What it looks like after each step


  1. Hopefully, you have FairyWand. It has very good image editing tools. If not, GET IT NOW
  2. click on the image of the bookmark that you want and save as or convert to bitmaps as these are eesier to edit, to a folder.
  3. If you are using the Do-It-Yourself bookmarks; the ones with no logo, you can use your own pictures or our PICTURES and move the ones you want to use to the same folder as the bookmarks you are working on. The width of the picture area of the boomarks is 120 so keep that in mind as you resize the impage.
  4. Keep the image of the bookmark you save. To use, make a new copy under a different name
  5. Call up each file then Edit/Paste from the picture you want to put on it,
    1. Size each image so that it fits
    2. Place the image so that the top covers the little white line at the top
    3. Lock the image in place
    4. If you are satisfied Save and Close
  6. Save, print (OPTION: make color coies) and cout out
  7. fold in half the long way, glue or past either to itself or over the piece of cardboard and let dry
  8. cot an 8" piece of the ribbon or cord
  9. On the back, punch or awl through at the top circle and thread the ribbon or cord through and tie OR simply glue the ribbon in place and glue a pice of paper over it
  10. Fill out the person's name on the line that runs down the back
  11. OPTION: you can dope the paper with something that will give it durability and add hardness and let dry.