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The cute, adorable and pretty things that make up a Little Girl's world at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME


Our own Little Christine Daryleanne Paradise in some of her dresses, skirts and mostly babydolls, and getting her diaper, pink rubber panties and babydoll put on her

GETTING STARTED: START RIGHT TO STAY RIGHT AND GET THE MOST OUT OF WHAT IS HERE: THERE IS A LOT HERE BECAUSE THERE IS A LOT HERE! You are stepping into two well-developed cultures: Adult Little Girl and 4th generation French-Canadian Southern New England. Consider this a learning page. Please Read All The Material; And You Get To Listen To Some Pretty Music

1. IT IS "RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME". That should tell you something: It is about being (Adult) Little GIRLS! See our METADATA. LEARN MORE AT DAILY DIAPERS LITTLE GIRLS' PLAYHOUSE. As such, we are a niche, boutique site; not even trying to be all things to all people. To save persons the trouble of not going where they do not want to be, here is the list of what we are not: 2. We have been around for awhile, so this is not our first trip to the Little Miss Tiara Pageant. We have a basis in the real world from which we developed our own ideas and ways, and have a HISTORY and even had some of our material COPIED

So, you are getting something. whether you will or should want that something depends on you and what you want and what you are willing to do: HOW TO EVALUATE A WEBSITE If 1951 Southern New Engand 4th generation French-Canadian Little Girl is what you want, and if you want it complete, interactive and on steroids (we have occasionally been criticized for being too retro and too little girl "pink" by some females), then this IS for you: Welcome: Learn how to make yourself right at home!

If this place is not for you, that does not make you wrong as a person, just a wrong fit and you would be unhappy here

BEFORE YOU EVEN CONTACT US TO JOIN; we want you to know what you are getting into and are ready to do so and have:

  1. Looked around until you know what this place is like and why
  2. Read and agreed to our Code of Conduct. It, too is very well explained
  3. Decided that you want to stay here and be an active part of what we do and are
  4. Gotten a GIRL name consisting of a first and middle name like Cheryl Brigette or Lisa Tara-Lynne. This name is also your internal username and contributes part of your internal password for things like LittleGirlLand. It is also how you are called here
  5. Gotten a mail box: preferably webmail, as explained below, using your girl first and middle name; like cheryl_Brigette@yahoo.net or lisa_tara-lynne@yahoo.net (non-working examples) and know how to use it and how to write your address here safely; of which we show 3 ways, one of which you should have already seen me do. This is your key to being INTERACTIVE
RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME has many kinds and levels of participation "from occasional drop-in to 'mind control cult'", the higher levels of which require varying levels of explicit membership. We wish to be as accommodating as we can be. To do that, we need to know who you are and what you want and you need to know what we are all about and have to offer: Trust me; you have no idea of what is open to you or how to use it --What puts the "zilla", in "Girl-Zilla", so there has to be a "meeting of the minds" to start with. Before you seek membership read the material and explore the place. We have had too many "girls" seek membership, then, having gotten it, drop off the face of the earth. That is very rude and annoying and we may ask questions to see what you know about what you are getting into: WE DO NOT CARRY DEAD WEIGHT! If you disappear for 3 months without letting us know, we presume you are no longer interested and are gone for good. We do not trust anyone born after 1958 to know what is going on here until they have looked it over. Examples: In 1951; "tights" were super rare, even for fancy dress. Rhumba or "Fancy" panties were just about unknown. All waterproof panties and often, materials, were generally called "rubber" (grownups were born no later than 1930), also, they were starting to be used for aprons/overdresses, childrens' costumes/plawear, bibs, raincoats, table cloths, curtains and bedspreads with such regional and even local marketing names as "French Satin", "Taffeteen", "EasyCare" or "Dura-Pruf", bluejeans (the only kind) and dungarees were for the poor kids, and carried that stigma, and girls wore dresses/skirt/jumpers most of the time, babydolls were very new; this was before the movie. Many items were even home made. And do not even mention disposable diapers: That is a non-starter. The best way we have to figure if you are ready is if you have found the "site map" which is called "Fast-Nav" and have maybe even tried it out (it is a portal created by Fairy magic so it will probably work better if you are wearing a dress and tiara like we do here). It means you have been to enough places and poked around enough to get the idea. There is no dishonor in saying "no, thank you" if this is not what you want. BE SURE THAT YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE CONTACTING US
We want you to be familiar with the descriptive material before you enter so that you can just live the life naturally without self-consciouness and the accompanying distraction that it breeds. If you need to refresh yourself you can do it on your own time
Once you know What you are, who you are, when you are and where you are, most of this will be quite intuitive: In 1951, 7-year-old Michelle Denise LaPointe does not drop the F-bomb, cherishes her dollies, is pretty much always in dresses, loves her tiara(s) and was often in diapers and rubber panties if it was felt that she could not "hold it like a big girl" comfortably for at least 2 hours or for other, often unpleasant, reasons
SO, YOU THINK YOU ARE A LITTLE GIRL; DO YOU? WE SHALL SEE ABOUT THAT BECAISE HERE IS WHERE WE SEPARATE THE GIRLS FROM THE BABIES, SISSIES AND OTHER WANNABES, POSEURES and PHONY-BALONIES: Take the Test! "You are cordially invited to enter a free-form retro ageplay world like no other. A world of sight and sound, of thoughts, actions and feelings that existed 3 generations ago: With many things to see, hear, do and get. A world where Fairy magic makes Imagination and Reality shift back and forth, unnoticed, at the speed of Time" means just what it says: So hold on to your Dolly very tightly
RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is a free, participatory/interactive very sophisticated Adult Little Girl site: Not something you find every day. Most sites featuring feminine things are "sissy" sites (so you can see for yourself): Sissyville, Sissy School and Mrs Silk's. "Sissy" is part of BDSM and FemDom and only refers to being treated as a girl; and in a very self-conscious way. Not us! We strive to make you feel like a girl in a context where being a Little Girl is the norm. To our knowledge, and I went 5 pages deep in a Google search, we are the only one to immerse (provide a setting or "stage" and "props", with "backstory" and subtext [defined and conveyed by the "look and feel"]), train and provide goodies that both act as "props" or can be actually taken and used outside of here (just think of what that means; a desktop caluclator, writing notes to your real-world girl friends on RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME designed stationery or making real bookmarkers as gifts. That can be quite scary if you consider the implications) and enabling tools like links and ways to interact among ourselves to all of which you bring your own "story" and make it yours. In fact a good deal of your activities will not be here at all: Your intereaction will be off-site, you can make real things like bookmarkers, and wiritng and notepaper to really use as well as put things here as graphic artistst. bloggers, school teachers of special classes, storytellers, reporters or even site builders: All of this under your own (girl's) name. More than just reading and seeing things: We think that doing, in the proper setting, is living. If you read the material on the pages that went before, then you know you are at one of the longest-standing, most well developed and time-tested, complete and exclusively Little Girl places anywhere and ever. Think of it as "Wall-to-wall Little Girl", "Little Girl 360", "Little Girl 24/7/52", "All Little Girl; All the Time and All the Way", or however you say it: The Little Girl, the Whole Little Girl and Nothing BUT the Little Girl and that Little Girl is YOU! Come on; fess up: You love the way your long hair feels on your cheek. You love that dress and hugging that dolly that you have or dream about having. You would so love to be that adorable little blonde. and just wait until you see what a tiara does for you, or meet the Fairies. Can you say "Just ever soooo scrumptious!"?. Well, it is all yours for the taking
Most places like this are called ABDL for "Adult Baby and Diaper Lover". While we can encompass enough aspects of that to at least be on the borderline of it, it is not what we are. "Adult Baby" now refers to "infants" and "toddlers", the 0 to 3 age range. The usual motivation for such is to "feel secure". We do not because, in fact of psychology, there is no "there" there. only the imagined feelings. Here there are no onesies and rompers; babydolls and dresses replace them, teddy bears and plushies are replaced by Dolly, and pacifiers and baby bottles are part of being chastized. "Diaper Lover" is strictly concerned with diapers and them that are consider this an adult activity. To be sure, we have a strong diaper and rubber panty interest, but this is in the context of being 4 years old and over. For one thing, you know what is going on and being done to you. Beyond that we have other aspects outside ABDL that help define us. We are Ageplay: Adult Little Girl: 1948-1954. Place: Blacksone Valley/Fall River area of SE Mass. Culture; 3rd generation French-Canadian, Age range: 4 and up: No less and no more. We can alos use teachers and other grown-ups. We do reference infant/toddler, but that is only for chastizement purposes. You may be put in diapers and rubber panties and very short dresses or babydolls and called "Babygirl", Baby Doll" and "Wetsy Girl" and your name but you will also play girl games, look at dresses, play with Dolly, look at tiaras and do other things that no baby girl ever does. You will never be called "Sissy" anything. If you are a girl, you cannot be a sissy
What you have "in the box", is a set of things that open up like a Fairy Palace playset to become much, much bigger than it looks from the outside
  1. A Place that has its own identity, retro culture and look and feel with its own special activities: make things, read and write reviews and get things
  2. FREE-FORM: This is a "stage" upon which you act out your little girl story and intereact with otuers, with props, a frame of reference, guidelines and opportunities to participate in special activites based on your interests, to orient you properly. There is no, or, at the most, only a basic, rudimentary and very loose, "script" or "storyline" you follow and/or of which you become a part. What is not forbidden is permitted: It is far easier for us to tell you what not to do, in the form of categories than what to do: an infinite number of behaviors
  3. A REALISTIC experience which means:
    1. "Geography" and function association: It is laid out and named like a real place. Divided into buildingd and sections with names. The building are then subdivided into rooms. These are based on activities and functions. You can read books ONLY in the Library in Diana House, take and teach classes only in the Lady D'Arielle Girls School in Charlotte House. Shop for real things in the Tiara Fairy Castle Shopping Plaza. Live in assigned places (teachers at Diana House, girls at Alise House and Grownup Ladies and their Little Girls only at the Veronica Court Apartment House). There is a playroom and girl training room in the Alise House. This does two things; Makes you think and have feelings in terms of places and you learn your way around like in a real place
    2. Graphic User Interface. In real life, you learn and think of places by how they look. Well about 90% of the links are pictures with a tooltip and about 75% of the pictures are links. This is also (play)age-appropriate. If you are 5 years old, you do not read anything, you recognize things by how they look, feel, smell and what youdo there. Well you can make where you are semll how you want it. Like baby powder, flowers or a place where you wet your diaper and are changed
    3. Expandable: You can build a room and we can link to it in one of the living areas
    4. Things: You get things that you can use or have for yourself that take the ideas of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME back home with you: Stationery and fonts, screensavers and a VERY powerful Little Girl themed scientific and other functional calculator. There are arts and crafrts templates and a suite of well-known and popular freeware that will enable you to do things called FairyWand
    5. Gender-specific look and feel: Diaper white, blonde gold and Little Girl's Rubber Panty Pastel Pink. The activity and play categories are "just for girls": Dolly, Fairy, clothes and accessories and even Ettiquette
    These all arrange the experience so that you will do and feel certain things and not others based on what you see, have access to and do. Then it is just a matter of meeting like-minded persons to share those things with and reinforce each other. After awhile, being called "Karen Andrea" and calling your friends "Tina Michelle", "Linda Christine" and "Tara Lynne" will give you certain feeling about yourself, your friends and this place, as will the feel of your skirts carrassing your thighs, the light touch of your tiara or Alice band and your long hair brushing on your cheeks and maybe a thick diaper and rubber panties under yous little dress or babydoll. You will feel and think like a little girl in no time
  • A portal. to other place to shop, set up a room, or, if you are a teacher, your own classroom (and the tools to do it) or visit those of others and find Little Girl activities
