WHAT IS "SandraLyn"?

Before you go any further, you should read what is below as it explains about us and then decide if you wish to go any furhter.

SandraLyn is more than just a domain: Along with RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and all that is part of it, and others who wish to join, it is a framework of several ideas about life on the web. The purpose of SandraLyn is to keep things:

That is done by means of the folliwing things and ideas that relate to here

It is understood that a person may have some SandraLyn things as well as some of the things listed above in her. Some "Sissies" have Little Girl in them as do some Diaper Lovers. With the above in mind, all are welcome to come in and play as long as they abide by SandraLyn ideas or do not try to bring in non-SandraLyn things. "SandraLyn" is anything that is part of a little girl's world from 1948 to 1954

As you can see. SandraLyn is quite different with a code of ethics and practices, specific ideas and ways to play and that we have standards of conduct so that the name SandraLyn means something good in a world generally associated with scumbags and nutcakes, and anyone wishing to have that name had best live up to those standards. We do not want our brand to be just another freak hole, creep show or low-grade pig sty as happened to DPF before it went out of existence and has touched most all ABDL sites. If you want to be part of SandraLyn, which we encourage, then We better see SandraLyn standards and SandraLyn class!

We are agenda-free, secular, mostly socially conservative in that we do not tolerate adult sex, punk and have standards of ladylike behavior and a feminine environment that would have been approved by a 35-year old local social worker in 1951 (the year one of my aunts threatened to "put a rubber diaper on you" which, I found out later, meant more than just putting a rubber diaper on one, also "put rubber panties on you with nothing under them [but baby powder]" or "[a visit by, give you to] the Rubber Fairy"), politically libertarian and individualist. We do not concern ourselves with causes, religion, gay, straight, Adult Little Girl, or any "identity", "pride" or any group-oriented mode of being: For one thing, they are self-conscious and have an anti-individualism Agenda. We support only laws protecting individual rights; basically meaning voluntary actions among adutls and protection from force and/or fraud.

Because of its "whole world" nature, there are SandraLyn things that you could use with real little girls: Ballet, Dolly, Home Economics and Tiaras. UNLESS YOU CAN COMPLETELY AND UNTRACEABLE SEPARATE THEM FROM THE REST OF THE PLACE; WE RECOMMEND AGAINST THAT. If you wish to do so. CONSULT WITH US FIRST!!!! This statement is just to show how realistic some aspects of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is. Many of the things we use are from real little girl places like Lisa Frank, or, like the Tiara Club, adapted from them.




In keeping wiht the SandraLyn ideals this is the Code of Conduct for all things SandraLyn. It is designed to keep things

  1. legal
  2. as historically and culturally accurate as possible
  3. feminine
  4. clearly understandable
  5. orderly
  6. fair
  7. easy to use
  8. from degenerating into a freak hole, creep show or pig sty
Since we do not wish to run the risk of civil or criminal action, it will be enfoced; so: Learn it: Live it: Love it!

1. KEEP IT AWAY FROM REAL MINORS-No one under 21 is allowed in ANY SandraLyn Activities. All persons referred to here are either fictional or adult. NO REAL MINORS are allwed in contact or referred to.

2. KEEP IT LITTLE-no reference to adult sex, teen or pre-teen sluttiness, lolita or sexuality.
3. KEEP IT GIRL-no little boy, daddy or guy things.No tomboy or butch things. No Sissy. No Furry, babyfurs or creature things. No MONDO BIZARRO. We welcome diaper/rubber panties Dolly, dress and other girl activity discussions, even whining about the way Mommy, Mistress, etc treat you, but if She reads it here and decides you need rubber discipline, it is not our fault. We wear panties/knkickers, some of us wear diapers/nappies, slips, crinolines, petticoats, dresses, skirts, jumpers, blouses, gowns. bibs. aprons, pinafores, capes and babydolls, NO PANTS/TROWSERS/COULOTTES of any sort: this is a NO-FLY Zone!
4. KEEP IT CUTE-no nudity/exposure (except as part of being changed or dressed in rubber), S/M or spanking
5. KEEP IT RETRO-Nothing after 1955. No pampers, punk, Anime/Manga, jeans/T-shirt, Cabbage Patch or Barbie
6. KEEP IT LADYLIKE-no scat, poop, enema or gross things. No obscenity, profainty or vulgarity. Let me put it this way if you do not get it NO PORN! This is an OINK-FREE ZONE
7. KEEP IT AGENDA-FREE-No prostletyzing or Advocacy of cuases or references to politics, religion or the like: NO SPAM,
8. WHAT IS WANTED-Mommy/Mistress/Rubber Nurse, Rubber, mild Rubber B&D, Rubber "molesting" by Mommy, Mistress or Rubber Nurse as punishment and Chastity training, Forced wetting and mild "watersports".
9. COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY IS NOT TOLERATED HERE AND WILL BE TREATED AS SPAM: If you are selling anything go to the Daily Diapers forum for that purpose. We do not wish to be involved in the problems which that can cause

IN PARTICULAR: That means, to start off with, there are certain discussions we are NOT having:

If you wish to have those discussions,do so elsewhere and only with willing partners