The recent incident at Diaper Times points out the need to understand certain things about websites. Here is a look at criteria for making judgements about this or any site.

  1. PURPOSE: Who is to do what, how and why at this site?
  2. RELEVENCE: What is it to me? If you are other than a "Little Girl" or part of the world of a "Little Girl" (Mommy, Mistress, Nurse, etc), that is, if you are a Little Boy, daddy, not Adult Baby relevant or find adult sites not to your liking. then this site is not for you just as I would not be caught dead doing S&M, spanking, sissy or disposable diaper sites except for a laugh. You have no business or credibility evaluating it except for technical merits. Even then, you need to take into account certain factors. For exemple; you would evaluate business sites on how easy it is to do business at, paysites at what you get for your mony and professional sites on how "slick" they are and so on. A personal, one-person operation ought to have far more leeway than a business, professional, Ad supported or paysite for a number of reasons.
  3. ONWNERSHIP: is it:
    • A professional site. with access to and using the work of persons who are paid to do what they do. This includes business sites or persons with a good deal of training and money to put into the site acuired as part of their professional training
    • A paysite that is to be a profit-making site and can afford to use the more expensive tools and at least at a semi-professional level
    • Ad supported. Again a site with an income stream
    • A free-access, personal, one person operation or "hobby site"
    A one-person free site must needs be less stringently evaluated than a professional site since, first, no money is coming out of your purse and the one person is the designer, editor and implementor. That person is usually self-taught with an unknown level of training, more interested in the subject than the ins and outs of presentation or mechanics. There will be many more spelling or typographical errors because Self-proofreading is the least effective. Grammar will not be A-level but probably B or even C+; as long as it is understandable. Some persons prefer the look and feel of such sites since they are "homey", with a human touch and reflect a Real Person's activities. A personal site owner does not spend the kind of money for things that a group, professional, ad-supported or paysite owner will or even have the access to the material. Here is an example. Diaper Times is a professional, ad supported, free-access social network site. They use an implementation of the Elogg system. Now, elogg would be to die for on a personal site. It is a third-rate but free social network system designed for schools and the like. However for a dedicated professional social network site, it is inferior. It is what Diaper Times uses: the same Diaper Times that bashed this site on the basis of not being professional; "poorly put together [it was put together to do the job it does in as expeditiously a manner as possible and it evolved to be what it is over a decade, and was called 'good looking' by one of the IT professionals at Register Inc our Domain Name Server]": Someone does not have her tiara on straight. Daily Diaper has the same specifications but uses a social network system that cost $US300 and $US50/mo to run. and has a couple of minor glitcches. Daily Diaper is becoming the gold standard of AB/DL social network sites and criticizes nobody. Personal sites are usually paid for out-of-pocket and not ad-supprted or subscriber supported. so unless the owner can throw around a lot of money, she has to make do with what she can find at no or low cost. But even that has its good points. Finding and using poverty row materials often makes possible certain perks that you do not get elsewhere. Their creators like to have them distributed as a matter of pride, hence, we have things like FairyWand, SmartyPanties and other take-aways
  4. STRUCTURE: The structure of a site is to serve the purpose of that site. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is an experiential site; a kind of "second life" site that has a place setting. Therefore it navigates differently than a business site and uses tree logic, You go in, find a "plce" and branch off to the pages that are relevant to the activities. Also being a "place" the links are graphic representations of that place. rather than text. Also being for "littles" pictures make more sense to a 4 or 5 year old mentality than text. We also have a long one-time entry process to set the stage. Beyond that, we accept "move ins" so we have to have the kind of structural logic that accomodates that. Business, information and networking sites need not consider much, if any, of these attributes. But then, we do not need a shopping cart so it all works out in the end.
  5. BANG FOR THE BUCK: What can I do here? As an experiential site, any such site needs to have activities, interactives, take-aways and participation as a major part of its identity.
This all bears on the technical merits of the site.A free, personal site should not be judged as stringently as a professional, supported or paysite.If we had a moderately good turnkey social network system, we would be the equal of Diaper Times in their own area (as it is we do have secondary social network capability and are about half as good there) right out of the box and that is not counting all the things we have WHICH SEE