  • A place to participate in LG activities
    1. Start with the Forum we have at Daily dipaers. It is set up to function like a Yahoo Group. We use Dropbox to accomplish storage and access of files with up to 2 GB of space per account
    2. Read and write reviews of LG products
    3. Recieve recognition for bringing in places and items of interest
    4. Make and display/distribute graphic arts: Wallpaper, stickers and bookmarkers to start with
    5. publish your LG blog through here
    6. join a tiara, dolly or mommy or nursie can put you in the rubber chastizement club
    7. Get and sign into an email account here with chat and connect (friends)
    8. And these are just for starters THERE IS MORE
  • Get things: screensavers, Slideshows, fonts, program setups that we have already tried and some graphic items like wallpapers, notepapers and stationery, and stickers
  • A social framework. to chat, join clubs and join and form groups of special interests, publish, put photos and videos and other things in addition th the basic activites provided
  • Security and Privacy: These are the things you will have to know and be required of you
    1. The detailed advice and instructions on this page
    2. The SMARTEN UP Pledge on this page
    3. The Code of Conduct which you will read and agree to before you enter RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME and find copies of everywhere
    4. "What is SandraLyn" which you should have read and which you will have other opportunities to read if you have not; like NOW
    5. You must actively seek and acquire membership before you can intereact or even get the tools of interaction
    While all the preparatory reading, activity and requirements may sound scary, onerous and confining, when you read and understand how it all goes together, you will find it all intuitive and probably say "Of course". I am responsible for what happens here so I set up clear codes of conduct, courtesy and above all, ethics; very unusual in an Adult site, inform thoroughly and watch this place like any Discipline Nurse should and presume that you have read and understand these things; if you do not understand, then take it up with me so that you do and can get the most from being here. so if you break any of the rules, You knew it going in and you knew the consequnences
  • Multiple forms of communication
  • This is a "Second Life" for ALG's. As such we discouraage, guide and nudge you away from the phoney, non-productive, distracting and dangerous, and toward the authentic, enriching, topic-focused and safe and sane. This ensures that your world, experience and Life will be as little girlish as we and you can make it If you become a regular then you have a chance to help shape the future of RUFFLES & ROBBONS GIRLS' HOME All in one package and all under your control: Anything from an occasional stop-in to a mind-control cult. You must understand that we are a boutique or "niche" site. This means we cater to a specialized 'market": M or F Adult Little Girls; Southeastern MA Frnech-Canadian 1948-54, ageplay, authentic but stripped of the non-essentials and amped up to "Pink and Blonde". It is what it is, and not for everyone: When you try to be all things to all people you end up being nothing to nobody. This means that, while you may spend most of your ALG time here or in activites related to, or branching off from here if you are part of that market, and hoepfully meet more persons with whom you have the most in common, this is not a substitute for a good, general-purpose site/social network. Our recommendation for such is Daily Diapers. It is a worthy replacement for DPF and, if you use our forum, you are already in and a part of DD. However, in terms of age, is a bit bottm-heavy and you will probably have mothing in common with the great majority of persons there. In terms of common interests, the same is true. Both of these will limit how much you get out of it but there should be enough of interest there to satisfy anyone
    Because this is primarily an interactive place with a wide range of things to do and since I do not know who is coming in until she makes herself knownn to us, before you enter, you must be made ready. You could be a seasoned "alt lifestyle AB/DL/LG" verteran of years or a just-born newbie. You could be from the timeframe or a Gen-X or Milennial who thinks her own culture is shallow and that the timefram here was a "wonderful and magical time" and part of the "Retro" movement. You could know the Privacy and Security ropes better than I do or think that what happens on the web stays on the web. So I must gear the entry process for the inexperienced, since the experienced should be able to take care of themselves and only need to know certain things unique to here. You might not have been a girl, had close contact with girls as a child or be from this area and some of this may shock you. In any case, you are going to need to know about what we reccommend for mail and why we reccommend it, and about names here or you will not be able to function or you will get in trouble.. Now back to our regularly schedule program
    Make no mistake: We are "old school": Really old school. Our point of reference is the early DPF and our timeframe is c1949 Southern New England. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, as its name shows, is a classic retro "home" for M or F Little Girls. The timeline is 1948 to 1954. If you are one of the Girls, you were born between 1930 and 1945. If you are one of the ladies, between 1915 and 1930. This is a very feminine take on THE ORPHANAGE site from several years ago. That site was very dark, this one is as dark or light as you make it. As such and unlike other AB or Little Girl places, it is very complete covering everything from clothes to Fairy: From being treated like a little princess to being heavily chastized: From diapers to Dolly; As we say: "From diaper to dress; from toe to tiara", all in a unique way. Other AB/LG sites are descriptive and informative, we are all about doing things. My proudest and most embarrassing moments came between 8 and 6 years ago when I had to explain that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME was not a "real", physical place and at one time, before Yahoo went Politically Correct, the Yahoo Group for this place reached 900; and that was before we had half as much to do as we have now. You have all the Little Girl activites. You get take-home items aplenty, including a working virtual calculator: the "Smarty Panties", software to do things with that has the best: FairyWand is a Website, Audio, Graphics[WAG]pack and a whole graphics arts section. You get books to read, places to shop and the classic girls' activities, plus a club that acts like a social network, with a mailing list that acts as a forum and, if you have the right webmail, chat and connect, and ways to submit ideas. This being a classic retro place you must know how to behave here, what is and is not allowed and things like that. This page is by no means a full orientation, it only provides what you need to know about