We are subscirbed to as many periodicals as we can that deal with our way of life and we keep a copy of our orientation wherever we can. So pick up a magazine and read. LITTLE GIRLS' DIARIES

If you have a publication that is relevent to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and is reasonably enogh compatible with Sandralyn standards to not be a creep show, pig sty or freak hole: Rather than have a Free4All Links, which can easily be spammed ard requires much care, We have a LINK EXCHANGE PROGRAM. I would like for you to contact me at

and we can make arrangements for the link and a banner which either you or we create NOTE TO PAYSITES: Nothing is free and since you are a moneymaking, and I hope profitable venture, it seems only fair that you would be willing to pay a small fee, say $1/mo, to help us defray costs and finance improvements