worn under the diaper, the Rubber Diaper Panty covers most of the chastity area, including the flower
THIS IS the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME chapter of LADY TARILYN'S RubberRuffles Girls Club

RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is known for its use of rubber to chastize, punish and otherwise deal with troublsome girls. So what is more natural than a rubber club for these problem children? This club is for Little Girls who either live here or whose Mommies know the value of the kiss of rubber on their little ones. As the picture shows this rubber item is put under the diaper, to be felt on almost all of the chastity area, especially the flower, where it is felt the most. This kiss on that special area holds the promise of stronger feeling to come if Mommy, Mistress or Nursie so choses. Being put right on the chastity area. it shows that the growunup can get at any part of Little Girl's body that she wishes and make her feel whatever she wishes and it is where the strongest feelings about herself are. The rubber diaper is made so that Little Girl can still wet (which she will do almost uncotrollably after a few weeks with this under her diapers all the time) but she must be standing or sitting to do so without getting it all over herself: Ewww; icky. This too, too, is good since it makes her need to do more things and adds to the annoyance and, needing diapers, she is more dependent on My Lady to be changed with all the lovely scenes that can make possible :giggle:. By letting the wet into the cloth diaper where it spreads out and having a waterproof layer between most of the diaper and the body, the rubber diaper keeps Little Girl drier longer and helps fight diaper rash. Since it makes Little Girl have to do something to keep herself from getting icky, it makes here aware of needing to wet. So it is also a wonderful potty-training aid for your little Toddler. It does require a layer of baby powder to keep it from sticking and let it rub on the body so it is felt where it does the most good. AVOID BABY OIL, use baby lotion instead. So being useful to chastize, keep Little Girl drier longer and make her aware that she is going to wet, as well as extending the useful life of rubber panties on which the elastics are no longer stretchy, the rubber diaper is a very good thing to use on your little one and putting her in a Lady Tarilyn RubberRuffles Girls club is just soooo right.

However, the chastity area is not the only place where the carress of rubber provides the touch that a Little Girl needs to feel to be her best self. Most every part of her body benefits from the presence of Lady Rubber. The tummy just feels and feels and the nipples really stand up and take notice, and the rubber nipple massaging the lips always gets a girl's attention. How wonderful is it to put your Little Girl to bed between two rubber sheets, knowing that she will not be able to stain the mattress or other bedclothes and her little legs will sigh every time she moves

Created by Rubber Fairy Tarilyn, the RubberRuffles Girls Club is for those Girls whose entire body is a playground for this lovely material and who need its loving touch to keep them in a proper way of being.

Like Lady Ruffles Tiara Club and Lady Danielle's Dolly Club, Lady Tarilyn's RubberRuffles Girls Club has all the things for a girl to show that her Mommy, Nurse or Stepmother knows what attention her body needs





RUBBER PROJECTS: Make those hard or impossible to find rubber intimate garments and accessories that are sooo needed by your Little Rubber Girl

RUBBER ETTIQUETTE: Special rules about Rubber Little Girl


MOMMY, MISTRESS, NURSIE, STEPMOTHER BABYMINDER: You will want people to know that your Little Girl is a rubber wetsy bad little girl and is part of a rubber girl club. Here are the "goodies" to save, just click and "Save image" when you get thereSome will have lines on which to write things. Mommy should save the LOGO and put it on just everything Little rubber Girl has

Rubber Girl Stationery: NOTPEAPER and PAPER


Placemats and placecards for meetings and other rubber get togethers: PLACEMENT and a PLACECARD with a place to put Rubber Little Girl's name: Just write her name on each of the blank lines, fold over like a tent and put it on her placemat so everyone will know that she is a Little rubber Girl. MORE

Some STICKERS to print on sticky-back paper, cut, peel and put on just everything to show that the little one is a loyal Lady Tarilyn's RubberRuffles Girl

DOOR SIGN that goes with the other things that Rubber Nurse had you put on Little Girl's bedroom door


Membership cards are issued to, and carried by the Little Girl, her Lady and her Dolly and come in two kinds. RUBBER KISS Club, which is our own and has the club name and Rubber Nurse's name filled out. and GENERIDC; for any Rubber Nurse who wishes to start a club. These cards are two-sided. You print them on card stcok, fold and paste or glue. If you want, you can trim the edges with pinking or scallop shears or simply round the corners then fill in what needs to be filled in. On the back of the "Lady" card, what is to be filled in is your relation with your Little Girl. Generally, this means Mommy, Mistress, Nanny, Governess, Nurse, Rubber Nurse or Stepmother THE RUBBER SHEET the club publication for articles, stories, noes and images

Share your innermost feelings with others involved with Rubber Chastizement by being part of the RubberRufflesGirls mailing list which I maintain.