life on the web in general, access to the full orientation and how to stay out of trouble with us. IT IS ONLY THE BASICS. It should also be understood that many of the things here, like the rubber diaper were real. When I was 5, my aunt threatened to use it on me and between the time I was 6-1/2 and almost 10, it was used on me at least 3 times. and the use of rubber chastity training by using it to punish the "I can make my dress go this high" kind of behavior, were real, at least where I grew up. The only "fantasy" is the context in which the use is described here. This was girl punishment that was very very occasionally used on little boys, usually for complaining that girls had it easy because they did not get spanked or for acting like a sissy. There were indeed special categories of behavior for which girls were chastized that are as I describe them: Babyishness, whininess, being overactive, forward, disobedient, gossipy. trollopy and especially proud. They were simply called "unladylike". Since the grownups eperienced the Great Depression and were very cost-aware, and since it was the custom for girls to stay at one of their parents' house for an afternoon, and most of these groups were mixed-age numbering from 3 to 6, any girls under 7-1/2 or 8 or who could not hold her wet comfortably for two hours were put in diapers and rubber panties since that was seen as more desireable than having the toilet flushed "too much" (2 to 5 extra times) and "wasting water" (this was the days of 5 gallon toilets) and the toilet "always busy". A water or "light" bill of $8.00 was considered obscene. 3 children per family was very common and 4 was not unusual so baby clothes were often hand me downs and had to last, even rubber and plastic panties.
    Also you must understand that many of the specific items from then no longer exist. However we can get modern equivalents that are indistiguishable or very close and will suffice very well. when you get to the PRODUCT REVIEWs section, you will find that the Comco panties are spitting inages of the high-quality baby panties from 1952. Also during the 1943-8 timefram, due to the military needs, rubber was not available and many mothers made baby panties from plastic and even in 1952 could easily make clothes from materials that could be gotten just about anywhere. This touches on the A.C Medical items; also reviewed. Dolls and tiaras are pretty much the same over time; a few years back on Ebay, I saw an 1890 "estate jewelry" tiara that could have been made 100 years later. I stayed in the hunt for it until it reached $77 and it sold for that plus $100. I would love to have had her!
    Also, if you did not read ABOUT SandraLyn: Do so now to know if you want to be here. BANNED SITES and WHY. SandraLyn has a set of principles by which we operate and we know that we gain nothing by violating those principles that we do not lose 5 times as much; in a way and at a time that we can not afford, whether it is moral, reliability, security/privacy or just anything that relates to our trustworthiness as a safe and sane place to be. We want your business and we cannot expect to keep your business by giving you the business.

    READ THESE RIGHT NOW!!!The UNTHINKABLE! MORE Get it! got it? Good!

    Do You Want To Be "That Guy"? IF IT CAN HAPPEN TO THEM, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! This is the longest part of this page because the subject matter is the most touchy on the internet.This subject bears on identity theft, having persons find out what you want to keep to yourself and maybe a few friends and annoying and expensive crashes, It is so important that I also put this material on its own page in Orientation. If you are not concerned about privacy and security: No problem; you will be sooner or later, which usually means sooner than later, and very unpleasantly so: Especially in heavily interactive situations like Facebook or this site. THAT is an undeiable fact of life. Undeniable fact #2: You do not know when it will happen or try to happen: One second, smooth sailing and the very next WTF!!??! No warning or sign of impending disaster. Just BOOM! YOu are laying on a rubber sheet with your skirts up and your panties down. Why not deal with these issues now, before they deal with you and you can do so in a pretty painless way that lets you still enjoy yourself on the web? Sounds like a good deal to me. Think of it as rubber panties and a rubber sheet. Think of it as in two parts: General, which applies to everything on the web, the rubber sheet, and Particular, what applies mostly to you and this site but may have uses elsewhere, the rubber panties

    There are very few things that anyone can say "We are all about..."; but given the nature of this place, The concerns of highest priority are prvacy and security. The likely membership runs from newbies to the very experinece; from the very open to, not just in the closet, but in the most inaccessible back of the closet; afraid of their onw shadow and I have no way of knowing which of these you are. Well I am with you, for one reason, you do not know what kinds of creatures inhabit the world of "alternative lifestyles". Our biggest concerns are privacy and security because, when you come here, what touches you has a good chance of touching us and what touches us will end up touching you. Just to show how it can get, CNET, a well-known and respected place for free downloads has been including StartNow, which is known malware, in their downloads and has been called out on it. In Novemver of '11, I had a crash related to a download that cost me $US200 and much of my software to fix, So we are very self-contained with our points of access being "arm's length" and we strongly encourage you to use reasonable security measures, tools and processes which work well with how we do things so that they "backstop" each other
    FIRST: Did you notice there is no info@sandraly.net? And you will never se that here. you get my own address. What does that mean? It means that there is a person at the other end. someone who takes care of business here. Try it out the first chance you get and see if you do not get a personal answer, And please, do NOT ask me who won the 1945 World Series. That is the first thing they teach you in Spy School. And do not even try the 1954 Super Bowl
    We start by explaining what is going on and how come. Then we move on to what you can do and are not let to do and how come. As part of this we advise and enable you to protect yourself by fortifying your points of contact by having in place, up and running; a secure broweser, moderately secure mail, shield and fix tools, off-system storage of sensitive material, and Backup and Recovery. The reason that this is so long is that we explain things fully
    1. You must be a member of one of our clubs to publish stories, articles or photos. Other than little Rubber Babydolls, which is our public blogging section. stories that are relevent to a club are only available to members. the tiara club has "The Tiara", Rubber Kiss has "the Rubber Sheet" and Dolly Girls has "All Dolled Up" for stories, articles and images that pertain to the club.
