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This is the latest version of the famous (praised by many, including the Registry Inc tech section and copied from by Sissy-Haus [the sincerest compliment]) and infamous (too hot for Yahoo Adult Groups and slammed by Diapertimes for not being "professional" enough: Read "too 'Real People'") RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, which goes back over a dozen years to 1999. I first created it at FriendPages/MSN-Talk City, where from the visitors, it recieved the highest ratings in both Quality and Traffic and only moved in its entirety to Talk City when FriendPages got uptight about having adult content. In its first year, RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, Then known as LITTLE CHRISTINE'S PLAYHOUSE And RUBBER NURSERY, was the reference nursery for Wetville at Bytemine becuase of its use and expertise with rubber diapers and chastizement, and its relationship to Fairy and tiaras. At least once "Aunt Julia" mentioned "checking at the nursery" about putting rubber under one of her girls' diapers. In short; it was the perfect ABLG place for its time, place and level of devvelopment. It remaned at Talk City until they went out of the webhosting business in c 2005, While there it was in the upper 40% ratings in Personal pages at DPF. It served as the focal point of, ultimately, a Yahoo Group with about 900 members. After the end of TC I was offered space on a domain owned by one "Frost Elf", a then 23 year old girl who said "...the content is unstoppable." but declined as I wished to retain control of this site

During the first 3 years of its existence, this site grew to include several buildings, such as the shopping plaza, school and Library and some characters, therefore widening its scope and it became less focused on one or two persons and became more interactive. At that point it became RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME; located on the D'Arielle Estate in southeastern Massachusetts. At this time, I had the most shocking moment in all the history of this place. Someone asked me how to get here as though it were a real place. As I explained things, shock turned to embarrassment that I had to admit that this was not a "real" place. The embarrassment turned to pride when I realized that I had to admit that this was not a "real" place. Now it is even more like real life: More detailed, more organized, more interactive and with more to see, do and get. After the fall of Talk City websites, it was hurriedly rebuilt from memory at GeoCities and was in the process of being properly edited when Yahoo decided to remove the adult content, esepcially ABLG from its adult content section (Yes, I know; "go figure"). However the site remained open after the creation account had been deleted until GeoCities free ceased to exist in 2009. In May of 2010, it moved to its present host and in 2011 got a new domain name. The only difference between 2003 and now is that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME has been edited for typgraphical errors, has many more images and photographs and is better organized and there is more of what made it a landmark for those in the know in the Adult Little Girl world: More participation, more security and privacy, more shopping. more goodies and official clubs, one general and several of special topic: All while keeping the same look, feel and style that it had over a decade ago; Little Girls' Rubber Panty Pink, Diaper White and Blonde Gold and the same style for which it has been called "pretty", "cute" and "adorable". You can even "move in" to becomea a part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME as a Little Girl, Mommy, Mistress, Governess/Nurse/Rubber Nurse, teacher or even an Evil Stepmother (bwa-ha-ha!)

Speaking of "evil". We are still the "Evil Empire". On March 7 2013, I found that some of our material has been COPIED: I am not complaining. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; then what is taking the material directly? On May 11, 2013 when we went to renew the domain name at Register. com, I had a bit of trouble so I had to call and do it over the phone. The person at the company said that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is a "good-looking site". I do not think he was an ALG: Comprenez-vous that; Diaper Times?! In the spring of 2013, I wanted to see how unique we are, so I did a Google search. I gave up after five pages, not finding anything close to what we are and with our new place at Daily Diaper, which gets you all the good things there. like a blog, galleries and a Profile About Me page that you can customize almost to the level of a MySpace page , like CHRISTINE'S, RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME is the place to be a Little Girl for the knowledgeable, active person

In all its years, We have gotten about 9 complaint to 2013. One, accusing us of Pedophilia was bogus and another banned this place from her social network site, while saying she does not practice censorship, and whose "explanation" was an incomprehensible mess about not being "professional" and "poorly put together", from the owner of a dedicated social network who used a free but third-rate system (third-rate is not bad but not up to the level of professional/dedicated social networking software and totally hypocritical for someone who attacks others for not being "professional" as though it is even close to sane to evaluate personal sites in prfessional terms to start with) which I just wrote off as being the Van Snoots of the ABDL world talking through their panties. So those two do not even count, but I did note them. Another intended knock, this one from a 20nothing female was not that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is overdone, unrealistically pink or in some other way de trop but that it is too old school. Considering the source, that is a compliment! If You read the introductory material it says "three generations"; so why act like you did not know what that meant? The last was from a person complaining about the color scheme and its readability: the first of that kind after 12-1/2 years: and a Boy at that, as well as a troll, putting himself and his flunkies into matters that do not concern them in a nasty, derogatory way, often wih vulgarity, profanity and obscenity. So take them for what they are worth: Questionable but still noted to show the worst-case scenario. So one could only claim 5 with full validity. Between only 9 complaints, or even if it were thrice that in a dozen+ years, measured against the rest of the record, either my tiara is shrinking or my head is growing. In the world of alternative lifestyle, that is a testament to the effacacy of the SandraLyn franework both in quality and ethics. How to EVALUATE A WEBSITE

UPDATES: April 13, 2016. In a phone call from Register Inc about Domain renewal, a lady operative said that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is "a pretty site" and her voice had a tone of approval [blush] :Giggle:
Arpil 2018. While renewing the DNS at Register Inc. The man called it a "good looking site" and I do not think he was ABLG

We have outlived

Things we were born before Can you say "Staying Power"?

As for the future, we do not intend to sit on our laurels. Anything within the SandraLyn Codes of Conduct, Courtesy and Ethics, Which we state openly for all to see since we take Little Girl and Ladylike seriously here, is fair game if it makes us better at what we like to be good at: Participation/interactivity, 1948-54 look and feel and being Little Girl

Though we are called RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, we are neither ruffley nor ribbony. That name was chosen at a time when names had to stand out so we wanted to be sure that we were understood as very feminine. We are not "frilly" at all. Frilliness has now become the territory of Sissy, which we are decidedly not. If I were building now, I probably would call it something else, probably "SandraLyn Girls' Home" or "The D'Arielle Girls' Home". In 1951 ornate dresses were for special occasions, most of the time girls wore plain but attractive dresses. As far as ribbons go, only as part of decorations and clothes, In our hair, we wear mostly tiaras or alice bands. At any rate, a RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME Little Girl is a stand-out when it comes to femininity, breeding and grace; being the kind of Little Girl that makes being or having a Little Girl just plain better