and Little Girls is that LG's talk more and with much greater depth about their girlish interests than Sissies. Little Girls can go on ad infinitum about their dollies, Fairies, ballet, sewing and some pretty exotic girlish interests, and frilliness to the point of absurdity is an integral part of sissification whereas some Little Girls are pretty low on the frilliness scale. One gets the ideas that sissies mince. Sissies pattern themselves almost stereotypically (overly frilly dresses, simpy, saccharine talk, shallow, vapid personalities and extreme self-consciousness) while Little Girls start with the "stereotypical", they move on from there, developing their own little personalities and becoming authentic. Also, If you go to the Sissy sites I have listed, you see things that Little Girls just would not concern themselves with, especially that the girl treatment is part of being humiliated (which if done by females bespeaks a pretty low opinion of oneself; does it not?) as part of being "broken" or depersonalized. Also the Sissy projects an air of dressed-as-a-girl more than girl presence. SEE FOR YOURSELF (at least this one is a bit cute). When Christine comes into contact with sissies and is her normal girl self, they break off after about a week saying that she is "too girl" and is more that they can deal with or else rethink their "sissy'ness" and switch to "girl", liking the thing she likes and the feelings they giver. Christine really loves her dolls, the way a dress feels and tiaras. As the "reference nursery" at Wetville a decade ago. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME was used by an "aunt" to find material to use on her female "niece" about putting rubber under her diaper. Neither of the two were "butch" either. This would not be done with a Sissy site.

Beyond all this, at ABDL forums where there is a sissy sections, the threads that try to make understandable what "sissy" is are full of contradictory material and in one post that summed it up, the poster said that "we just lump ourselves together". Who wants to be a lump-in: A gray, amorphous blob when you can have a personality and a life? There is no "there" there. When you take out the contradictions and meaningless generalities, what you have is a big goose egg: An empty term devoid of any discernable fixed, knowable content. At best it is just a catch-all "wastebasket" lebel like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ADHD. Who wants to be a big nothing? To be is to be some thing, that is, something.

Now you may ask "What is it to you? Well, two things:

Why settle for fake when you can have the real thing for the real reasons?