    2. We made it so that in-site links, like the clubs, others' rooms, the sign-in to your mail and the like are in the house, so you need not even have them on your machine if you do not wish. If you decide to save a link to here, it will be to "fastnav" since you will not really know if you wish to stay until you have gotten that far and you can label it as you wish to make it look "plain vanilla" enough to not make anyone want to open it, or, like me, store it on a removeable card or stick.
    3. We do not allow in-site direct peer-to-peer access, nor have we the means to implement it. Even I do not have it other than the usual site administration and webmistress tools. That can be utilized to attack others or tamper with their things, as we found out from Diaperbook. All peer-to-peer contact is done off-site and we try to keep an eye on that as well. This is why we have pre-defined mailing lists that you use as contact lists and why I am to be included in all mailing lists that are generated from here
    4. We recommend using adult content friendly resources since they also tend to be "no questions asked".
    5. Profiles and Communications: to aid in protecting privacy,
      • As part of our "no in-site direct peer-to-peer access" policy: NO PUBLIC PROFILE PAGES ON THIS SITE. You can use the Profle kit to make profile pages for other sites or general use, but you do not store them here. When Christine used her profile page from here at another site, it was deliberately misconstrued by a bully wannabe (of whom she made a laughingstock: She is a sweet Little Girl as long as we control her but she is part-fairy and you do not want to get on the bad side of anyone who has any Fairy in her). She created another for general use; so we learned that the hard way. The only profile page is part of the main club. The club is ID/password protected and within that, the Profile section is ID/password protected, both by moderately secure password pages. Also, you will need to make some effort to join since we cannot afford the price and upkeep costs of a social network on our own and remain ad-free and a 100% free site. This will keep out those not very interested in being part of our community. Your profile page has no direct links to you; your email address is set in such a way that it cannot be read or copied electronically except by very sophisticated means as described below
      • To communicate, you must join the pasword-protected forum at Daily Diapers which you can get by contacting me by email. Once you join, you can get at the topic threads from the "rooms" here where those topics are, like tiaras, Dolly and the Fairies
      • Joining is a 3-step process:
        1. You find and read the club page; I will not tell you here where it is. If you find it, that means that you have explored the place and are interested
        2. You contact me, I send you the "club kit page" link. You read the page and trigger the link to the club index page. Pick up the profile kit that you want and maybe the tools (recommended). Fill out the profile page, zip it with the things I need to display it
        3. You send it to me and I unzip it and move it to the right place and set it up, we set up your username and password in the sign-in pages which I send you and you can go in
    6. We give tons of advice about privacy and security
    7. Then there is the Virtual Reality aspect. This means that the site is organized by activities so that any activities where identities could be found are in specific parts of the site where they would make sense to a little girl. Then she has to contact me for a link to start the process of joining so two additional layers of defense are in place and these are part of the structure of the place
    8. We try to avoid the Mondo Bizarro things. We believe that those who partake of these kinds of things do not have their tiaras on straignt and are a threat to privacy and security
    9. We use a specially designed CAPCHA as a security measure on some of our pages. This one is a bit different and is designed so that a genuine Little Girl could deal with it quite easily
    10. Facebook, Twitter Google and the Rest: If you have any non-LG account on any of these: No Way! Too many horror stories about persons having multiple accounts on Facebook, and finding things that are part of the ABLG world on their non-lifestyle account where friends could see them. Christine has a "normal" account and went to an ALG blog on Blogspot using Yahoo! so it did not touch her Google Non-LG account and then she saw her Goggle avatar and username. The only Network we are at is Daily Diapers. And we stay away from their Facebook account. It is about dating Murphy
    All of this requires a higher level of action on your part but the privacy, security and level of control should make it worth the effort. This is not to say that your privacy cannot be compromised, only that it is very difficult to do so by electronic means and if things are violated by persons, I know who to call and I have some nasty retaliatory methods at my disposal. It is just not worth the effort. Every email attaches to your IP address and in the hands of a knowledgeable person that can be shipped off to the FBI or Russia, China or one of the "...stans", where live spam/virus fairies, in a heartbeat. You would be shocked if you knew how many hardened, gritty real toughs enjoy the life of a sweet little girl and would do anything to protect it and what they think of pedophiles. Also I engage those interested in joining our club in normal conversation. This enables me to know their level of knowledge of, and interest in, the subject matter and if they would be a good fit here
    I am writing this in big letters so that you have no excuse for missing it! WE CAN NOT BAIL YOU OUT OF, NOR WILL WE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE'S STUPID ACTTIONS!! So learn how to not be stupid. We can and will help you with that. This is your first stop for a reason: This is where you learn the do's and do not's to stay out of trouble. that can heppen like crashes, mistakes and that kind of thing, there are things that you do not want to follow you home: And DO NOT think that it cannot hapen to you, It WILL happen to you or at least try to happen. It still happens to me; just very infrequently, not too badly and usually quite fixably. The best things that you can do are to protect yourself as well as you can and to have things in place to recover from a disaster. ALSO: BE SURE TO READ EVERYTHING HERE; starting with the orientation (SEE BELOW). I cannot say often or loud enough that you must take care of yourself.
    FIRST THNGS FIRST. These are things of a generally useful nature and if you have not attended to them, do so now ore as soon as possible. Our Security systems uses "Defense in Depth". This is like having more than one rubber sheet on the bed. One is right under baby and we keep two more under the bottome sheet. On your end of things, it is like Mommy putting 2 or 3 rubber panties on you when you go to bed here. That makes six layers of nice, wetproof rubber between you and the mattress. Well that is how we do things here and how we expect you to do things as well. Most of what we advise is "do once" with minimal upkeep. No resource or maintenance hogs or things that are fussy or always having a period.
    1. Start by KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND YOUR STUFF OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE! You are not the only one here and need to consider the privacy of us and others who come here. DO NOT MENTION THIS SITE TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU HAVE SOLID EVIDENCE THAT THEY WOULD BE INTERESTED OR THEY PROVE THEY ARE FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT (then you send them to us directly via our email), WITH WHOM WE CO-OPERATE TO GET RID OF THE BAD GUYS! I heard a brilliant statement in regards to drunk driving but it applies anywhere "Your lifestyle is your own business; but when you take it on the road, it's everybody's busienss". There are too many jerks, busybodies and gawkers and we do not need the hassles and bother. WE DISCOURAGE PUBLIC ACTIVITIES OF ANY KIND RELATING TO HERE!
    2. WATCH WHAT SOFTWARE YOU INSTALL! Most malware comes in bundled with freeware from places like CNET that do not monitor just who they take money from. The freeware is usually fine, it is the bundle that is the problem. Do the "Custom install" and uncheck what you do not know or want. Some distributors are now making acceptance of the entire bundle part of the Terms of Service". DELETE THE WHOLE THING and do not install any of it
    3. Next: your browser This is the best. From there, you can go right to Security.
    4. You might consider ANONYMIZER
    5. MAIL--Your best bet is "webmail". After you read this page, agree to the terms of service and are properly dressed for here, your first stop will be at the Post Office where you will get a mailbox for here. They are reasonably well protected against nasty things and with your secure browser and local defenses in place, plus our measures, you will be very, about 96%, safe and secure, even using our social framework aka join the clubs. I have not used Outlook Express or Thunderbird for years. Further down this page you are given advice and instructions and explanations about mail and names. FOLLOW IT! That way we all start out private, secure and on the same page. Do not try to freestyle until you know the ropes and be sure to inform us all if you do
    6. Get Anti-malware free software
    7. Be sure to get Flash "Thumbdrives" and Secure Digital (SD) cards and a card reader to back up your valuable material and to hold sensitive, private or secret material, such as images, so you can keep them off your device!! I could not say ennough about that They come in various sizes of memory up to 32 GB and you can get external backup hard drives of up to 500 GB, which, unless they are SATA, unlike cards and Flash drives are not good to use as additional memory because they are slow
    8. ABOVE ALL ELSE: NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHORT OF VIOLENCE OR THREAT GIVE ANYONE YOUR USERID OR PASSWORD TO ANYHTING! And never accept the same from anyone else that you do not know very, very well: It could be a setup or trap. I should not have to say this, but I have seen it done.
    9. WHAT HAPPENS IN LAS VEGAS STAYS IN LAS VEGAS - The Internet is not Vegas. I have seen too many news reports of persons doing dumb things, like taking crotch shots with the digital camera and putting them up on Myspace and lo and behold, that comes up in a job interview or even worse; meeting a new "friend". Two words: Anthony Weiner; 'nuff said. TAKE THE "SMARTEN UP" PLEDGE:
      In short: If it does not have anything significaant to do with here; DO NOT BRING IT HERE! IT CAN ONLY CAUSE TROUBLE!
      I will presume that you have taken this pledge and then make sure you have. There is too much at stake here and I am ultimately responsible for what happenes here.
    10. PICTURES: Do NOT use images where you are recognizable by anyone you know who you would not want to know about you being here or anywhere like here. observe the pictures of the little Paradise girl and see how that is done and looks fairly natural
      • use "at"instead of "@" and "dot" instead of "." like "bridget_alicia at verizon dot net"
      • use images like this
      • use mixed text and images. We wirte out the address but use images of the "at" and "dot" Like bridget_aliciaIMAGEverizonIMAGEnet
    12. Every name is an alias and every address is a storefront in New Jersey: Do you really think my real name is Bridget Alicia?
    13. TMI: Too Much Information. KEEP IT ON TOPIC!!! We do not need to know if your favorite read is Atlas Shrugged or if you are a Yankee fan or that your favorite movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark, your job or that you are a soduku fan or Alice Cooper fan. They add risk of being traced and found and clutter and do not contribute anything useful here unless they relate to your ALG interest Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables or the like or if you job is related to what we are about here. You are building a life here, anything extraneous is just in the way and possibly dangerous; therefore useless and unwanted
    90% of the trouble persons get into is self-inflicted and is usually the result of failure to do the above. If you do not put diapers and rubber panties on a toddler, she will smell up the place, right? HERE IS A MORE THOROUGH DISCUSSION OF SECURITY; PLEASE READ IT. So if you do what you should then between you and me, we have it as closed to knocked as can be. One more thing: Who said I told you the truth about everything that I have or am doing? In fact, the hardest systems to figure out are those that are a mix of truths and lies because you have to figure out which is which if you are up to no good here. Neither of us need to know what the other has or does, only that it is being done. So security and privacy are a mixture of
    1. Structure and layout: Easily and naturally understood and navigated by the interested but not the uninterested who do not "know the code". This makes for a certain "logic" that the interested will grasp. The rule is "place, not publication": you buy real things at the Tiara Fairy Shopping Plaza. You sign the Guestbook in the lobby of Alise House, the main building. and like a real playce of its kind, the furthest from the entry. You "live" in one of the designated areas; Little Girls in the Alise House, Teachers in the Diana House and Mommies, Mistresses. Governesses, Nurses and Rubber Nurses and other grownups and their Little Girls with them, in Veronica Court aparatments. You have to askto join the club and show why we should want you. FOR GIRLS ONLY!
    2. Knowledge, Information and disinformation: I give you the principles by which we can protect ourselves and do a bit of misleading that, since I know what Little Girls are made of, would affect nobody but the troublesome
    3. Tools, Processes and Resources: I use certain tools in the right places and also point you in the direction of tools that help you. These tools are easy to use, do not need much attention and are not resource hogs. I also avoid and cousel and prohibit those things that pose a threat or annoyance. We have no main forum to attract trolls and spammers and, the "logic" of the place is a process that will automatically guide the interested but be a WTF moment to the total stranger to the interest at each step of the way. Even if a spammer makes his way to the Members area of the club, he has to read each address and contact each member separately and deal with her webmail system which means that getting the job done is as much or more work than getting there. which was bad enough and bots, which could probably read and navigate the whole site with ease, but cannot read critical parts of critical data, will be totally useless here
    4. Control: I control what goes on here
    5. Bilateral Cooperation: You take care of your end and I take care of mine and we look out for each other.
    6. Uniqueness: "The devil is in the details". All these things, applied in a way that is based on our specific interests and carried out by all of us individually and collectively, makes this a puzzle palace for the troublesom because they have to figure out the details one by one at each step. On the other hand, you do not need to, nor should, know what I am doing and I do not need, nor should, know what you are doing: What one does not know, one cannot reveal or unintentionally make useless
    So security does not have to be burdensome or cracking the whip. Just a little common sense, following the course of nature and the intelligent application of tools and processes by all concerned. Even the would-be troublemakers contribute to our security
    Do's and DO NOT'S
    Just like a real girls' home, we have rules, and for the same reasons. to teach you how to be feminine, orderly and lovable to someone. If you are self-absorbed, bossy or unleadylike, nobody will like or love you so you need to learn how not to be those things. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is a place rather than a publication. That means you do things here as either a visitor or a resident. We want you to be active here. To that end we do two things. Make it so that you HAVE TO be active to participate and set things up so that you can have creative input within the framework that we have established. You will go though a long entry process for two reasons
    1. To set the mood and familiarze you with things. That is only once as we have fast navigation for those who show enough interest to get that far in
    2. For the same reasons that the better clubs have a small "cover chare": To deter the less than really interested and troublesome. If you are really interested, this will be an appetizer.
    Your success or failure at getting anywhere here and your perception of how arduous that process is will depend on your interest in doing so. This is far better than charging a fee for it since anyone of moderate means could pay the money but only those of proper intent can or would go through the process and not feel it. So it self-selects.
    Occasionally, I make minor changes or even still find typographical errors. These usually refer to adding new things or enhancing things that are already here. Occasionally I have to change policy on something. I would like to have a forum and may yet, but I find that free adult-friendly forums are unstable and from what I have seen elsewhere, prone to spam and trolls. So, for now, I do not have one. I can get a passworkd protected, by-invitation one from Daily Diaper and would like to but the traffic here in terms of persons willing to stay does not justify that right now. If you want me to, you know how to find me. I usually do not say anything about minor changes, enhancements and additions since they do not change how things go on around here to an extent worth noting. For other matters, see the Update page
    Real people have real person names. Little girls have girls' names. If you are going to be active here, then you need a name that is a girl's name. Since this is a girls' home, you need to be known somehow and we need to call you something in a more formal way, not just "Cutie Blue Eyes" or "Sandy" (If your name is Sandra: We will call you that). Besides that, being called a girl name will promote girl feelings; right? And is that not what you want if you are hrer? A name is important because it shows that you are a distinct person; a girl's name shows that you are a distinct girl person, which is all that we allow here. You will need a name for things like mail addresses and user names. You will be judged by that name. This section is to keep you from getting on the bad side of us or anyone else. We like people with names, not attributes, descriptions or titles: Those are for things. Something like "girl_in_diapers", "wetsy_girl" or "rubber_panties_girl" will not endear you to us and do not even try "new_york_fan"; that is not even on topic. If you have a name like satan_mistress or other bizarre or "dark" name. do not blame others for avoiding you. If I see a name like devil_child, you can bet that I am going to keep a wary eye on the person and my hand on the flush chain. You want to have a name that sounds like a person, not a creature; Real perosns have real-person names; so
    It is a good idea to have a webmail account just for here. You do not want anything from here showing up in your home or business mailbox: OUCH! That is definitely wearing a very short dress in a hurricane. Accounts are easy and as cheap as can be. Some webmail providers include the ability to "connect" which is like "Friends' or "Fans" and let you get updates and share almost like Facebook but not as much so: Wonderful for networking. Also Some webmails include messaging and chat, or you can use a dedicated IM program that has chat and conferencing; like yahoo!. There is a simple rule here. It is best to have a pre-arrnaged time to do so. That way you A) are not bothersome B) The person can be prepared and give you the time you need C) you will not pop in on someone unexpectly and possibly out her. Following the rules here shows that you are 1) sane, trustworthy and reliable, 2) respect privacy 3) are stable and will not spook anyone: A must in this kind of environoment. Your internet provider often has provisions for you to make "sub-acounts". Also webhosting companies provide mail accounts as well. If you "move in", you will wish to make a small website, preferably at an adult hosting site. liKe Exmasters (Pity it is not "Exmistresses"). So be sure to make your first stop the Post Office to sign up for a mailbox when you leave here and be sure to send me a note with that account so we can save it and put it as part of the club list if you decide to join. DO NOT HESITATE TO GET AND KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US. WE VALUE YOUR INPUT WARNING!! IF YOU GET ANY CONTACT LIST ON YOUR ACCOUNT FOR HERE THAT CLAIMS TO BE FROM OR ABOUT HERE, OR IS FROM SOMEONE HERE THAT DOES NOT HAVE MY ADDRESS DO NOT RESPOND. JUST TELL ME THE DETAILS SUCH AS THE ADDRESS OR BETTER YET FORWARD IT TO ME. EMAIL FRAUD IS A MAJOR FORM OF IDENTITY THEFT
    Some of the big sites, like Sissy Kiss offer you mail boxes and small amoutns of webspece. I would love to be able to do just that. However If you look at the content of Sissy and other Adult Baby sites, it has a bad smell to it; all too often. BM. We are not ad-supported nor is this a paysite or profeessional. One thing I have in mind is a LittleGirlLand Premiums which, for a small fee. $6.00/yr would provide 12 MB of spece, which proceeds I could use to expand and improve but I must first find a way to limit subdomains to a fixed amount and set up password/ID protection for the subdomain owners, which is what Sissy Kiss does in some way. Since this is an Adult site with material that could be (mis)construed as porn by the overly sensitive or lawyer-shy. we cannot use the regular forum providers like Bravenet and we cannot afford the $8.50/mo to host with a company that has all these thing thrown in. As far as a forum goes, I am not that enamored of the idea. For one thing, free forum hosting is iffy at best, either horrific or unstable and for another, I think that if you want a voice here, you should join our club; I get to see what kind of person you are because I have found some pretty creepy or dishonest persons in this world. The biggest limitation is this: I did some research into getting social network software and found that the going rate was $300 with a $50/month fee and you have to do tones of work on a regular basis. More than a single person could hope to do. We could not do this and remain free and ad-free. The promising Always Diapered could not stay afloat and was so heavily spammed that it became a chore. So we have to do something else
    So what does this mean? It means we must improvise: Along with FairyWand and Profile kits there are other things to take home with you that add more of a feminine touch to your little world: ladylike fonts, graphic arts (Wallpaper, stickers, general and topic-centered screensavers, stationery and note paper designs, table placesettings, bookmarkers to make. Some of which are backgrounds upon which to put your own), a desktop theme, a 150+ image collection and a working desktop calculator in RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME colors. You also get a chance to showcase your graphic arts collections (wallpapers, stickers, bookmarkers: MyGraphicArts set up as needed)
    Speaking of the Club: SOCIAL NETWORING
    This is the rage these days and for good reason. It connects persons with similar interests. Christine Daryleanne is a member of Daily Diaper. That social network site is ad supported. I have looked for social networking material and it costs an arm and a leg: Over 300USD. We provide access to DD as part of LittleGirlLand. However I would like us to be able to have our own. Well, we can have as part of LGL elements of a distributed social network, which means we build the parts from things we find. and we can build from the ground up. I have explained how we can create a group, If you choose the right webmail setup you get chat and "Connect" (like "Friend" or "Fan"), or you can use your instant messenger for chat. So you are two steps there already. Now, if you pick up the FairyWand, you have the ability to create a website and get hosting for less than the $US20 that DD is asking which is still a good deal in itself. with up to 1 GB space 10 GB band/mo now you will have to buy a domain name but those can be had for under $US20. so for under $US30 you are very well off. With FairyWand you also get the ability to build galleries, a blog; or use an existing AUDLT blog host and join our blog listing, and video software. So now you have a group, chat, guestbook and blogging to start with. We also have provisions for those not wishing to build a site but wish to participate. Beyond that there is a MEMBERS ONLY home, like an email list that includes updates, notices, links and access to the member rgistry. Now because it is "distributed", We can add features. That menas if you find something, just tell the list and we may make it a part of LittleGirlLand. The other side of that coin is this; your access point is your profile. Therefore you will need to build a profle page. There are many different skill levels from almost newbie to da Vinci. Therefore we provide two template-based profile kits; one for those with websites and one for those without. We provide instructions and a resource list and samples of both so you see what the final creation will be like. Also, having to do some work will give you time to think and see if this is what you really want. This will act to keep out the spammers and scammers who need the quick, easy kill to stay alive as well as the gawkers, thrill-seekers and other uninterested hangers'on thet clog social networks. [MORE]
    You should not need to return here, so if you wish to come back to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME simply bookmark the fast navigation page: If you are that interested and pay attention, you will find it. If you "move in" you will be given a link to the appropriate living area and a graphic link for your visitors to use.
    AND HOW!!